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SF: Far Seas Crafting Quests

This is part of the Sentinel's Fate crafting questline. Please see the document linked above for the master quest list for this questline.

A Far Seas Favor

Felice thinks that the nearby city of Paineel looks a bit, well, weird, and she really doesn't want to get any closer. Since you don't have a telescope, so she can get a closer look before she goes over there, could you, perhaps, go over and check things out for her? She's happy to point out that the teleporter just to the south of her location will lead you to Paineel, and she'd love it if you make note of a few locations for her.

Right-click on the above-mentioned telporter to warp over to Paineel. If you go straight off the teleporter pad, you will end up in the Hall of Wizardry. From there, work your way counterclockwise around that main area. Check out the Hall of the Fell Blade, then, in the center back of that hall, check out the Paineel Council Chambers. The last area to check out on this level is the Paineel Commons, which is reached by hanging a right when you reach the base of the ramp. (You will find banker, broker, crafting vendors, crafting stations and more in the Paineel Commons, so you'll want to learn your way to/from here in your sleep after a bit!) Head up the ramp and hang a right, and you will find Mercantile Court. Head left off the top of the ramp, and, directly across from a lift platform, you'll find a sloping hallway leading to the Hall of Necromancy.

Once your quest journal has updated with all of these locations, head back to the teleporter that brought you into Paineel, right-click and choose Spire Island. Report back to Felice for 20-some gold, crafting xp, AA xp and 500 Far Seas Supply Division Faction.

Market Research

Felice really isn't good at introducing herself to strangers. Could you please go back over to Paineel and ask around regarding trading opportunities?

Take the teleporter back over to Paineel and re-visit the places you just checked out again:

  • Speak with Aaylia in the Hall of Wizardry about the Bastions of the Tranquil faction and thier crafting needs.
  • Speak with Safa in the Knights of the Fell Blade
  • Speak with Sumit in the Hall of Necromancy, about the Seekers of the Dark Truth
  • Speak with Adeela in Mercantile Court about the Craftkeepers

Then back to the telporter to Spire Island and Felice for Far Seas Supply Division faction, 30-some gold, crafting experience and AAxp.

By Land, Air or Teleporter

I hope you don't think you were done yet! Felice wants to know about local transportation options as well, and yep, you guessed it, she's too timid to go over there and check it out for herself, despite your reassurances that it is safe!

Teleport back, and check out the following:

  • The Eastern Lift (Go through the hall of Wizardry and follow the ramp up to the lift)
  • The Western Lift (facing the hall of Necromancy)
  • Airship Dock (an option off that main Paineel Teleporter that you keep using)
  • The Launch Pad (another option off that main Paineel Teleporter)

Then back you go to Spire Island to report your findings to Felice. In thanks, she gives you 30-some gold, crafting xp, AAxp, and 500 Far Seas Supply Division faction.

I, Spybot

Just what have you gotten yourself into? Does Felice even realize that, while the natives may not bite, you might be ready to if she keeps making you do her dirty work? At least the pay, and the crafting xp is nice, so, of course, when she asks you to travel to various regions planting spybots, you'll do so, right?
Thankfully, this isn't too horribly stressful, and it will give you some discovery xp as you hop around. Find where the bag of tinkered spybots ended up in your packs, teleport to Paineel, and don't even bother to move a step. Right-click on the teleporter and head to the Launch Pad. From there, speak to the Temporal Guide:
  • Ask to be sent to the Eye of Dartain. Take a couple steps down the ramp, and you should get a message about it being a good spot to place a spybot. Right-click the spybots in inventory to place one, but don't leave yet! Head off the ramp and walk towards the structure to your right. Aggro is easy to avoid, just look before you walk. :P You can get discovery XP for the Petrified Badlands, and then, right next to the building, discovery XP for the Eye of Dartain
  • Head back up the ramp and request to be sent to the Stonebrunt Encampment. Again, you should get the placement message while still on the ramp, and again, you can wander off the ramp and to your right to get discovery XP for Highland Salts.
  • Ask to be sent back to Paineel - not all launch pads lead to all other launch pads. Once back at the Paineel launch pad, ask to be sent to Kerra Isle. Once again spybot on the ramp. Explore or not, since you'll be back here later on, but be aware that if you wander too far, you'll find the aggro areas on this tiny island
  • Ask to be sent to Toxxulia Forest and, again, spybot on the ramp. Be careful if you step off the ramp, as it won't take more than a few steps to find mobs that want to flatten you.
  • Ask to be sent back to Paineel, then head from the launch pad to the Paineel teleporter

Report back to Felice, earn 30-some gold, nummy xp, AAxp and 500 more faction with the Far Seas Supply Division.

Insider Trading

Felice may just be able to finish her mission without having to speak to anyone. Well, anyone other than you, that is. This next task, however, is a bigger one. Would you, could you, go back to Paineel and earn the trust of the Craftkeepers so you can learn more about crafting in Paineel?

This quest will sit in your journal for a bit, so head back to the Sentinel's Fate crafting questline article to check out the quest timeline.

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