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SF: Kerra Crafting Quests

This is the third part of the Sentinel's Fate crafting questline. Please see the document linked above for the master quest list for this questline.

So, back you went to Felice on Spire Island, again, and received your 30-some gold, crafting/AA xp, and suchlike for completing Insider Trading. You didn't think you were done with Felice, though, did you?

Silly human! Of course there's one last thing that you can do for her!

Remote Markets

Felice has received results back from the spybots you released earlier, and thinks there may be additional trade opportunities on Kerra Isle. Since you've been so helpful, of course you're going to offer to go check it out, right? Have the Temporal guide at Paineel's launch pad send you to Kerra Isle. Once on the island, head east then north, past the feathered vagabonds and look for a path, with banners marking the end of it, to your left. Head up that path, and into the Kerra Village.

Once you are in the village, find the lovely Chinook in one of the huts - she helpfully has a quest feather over her head, as she has hurt her paw and could use a helping paw/hand/whatever. Go on, introduce yourself to her! (Once you have spoken to her, you can return to Felice at any point and receive your coin, faction, xp, etc. However, while you're here, you may as well get started on the kerra quests!)

Outfitting the Kerra: Sticks and Stones

The injured Chinook would love for you to gather some supplies from the area. You will find two tunnels from the village leading to smaller areas with ponds and your sturdy reeds. Then you will need to head back to the outer area and those feathered vagabonds that you saw on your way in. Check the ground around them for fallen feathers, then edge close to those grumpy pouncers and look for some discarded claw sheaths. Yep, I know the pouncers are aggro, but you really are smart enough to watch their pathing and avoid them ... aren't you? :D

Outfitting the Kerra: The Best Defense

Chinook would love it if you could take the supplies that you just gathered and craft them into eqipment for them. Scribe Kerra Traditional Outfitting, and head back into Paineel to perform the crafting combines. (Like the Paineel questline, quest updates can be iffy if you don't craft out in the Sundered Frontier zone, so just head back to Paineel via the launch pad if you don't have portable stations and such on you.)
  • Craft 5 wide-fletched bodkin arrow. Each combine needs titanium ore, 2 bamboo shoot, 2 sumac lumber, 1 ethereal sandpaper on the woodworking table
  • Craft 5 woven-reed quiver. Each combine needs 3 mottled pelt, 2 titanium ore, 1 ethereal filament on the loom
  • Craft 5 traditional kerra dagger sheath. Each combine needs 3 quicksilver cluster, 2 sumac lumber, 1 ethereal coal(?!) on the loom

Once you have completed all 15 combines, return to Chinook for your reward.

Outfitting the Kerra: Medical Necessities

You're still feeling helpful, so you ask Chinook if there is anything else you can help with, and she gladly sends you on an errand to collect certain medicinal herbs, which will require a bit of island-hopping.
  • Nepeta is found around Kerra Isle, in the village, along the path, and back out towards the launch pad
  • Hop the launch pad to Toxxulia Forest for the chrysogena fungi. You'll find them as small mushrooms around the launch pad area. Just be careful to watch for, and dodge, aggro.
  • Head back to Paineel on the launch pad, then take the launch pad to the Stonebrunt Encampment (Highland Salts) to find the salix bushes

Outfitting the Kerra: Weedy Business

There are various protective totems around the island, to keep the area protected from the worst of the changes that have occurred in the Sundered Frontier. Could you go clear the weeds from around them?

Look for the tall totems that look like they have kerra paws on top. There are several in the non-aggro areas of the isle, and the weeds respawn quickly, so if you don't want to go tiptoeing into aggro areas, you can just hit up the same few a time or three. Chinook will award you with 20-ish gold, crafting/AA xp, 1250 kerra isle faction and 500 kerra isle outfitters faction.

Outfitting the Kerra: Keeping Warm

Chinook says that it gets cool at night, and they are running low on firewood. Could you gather a bit more for her? If you have enough sumac (25) in your inventory, it will grab it from there. However, there's generally a decent amount of wood nodes on the outer part of the isle, so it should be a pretty quick task even if you have to scrounge a bit. Chinook will award you with 25-ish gold, crafting/AA xp, 1250 kerra isle faction and 500 kerra isle outfitters faction.

Outfitting the Kerra: Medical Salvation

A tom over at Moonfield Hamlet needs some healing salve. Chinook gives you:1 chrysogena fungus, 1 nepeta bud, 1 salix bark, 1 Kerra Traditional Medicine (recipe), and asks you to mix up the salve. Head back to the chemistry table in Paineel, make sure you have 1 ethereal candle for fuel, and mix up the salve. Then return to Chinook for your reward.

Outfitting the Kerra: Watching the Watchers

Could you bring it to Moonfield Hamlet and deliver it? Take the launch pad from Kerra Isle to Toxxulia Forest. From there, talk to the erudite in the dark robes about a flight to Stonebrunt Mountains. When you land in that zone, speak to the erudite on the launch pad and have him send you to Moonfield Hamlet, where you will find Soren peddling cloth, food, etc. Deliver the salve to him for your reward. (It should also be noted that he sells two lovely patterned bolts of cloth you can place in your home. In addition, you should get to keep the house item version of the salve that you made. (Pictured below))

We're Not Quite Done!

You aren't done with the kerra quite yet. However, this is a good time report to Tahar in Quel'Ule, as well, to familiarize yourself with the area, if you've not yet done that final errand for the Craftkeepers. Then return to Chinook for one final task ...

Outfitting the Kerra: A Strange Spirit

Return to Kerra Isle and speak once again to the lovely Chinook, after you have delivered the herbal healing salve to Moonfield Hamlet. She says that her paw is healed enough for her to get back to work, but that the kerra mystic, Natasha, could use some help. As per her directions, head to the waterfall through the cave closest to the path leading to the beach, and meet with Natasha.

The mystics have been communicating with the spirits to learn what has happened to the land, but have found an odd type of unfamiliar spirit that will not communicate with them. They are hoping that you might have some luck, where they have failed. Head back to Paineel and craft a kerra spirit totem from the provided recipe (3 sumac lumber, 2 quicksilver cluster, 1 ethereal sandpaper). You can make more of these later if you would like some as house items.

Return to Natasha, who places the totem on the ground beside her and asks you to place your hand upon the totem. Do so, and speak with the ancient hua mein spirit that appears in order to claim your reward.

House Item version
In addition, once you have hit this point in the quest series, you can obtain daily crafting missions from Harriet, who stands next to Chinook. Note that some of the daily offerings will be Outfitter-only quests, and the quest popup will warn you of this when it offers you the quest. If you aren't an Outfitter, decline the quest, and come back the next day. Meanwhile, the Hua'Mein questline is continued in the SF Hua'Mein questline document.

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