TSO: Ship Out

This quest series is the introductory quest for crafters in the TSO expansion, and will be required in order to obtain quests from the Far Seas Supply Division in Mara. It begins in the Dropship Landing portion of the Moors of Ykesha. (As you arrive in the Sinking Sands from the carpet area, head right down the beach and either take the elevator or climb the wall, up to take the flying ship to the Moors.) It will require that you be at least a level 50 crafter in order to obtain the quest, and you (obviously) need to own the Shadow Odyssey expansion in order to obtain and complete it.

Meet Aymee Quickspoke, a fast-talking liaison of the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division. You can find her in the tradeskill area (1864, 452, 841) of the Dropship Landing in the Moors of Ykesha.

She needs a bit of help, and would like you to check in with the other Far Seas liaisons scattered throughout the Moors of Ykesha. She will even teleport you to the first liason if you'd rather do that than run around.

Do NOT go running off just yet, though, as there are several things you need to know, first.

While you can use the NPCs for each step to be teleported to the next step, it really isn't that straightforward, as you'll need to do some back and forth for crafting. Before you have Aymee teleport you to the first liason, you will want to obtain and complete the Cannons Away! quest, so that you can use the cannon from the U.J.L. back to the Dropship Landing Zone

Unless you are also an adventurer who has been working on faction in this area, it is absitively, posilutely a "really good idea" to do all of the subquests in sequence, and to complete the first one before running off to the next one. Otherwise bad things can happen, like guards killing you at the other cities because you don't have faction with them, and fun little things like that. ;)

I know it will be tempting for some of the more determined/demented crafters to run around on foot trying to find these places, so they can get all the crafting quests at once and complete them in one swell foop, but be aware that the first sub-quest with Mug is what gets you the faction to safely wander into the other villages.

With all that out of the way, let's get back to the original quest. (Click on the links below for information on each of the subquests):

Reward for this overall quest will be +750 faction with the Far Seas Supply Division, 14+ gold, and the ability to obtain quests from the Far Seas Supply Divison located in the Isle of Mara. (Note that quite a bit of additional coin/faction/xp/AA rewards are given out via the sub-quests.)

Additionally, the quest-givers from the first three sub-quests listed above will now be willing to hand out some additional quests. (Specifically, quests for Liaison Mug, Liaison Varick and Liaison Zubzub.

Shopping List

Provided you make every single combine to pristine, you will need the following resources to complete this quest: * = while the last two are not required, they will save you a bit of extra running around!

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