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TSO: Shards of Luclin

This is the sixth, and final, sub-quest for the Ship Out questline.

Upon landing in the Tillage Patch, you're likely to come face-to-face with a fens sifter pretty quickly, though the nearby fungusmen seem amicable enough. If you go wandering too far, however, especially when following the lure of a passable harvesting spot, you may find yourself facing some of the less friendly ones, so make sure to keep an eye on mob cons.

First, however, let's have a little chat with the wee ratonga, Agata. (-810, -918, -398)

It seems that the "mushroomies", believe some of the rocks at the bottom of the waters in the area are shards of Luclin. The Far Seas folks, meanwhile, refer to them as Tillage moon rocks. Regardless of what you call them, however, Agata wants you to collect 10 of them.

Some means of water breathing is a "good thing" for this step, as you're going to be diving in the waters to harvest rockseses. Among other locations, these respawning rocks can be found at:

  • (-907, -944, -262)
  • (-1,049, -949, -369)
  • (-1,064, -948, -362)
  • (-1,122, -945, -342)
  • (-1,173, -947, -454)
  • (-965, -944, -550)
  • (-1,009, -944, -473)
  • (-708, -943, -311)
  • (-663, -943, -312)
  • (-723, -943, -186)
From a distance, these look like luminescent white eggs at the bottom of the lake. As seen below, they've got a bit more personality on a close-up view of them.

When you're done, some of the large plant leaves near the edges make good ramps to return you back to land, so find one near Agata, and wander over, still dripping wet, to give her the moon rocks. You'll be rewarded with crafting xp (if not capped), achievement xp, gold and that yummy Far Seas Supply Division faction. Equally importantly, you will have finished the last of the subquests, and can return to Aymee at the Dropship Landing Zone for your reward, and the ability to do the Far Seas Supply factioning in Mara.

As always, make sure to speak with the Balloon Safety Coordinator, so that you can return here later!

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