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TSO: Midday Perk

This is the fourth sub-quest for the Ship Out questline.

Welcome to the Overlook, and another outpost for the Survival Accord.

Your next liaison contact is Alden Strongaxe. (-1118, 105, -271) Why yes, he is a dwarf, standing on top of a bar counter, in front of a keg. Imagine that! Can you see where this is heading?

Right. He's not a walking stereotype at all!

He feels that the guards need a pick-me-up and some of his brew would be just the thing. The only problem is that he's out, and doesn't have the supplies handy to make more.

He'd like you to make 200 barrels of Alden's Axe-Strong Brew, and gives you the recipe and 10 of Alden's Strong Swill to use as a base. Since it is a small outpost, however, you will need to travel elsewhere to access a stove and keg.

Along with his swill, each combine will need 2 cranberry, 2 cabilis cocoa bean, and 5 redwood kindling. A pristine combine will yield 40, so you will have to complete at least 5 combines.

Make sure that you speak with the Balloon Safety Coordinator before you travel anywhere, to make your return trip easier!

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