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SF: Hua Mein Crafting Quests

This is the fifth part of the Sentinel's Fate crafting questline. Please see the document linked above for the master quest list for this questline. In order to gain access to the hua'mein crafting questline, you must have completed the Craftkeepers and Kerra portions of the above-linked questline. (You do not need to have the Quel'Ule portion of the questline done.)

Hua Mein Craft: First Contact

Chat with the spirit for a little while and learn more about the hua mein and how they came to be during the nexus explosion.

Hua Mein Craft: Stolen Remains

The Ancient Hua Mein Spirit tells you of a great battle between the hua'mein and erudites in the past. Now, men from Quel'ule disturbed the hua'mein dead at the old battleground, and carried away some remains. You are to retrieve them.

Head back to Paineel, and go to the spot most likely to deal in odd remains, corpses and the like. Yep, the halls of Necromancy. There, you will find an odd skull on the floor, at roughly 1,667, -267, 3234. Right-click to snag them and head back to Kerra Isle. Use the totem on the ground next to Natasha to resummon the spirit and claim your reward. (Reward is 30-ish gold, crafting/AAxp, and 5000 hua mein faction.

Hua Mein Craft: Rest in Peace

The hua'mein spirit would like the remains to be buried back at the battlegrounds. While he gives you detailed directions on how to get there on foot, he also notes that you are a bit ... skinny ... to survive that trek. He offers to send you there, and gives you a hua'mein charm of escape so that you can return safely. Accept his offer of transport, find the glowing patch of loose dirt and bury the remains, then use the charm to return to him for your reward. (You may have to touch the spirit totem again to resummon him.)

Hua Mein Craft: Confusion and Misdirection

The hua'mein spirit is worried about the erudites, who found an old hua mein weapon when they started poking about the old battlefield again. Since the hua mein are trying to not be discovered, could you find another old weapon and swap it for the one that the erudites took? Fly back to Paineel and take one of the lifts up to Old Paineel. Look for a green glow on the ground somewhere near 1757, -108, 3467 (near the ruined teleporter). Right-click and grab it, then head into Paineel and the Hall of Wizardry, where they are studying the dagger. (Another green glow, on top of a table at 2000, -298, 3365.) Right-click to swap them. Then head over to the Knights of the Fell Blade for another bit of misdirection, and inform Safa that there's nothing really of worth out there in the old battleground. Finally, head back to Kerra Isle, summon the hua'mein spirit, and give him the good news. Part of your reward is a lovely charm slot item that will do an in-zone teleport from anywhere in the Sundered Frontier, to the hidden hua'mein village.
Find an old weapon ...
... swap it with the hua'mein weapon
Earn this reward

Hua Mein Craft: Behind the Scenes

It seems that some of the hua'mein tribe survived the battle, and still remain hidden. You are welcome to travel to their hidden village, using the charm (Jintu's Gift) that he just gave you, and offer your assistance. Equip and use the charm, then find Li Sing, fishing on a nearby dock, and offer to help out.

Hua Mein Craft: Restful Totems

Li Sing heard about the totem that you crafted to speak with his ancestor. Could you make 10 more for residents wishing to speak with their ancestors? You still have the recipe for the kerra spirit totems in your book, so make up 10 more of them, then bring them back to Li Sing.

Hua Mein Craft: Fishy Business

The totems that you made are going to be placed around the village, and Li Sing hopes that, through them, the ancestors will be able to watch the feast that will be held that night. Mmmm, food. Now, that's something you'd like to help with! However, he says that not only are there many who love to cook, but you don't know their special recipe for baked fish. You coax him to give you the recipe so that you can try it out. You will need a stove & keg, 2 seahorse roe, 2 marr cherry, 2 bamboo shoot and 1 ethereal kindling. The recipe stays with you after you're done, but why not make a second one now, so you can bring it home with you? Return to Li Sing for 20-some gold, crafting/AA xp, 1500 hua mein faction and 1000 hua mein craftsmen faction.
I don't know about you, but I want a closer look at that fish /tummyrumble

Hua Mein Craft: Supplementary Camoflage

There is just one last task that you can help Li Sing with. Since they're always worried about discovery, can you plant a tree out front for them? Follow his instructions to find the rock path on the SE end of the village, head up the path, then drop down to plant the tree in the big green glowie spot. That jump down was a 1-way trip, as you won't be able to climb back up, but since you have Jintu's Gift, you can port back there as soon as you plant the tree. Return to Li Sing for 30-some gold, crafting/AA xp, 1500 hua mein faction and 1000 hua mein craftsmen faction.

Done - Other than Dailies!

Congratulations, you've completed this portion of the crafting questline! You may now obtain daily crafting quests from Yun Zi, but be aware that some of the quests can only be completed by craftsmen. If you speak to him on a day when he only wishes to hire craftsmen, just try back again the next day for a different quest.

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