SF Master Crafting Questline Overview

Meet Felice. Felice is unsuited for her current job with the Far Seas Supply Division.



You see, the Far Seas Supply Division is always looking to expand their markets, and her bosses want her to check out the Sundered Frontier with that in mind. Check out the local markets. Chat things up with the residents, especially the crafters. Nothing too strenuous, really.

So why is she unsuited?

She is afraid to even enter Paineel to say hello.

You're a well-traveled crafter. Surely you could go in her stead and report back to her, right? She'd be happy to pay you!

Thus begins the first in a long series of errands that will have you traveling around the area, learning major points of interest, and finding out about the various factions in the region. Better yet, you'll be earning yummy crafting experience, AAXP, coin, and faction with the important faction groups!

These quests are part of the Sentinel's Fate expansion. They require access to the expansion and at least level 80 in your crafting profession.

Your first step, of course, is to find the new area, which is really pretty easy. Head to any Ulteran spire (the ones we spent a couple months rebuilding in preparation for this) and right-click to access the destination menu. You are looking for a new location called The Sundered Frontier. Click on it to be sent on your way. (The Spire Island, where you land, is totally non-aggro, so your only worry on landing is to not run off the edge of the island while you're exploring!).

Once you have your bearings, head towards 2,083, -234, 2641 and speak with Felice.

Far Seas - Favors and More

At this point, you will be working with Felice on part of the Far Seas series of quests. ("A Far Seas Favor", "Market Research", "By Land, Air or Teleporter", "I, Spybot". You will then pick up "Insider Trading", which will sit in your journal through the next series of quests.) Go ahead, check out this link, and get as far as getting Native Knowledge in your quest journal. I'll wait for you to catch up!

CraftKeepers and more

Now you need to head back into Paineel, where you will be asked to perform several tasks for several people, including some of your first actual crafting for this questline. Head over to the Craftkeepers questline article and follow along until done with those.

Krafty Kerra

If you've been following the above guides, you suddenly have two outstanding quests - one to deliver research notes to Quel'ule (in the Stonebrunt Mountains zone), and another to check out crafting possibilities on Kerra Isle. Since the Kerra questline will also send you out to Stonebrunt Mountains eventually, I am recommending that you do these next, and shelve the Quel'ule ones. Impatient Scholars and others may skip to the Quel'ule section and then come back here to work with the kerra and then on to the pandas (yep, you won't get to the pandas until you're done with the kerra, so do you really want to go to Quel'ule first? :D). Kerra Crafting Quests


Eventually, you're going to want to head to Stonebrunt Mountains and pick up that portion of the quest arc. (You must have obtained the quest to go out there from the Crafkeepers questline before they will work with you.) The Quel'Ule Crafting Quests article contains details on those quests. (Note that picking up some fuel in advance can save you some running around, so you might want to quick-scan the article, check on fuel and resource needs, and pick them up before you head out there.)


At any point after you finish the Kerra questline, you can then work on the Hua'Mein (panda!) questline. Mum ran out of oomph on this one, so only the very beginning of the line has been written up so far: Hua'Mein Crafting Quests

Daily Tasks

Once you finish with a faction group (Craftkeepers, Kerra, Hua'Mein, Quel'ule), new daily faction quests become available to you for that group. Check out the master list of SF Daily Crafting quests for more information.

Sign on the Dotted Line

Two weeks after you finish Tahar's last quest for the Quel'Ule part of the questline, you should receive mail from Researcher Tahar asking for help. Shadows of the Betrayed is a crafting signature quest that results in a crafting-class-specific level 85 item with a non-combat evac effect, 1 crafting xp gain, a lovely unique look, and the option to turn it into a house item.

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