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SF Daily Crafting Missions

Once you complete a specific branch of the SF Crafting Questline (for Paineel, Kerra, Quel'Ule or Hua'Mein), daily faction quests become available from that faction group. These daily quests are on a specific 7-day rotation as follows:

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Quick PaineelAllCraft, KerraTravel, HuaAllCraft, QuelScholar PaineelAllCraft, KerraLumber, HuaCraftsman, QuelMinerals PaineelGather, KerraOutfitter, HuaLumber, QuelTravel PaineelTravel, KerraAllCraft, HuaCraftsman, QuelScholar PaineelHarvest50, KerraGather, HuaFish, QuelHarvest25 PaineelTag, KerraGather, HuaShells, QuelAllCraft PaineelTag, KerraOutfitter, HuaLumberBurn, QuelTag
Paineel Craftkeepers (always all classes) Bready Goodness, 10 quest recipe food combines Full Metal Artisan, 5 quest recipe Paineel greatswords Eats Shoots and Leaves, 5 plant gathers from Toxx Stonebrunt Express, delivery to Moonfield (don't forget to pick up the item to deliver!) Paineel Replenishment, harvest 50 non-food T9 raws (no longer stacks with Quel) Further Essential Studies, tag 3 ghosts in Old Paineel Back to the Grindstone, tag 3 underfoot hardstompers or boulder dashers
Kerra (Outfitters) A Close Eye on Quel'Ule, round trip to Moonfield to speak to an NPC & back to Kerra Kerra Kindling, harvest 25 sumac lumber Kerra Clothing, 5 Outfitter Only combines Weaving a Profit, craft 4 bolts of cloth from all-class recipe sold by Purrak Herbal Healing, gather 15 (nepeta, salix and/or fungus) Paw Tips & Tail Feathers, gather 10 feathers, 10 claw sheaths Defensive Dressing, 5 Outfitter Only combines
Hua'Mein (Craftsmen) A Tasty Task, 5 quest recipe baked fish combines Hua Mein Craftsmanship, 5 Craftsman Only combines Hua Mein Heating, harvest 25 sumac lumber The Bear Necessities, 5 Craftsman Only combines Netting More Fish, 25 giant octopus, 25 seahorse roe (can be from inventory or you can fish for them) Shining Shells, gather 15 shells from bottom of lake Honoring the Ancestors, use 5 sumac or bamboo shoots (from inventory or harvested), & burn at entrance to cave
Quel'Ule (Scholars) Supplies for the Fighters, 5 Scholar Only combines Sampling More Strangeness, harvest 10 strange minerals Reporting to Paineel, deliver report to Paineel (don't forget to pick up the item to deliver!) Equipping the Front Line, 5 Scholar Only combines Rebuilding Materials, harvest 25 non-food T9 raws Reinforcing the Wards, 5 quest recipe warding spells Tracking the Void Influence, tag 1 void creature


Craftsman Only, Outfitter Only and Scholar Only mean just that - only those classes will be able to do that specific factions daily that day

Harvest vs Gather - Harvest quests involve actual nodes that use harvesting skills. Gather quests involve mouse-clicking on special quest spawn items that often cannot be tab-targeted, in order to collect an update from them. While some quests require that you harvest while on that specific step, it has been noted where you can have the items already in your inventory.

"Quest Recipe" - all-class combines from recipes that you obtained from doing the SF questline

Random Quest Images

Hua'Mein: Honoring the Ancestors
Paineel: Eats Shoots and Leaves
Quel'Ule: Strange Mineral Samples
Quel'Ule: Supplies for the Fighters

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