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February 27, 2015 - Double, double, it is no trouble!

This past week, Skrit and Robbins for the Far Seas crafting lines were not the only ones that took a vacation due to an issue with mission givers in the Altar of Malice zones. Now that they are fixed, they are making up for lost time. While it was initially announced as possibly a double ferrin weekend, all alternate currencies are doubled, so you will earn double tokens from crafting dailies, weeklies and the like as well! This will run through Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Update: The Neriak City Festival will also start Sunday, and, yes, city tokens will still be doubled that day. :D

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February 24, 2015 - Housekeeping

I have had quite a bit sitting on the "To Do" list for quite a while, and very little energy/inclination to do anything about it. Today, I tackled several hours of that list.

Do you have trouble remembering which what does what and needs which in regards to the AoM purple adorn recipes that are available on the Far Seas faction merchants? How about an AoM Crafted Purple Adorn guide that actually includes adorn details, recipes and costs, instead of the placeholder I put up several months ago? You can thank Qyzi for this, as she sent me an AoM Purple Adornments Spreadsheet for the site, and I used that as my base for the article.

That got me thinking on the spreadsheet front, and I did a chunk of work on the Tradeskill Apprentice Spreadsheet. I think I have it up to date now, but that is a LOT of tabs and a lot of details. Mea culpa if I missed anything.

To make life a bit easier, once I finished the Grandmaster recipes tab, I also saved just the Grandmaster Recipes to a separate spreadsheet. This should make it a handier reference for when someone asks which ingredients are needed for X class in Y tier. You can also add another column if you want to track which of your crafters knows which tiers of what GM recipes.

Last, but definitely not least, Brewday was patched to Test last week. I actually finished the preview/story in record time and posted to the Daybreak forums, my forums and my personal facebook page, but forgot to post here until a PM nudged me last night. So, here it is! Brewday 2015: Raise a Glass

Update: (just before 7pm Pacific) The above is currently the Message of the Day (/motd) in-game. It impacts not only the adventuring mission givers for AoM but also Skrit and Quartermaster Robbins. Tonight is not a night for crafting questing in AoM...

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February 11, 2015 - Daybreak Update

By now, many of you know the news about the large layoffs at Daybreak (formerly SOE). For those who do not, here is a link to the official post about it. My heart goes out to all the phenomenal folks who were let go today, several of whom I considered friends. My heart, of course, especially goes out to my beloved "hubbyogre", who was one of those cut. Bleargh.

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February 10, 2015 - Awaiting Hotfix

The Bound Incandescent Transumation Stone that was added with the patch today is a bit buggy, and most folks cannot transmute them. This will be fixed with the next hotfix (including any in inventory that were already purchased).

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February 04, 2015 - Erollisi Day 2015

In a few short hours, the annual festivities celebrating love, known as Erollisi Day, will hit the live servers. After helping her apprentice Agnor with a gift, Mum decided it was time to help some of the more overlooked races of Norrath with their romances in Helping Hands

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