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TSO: Buckle Down

This is the third sub-quest for the Ship Out questline.
Now it is time to visit the oh-so-lovely trolless in Grobb named Zubzub (-444, -76, -912). Isn't she purty?

(If you didn't take Varick's helpful teleport, you will want to balloon to Firmroot Moot. Face Firmroot with your back to the balloon landing, and zig right around Firmroot then run north. This path should keep you away from most aggro, Just keep your eyes open and you'll be fine. Once you're between the walls on the path leading to Grobb, keep an eye out for a gorger that is pathing between the walls and either time it to avoid him, or run squealing between those walls until you hit Grobb, and the gorger will stop chasing before you hit the safety of town.)

Zubzub can't keep up with the demand for Grobb's metalwork, and wants you to craft 100 polished buckles for repairing belts and bandoliers. She hands over 10 chunks of crude lead and a recipe for Grobb-Style Polished Buckles.

Each combine requires 1 chunk of crude lead, 2 ferrite clusters, 2 deklium clusters and 5 smoldering coal. Combines are performed on the forge, and use the Geomancy skill. Like other recipes in this questline, they are level 70 recipes, but should be doable (with a lovely xp bonus) by crafters still in their 50s and 60s. Pristine will yield 20 buckles, so if you are plan ahead and are bringing supplies with you, make sure to bring enough for at least 5 combines.

You can find a forge right in Grobb (-361, -65, -1031), but you will not be able to purchase fuel there if you are just starting out on your factioning. If you didn't bring fuel with you, then you'll need to backtrack to Dropship Landing (run to Firmroot, then balloon to U.J.L., then cannon to Dropship), or gate or such.

Before you leave for the next step of this quest, you will want to note some of the local amenities. Especially make note of the building just to the NE of Zubzub, where Broosha Gatormarrow lurks amidst some of the other tradeskill equipment. She will offer you the "Daily Tradeskill Tasks" for Clan Grobb. (As with the Guktan faction in Tupta, these daily quests will give a faction boost for the group you are performing them for (Grobb), and a smaller hit to the opposing faction (Guktan). This means you can work on both factions at the same time, but it will be a lengthy process.

Also of note is the Clan Grobb faction merchant, Lizz (-466, -64, -1006), but you'll definitely need more faction work before speaking with her.

Once you're done playing tourist, hand in the buckles to Zubzub, receive your 64+ gold and +750 Far Seas Supply faction, and ask to be teleported to the Overlook ... if you trust a troll to be able to cast the spell properly! ;)

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