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TSO: Berry Good, Sir

This is the second sub-quest for the Ship Out questline.

In this subquest, it is time to head over to Tupta, home of the frogloks, and help out Liaison Varick Stoutheart (-6, -55, 837).

Varick wants berry samples from around Tupta, as he has hopes of marketing dried berries to folks outside of the region. This is relatively straightforward, as there are baskets of drying berries scattered about the town. About the only challenge here, and it isn't a large one, is to avoid running off an edge of one of the platforms or walkways in this town!

Berry baskets (which are baskets filled with orange/yellow berries) can be found at the following locations:
(-35, -55, 789) x 2, (-98, -43, 732), (-131, -44, 679), (-123, -45, 684), (-109, -44, 669)

Snag them all, but remember before you hand them in and ask for a teleport to the next location, to head for the balloon post and set it, so you can visit again another time.

Other Tupta Items of Note

There are tradeskill devices, wholesaler, banker and broker in the area, but you will need to do more faction work before the NPCs will do business with you. Additionally, the Guktan Guards Faction Merchant, Roakoak Flipperwill (-24, -55, 793) has lovely goodies, including some tradeskill recipes, but, again, you'll need to do more faction work before you can shop with him.

Last, but definitely not least, the crafter method of earning the above-mentioned faction ... Reedip Marrstongue will offer you "Daily Tradeskill Tasks" to earn faction with the Guktan Guard. Be aware, though that these tasks include a small faction hit with Clan Grobb. (The loss is smaller than the gain, so you can earn faction with both groups, but slowly.)

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