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Chaos Descending - Crafting Rewards

This article is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion will be released on Nov. 13, 2018. Information for this article has been gathered during the beta testing phase, and some things may still change before (or just after) release.

The 24 quests that make up "The Scrivener's Tale", which is the crafting questline for Chaos Descending come with quite a few rewards. While some of the items still need a bit of tweaking, here is a solid first look at the goodies that you will get during this crafting line.

  • An 88-slot Crystal Shard Backpack with a unique appearance from The Scrivener's Tale: Escargot Overclocking
  • One consumable pattern for an Archivist's piece of tradeskill mount gear from The Scrivener's Tale: The Notion of a Potion
  • One replica house item of Mourndax V'Zeaar from The Scrivener's Tale: Incumbent Incubation (art bugs being fixed with his replica now, so a pic of the NPC himself being used in his place until the bugs are fixed)
  • One consumable pattern for an Elysian piece of tradeskill mount gear from The Scrivener's Tale: Difficulties Delivering
  • Three recipe scrolls for divine weapons that are apparently meant for use against specific deities (full details on where to get components, etc. not yet available but they seem raid-ish) - Divine Weapons of Ro from The Scrivener's Tale: Difficulties Delivering, Divine Weapons of Sky from The Scrivener's Tale: Custodial Refurbishment, and Divine Weapons of The Rathe from The Scrivener's Tale: Back to the Library, Shhhh!
  • Suffix Title, the Runemaster from The Scrivener's Tale: Custodial Refurbishment
  • Masque de Lorme Pattern from The Scrivener's Tale: Custodial Refurbishment (A piece of head gear for crafters with no stats, but 4 white adorn slots, and a Springview Healer mask appearance.)
  • All arborians in Vegarlson will be permanently non-aggro for you on completion of The Scrivener's Tale: Rockin' n Knockin' (which makes for easier harvesting around them). This has been having issues during times of lag, so may not be 100% reliable right now. Check your mobs before you zoom in for a node. :D
  • Tincture of Bark recipe from The Scrivener's Tale: Pollination Perfection (crafted 30 min(?)arborian illusion spell consumable. Must not be mounted for illusion to display)
  • Golden fleck (ore rare) from The Scrivener's Tale: Followup Friendships and another from The Scrivener's Tale: Copper for a Tale (You need 3 golden flecks for The Scrivener's Tale: A Crafter's Plea, and the questline gifts you with 2 along the way.)
  • Instructedible Cookie Recipe which makes a stack of 5 cookies which act as fun fortune cookies fromThe Scrivener's Tale: Copper for a Tale
  • A Celestial Nilborien illusion "mount" that can be used only in Eryslai the Kingdom of Wind for fun illusion antics.
  • A Planar Adventures charm slot item personalized with your character's name the contains 3 white charm slots, has a 1% critical success chance and a 5% progress increase. This item can summon an Elemental Material Manager fuel vendor once an hour and is on a separate timer from your Censer from the ToT crafting line, allowing you to essentially summon 2 fuel vendors an hour if you need. This is from The Scrivener's Tale (final quest in the line)
  • The ability to set your pack pony's appearance to that of a pack snail is unlocked with the final quest as well.
  • The ability to get harvesting quests for the Chaos Descending materials is also unlocked with the final quest.

Yep! That's a lot of rewards! Let's take a closer look at some of them!

Crystal Shard Backpack
Pack Snail Appearance
Masque examine

Masque front
Masque side

Tincture of Bark on female
Mourndax V'Zeaar

Planar Adventures Charm
Summoned Fuel Merchant

Celestial Nilborien Illusion
Instructedible Cookies random messages

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