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SF: Quel Ule Crafting Quests

This is the fourth part of the Sentinel's Fate crafting questline. Please see the document linked above for the master quest list for this questline.

Note that there are a couple crafting combines involved in this part of the questline, and while there are crafting stations out here, there is no fuel vendor. Plan ahead and bring some T9 coal and T9 incense with you along with some basic T9 resources!

Report to Quel'Ule

If you'll remember from the end of the Paineel portion of the questline, Adeela asked you to bring a report to Tahar in Quel'Ule. Quel-whaaaa? Darn erudites with their odd names ....

I bet you want to know how to get there, don't you? Take the Paineel Launch pad to Toxxulia Forest. Turn to the erudite in the dark robes on the Toxx pad, called a Temporal pathfinder, and ask to be sent to the Stonebrunt Highlands. Ask the Temporal pathfinder in Stonebrunt to send you to Moonfield Hamlet. Ask the Temporal guide at the Moonfield pad to send you to Quel'ule. Head slightly south of west off the port pad at Quel'ule. No, not into the tree, a bit more west, a little less south! No, not that much west or you'll end up in the middle of an invading force! There you go, aim for the broken concrete-ish stuff. Navigate over all that broken concrete. Autorun hates this place, trust me, just lumber along as best you can over all the cracks and lumps, k? Pass the excavators and the analysts, and eventually, find Researcher Tahar at -200, 367, 589. Hail him for your reward!

Researching Quel'Ule: Soil Samples

Tahar has been without an assistant for far too long - it couldn't be because of his winning personality or his deep, deep, caring for the safety and security of his assistants, could it? {sarcasm} Whatever, he's willing to pay you to run around the area, looking for soil samples that glow with a lovely green glow. Head back over all that broken concrete, and you're likely to find several. If you need more, hang a right once you get off the concrete and look for more. When done, go back to him for your reward.

Researching Quel'Ule: Captive Creatures

Tahar wants to do some work on the soil samples. Be a good assistant and go get him some local creatures to study, too, won't you? Um, right, send the flimsy crafter off after nasty critters. Fortunately for your repair bill, a harmless little baby fearstalker will do the trick. Head west to the end of the broken pavement, then look around for a little black fearstalker (think panther with shoulder tentacles) cub. Keep half an eye out for the adults, and for the flying gorgers (bats with big butts and beaks!) as both are aggro. You should be able to find a baby without getting aggro, though, and you can right-click him from a decent distance to collect it. Return to Tahar for your reward.

Researching Quel'Ule: Creating a Craftier Critter Container

The youngster just isn't going to do, and you're going to have to go after an adult fearstalker after all. Never fear, however, Tahar has designed plans for a theoretical device that should do the trick, once you adapt it a bit. Yep. Theoretical means never been made much less tested. Are you getting the idea that he takes his assistants for granted? Anyway, you are a super crafter, you can do it! Scribe the Blueprint for the Construction of a Superlative Entrapment Device and head to the nearby workbench and make it. You'll need 1 titanium ore, 2 quicksilver clusters, 2 sumac lumber, and one ethereal coal. Once you make the device, test it carefully on a nearby adult fearstalker. Yep. You should know the drill by now, I hope! Edge up towards one of those big aggro kitties until you're just barely in range with the device, right-click the device and pray. Be ready to run away, screaming like a little redheaded halfling (that's me!) if you misjudge the distance, or if he decides to prowl closer while you're in mid-capture. Return to Tahar with the captured critter, hopefully none the worse for your adventure, to receive your reward.

Researching Quel'Ule: Minding My Minerals

Tahar blathers on, making vague mention of how unsafe the area may be in the long-term, but refuses to explain. Don't you just have such a warm, fuzzy, SAFE feeling right about now? Really, nothing to worry about, you won't be staying that long, but you will get more money and faction from this guy while you're here, right? Go find him some strange-looking minerals from the area. I recommend heading east then south, and look around the walls and such. Return to Tahar when you have found enough (10, I think). Note that if several folks are going for the minerals at the same time, you can get ahead of respawn - be patient :D

Resarching Quel'Ule: Lens Crafter

Well, it looks like the ... unfortunate incident ... did alter the physical properties of the mineral, and he wants to investigate further. Meanwhile, be a good assistant and whip up an amber lens for him, ok? Scribe the Directory of Mana Focusing Lenses that he gives you, and make an amber lens at the nearby work bench. You will need 3 amber, 2 quicksilver cluster, 1 ethereal coal. Return to Tahar with the lens for your reward.

Researching Quel'Ule: Synthetic Synthesis

This is where it gets ... interesting ... in a dangerous sort of way. Tahar is full of theories about what should happen when you, yes, you, use the lens to channel the power from the unstable magic fields in the area into the altered crystal. Of course, his guess is that it will either work and create a synthetic kaborite analog to stabilize things, or explode and kill you. Yep. Kill. Dead. Thuddddd. Crafting xp debt and repair bills sort of dead! Scribe the Compendium of Mineral Refining Techniques that he gives you, head to the work bench with the altered mineral and amber lens that he provided plus 2 quicksilver cluster and 1 ethereal coal. Respond properly to all crafting events. Really. Don't miss one. Read the names of those events. Do you truly think you want to miss one called "Major Power Overload", "Spontaneous Combustion" or "Lethal Meltdown"? Don't say I didn't warn you!

If you didn't believe me, or you finger-flubbed, head back from the revive area to where Tahar is. Check out the floor next to him, and the table beside him for clickies that should give you another lens and another strange mineral, if you died at a point that lost them in the combine. Carefully complete the combine. (Also note that if you really want to, you can raid those clickies mentioned above, and craft extras for your home - just try to be careful and not miss any crafting counters, k?

This is the version you can obtain from making extras of this deadly crafting combine, raiding the clickies for extras of the quest components as needed.

This is the quest reward. It is fully tradeable, but only one per crafter you run through the quest. {sadface}

Clickie box with extra samples

Researching Quel'Ule: Words of Warding

Tahar seems surprised to see you alive and with all your appendages still. What little faith he had in you! {smirk} Well, since you're still around, he has more work for you. Make up 5 warding spells (this will require a total of 15 bamboo shoot, 10 sumac lumber, 5 ethereal incense) on the nearby scribing desk, then return to him.

Researching Quel'Ule: Stabilizing the Fields

Now you get to wander around and plop down the wards in specially marked spots. Your quest journal points you in the right direction, and there are little green glowies where they belong. However, I'm feeling nice, so:
  • -248.10, 359.44, 620.52
  • -297.89, 360.80, 608.95
  • -275.86, 375.06, 622.99
  • -282.68, 371.22, 592.06
  • -253.01, 356.42, 600.46
Click on the little green glowies, in order, then return to Tahar for 30-some gold, crafting/AA xp, and 3000 Researchers of Quel'Ule faction.

That's All She Wrote ... or Not?!

This concludes the Quel'Ule portion of the questline. You may now speak with Researcher Azira, standing beside Researcher Tahar, for daily faction quests. Read any quest offerings from Azira carefully, however, as some of them may specify that they can only be completed by scholars (since this is mainly a scholar faction). If you get one of those, and aren't a scholar, just skip it that day and come back the next day for a fresh quest.

In addition, it seems that 2 weeks after you complete Tahar's final quest, you should expect to see a surprise letter from Tahar in your mailbox. Wheeee.

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