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April 09, 2024 - GU125 is Here!

Not all heroes are adventurers, and there are rewards to be found for artisans who perform heroic actions as well! In search of brave tradeskillers to cause delays and disruptions to the gnoll forces while adventurers try to deal with the shaman that is the leader of the invasion force. Interested level 10 and above crafters should seek out Rinndle in the Darkpaw Dugout* for further information. (*Antonica, near the Thundering Steppes griffon.)‚Äč

Go forth and quest! 42 house items, a transmute cannister that lets you pick the level tier, and a weekly mission that grants you a mana vial of the tier of your choice await you as rewards for completing Rinndle's quest. Once you finish the overall quest (which means you have also completed the mission once), you can do the mission daily by zoning into Darkpaw: Sabotage [Tradeskill]. The mission is autogranted when you zone in, and can be found in the mission timers tab of your journal.

  • Overall quest (once and done) - "Sabotage and Circuses" from Rinndle in the Darkpaw Dugout
  • Mission timer: search on "Darkpaw" or "Sabotage"

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March 31, 2024 - Bristlebane Day is Upon Us!

We are almost through the winter/spring live event mayhem at last. Phew! On April 1, the annual Bristlebane Day celebrations begin AND it will be the Highest of All High Silly Days as well, with April 1 specific content in addition to the normal Bristlebane Day content. Dive right into all the mischief and merriment while I go take a quick nap somewhere, ok? :D

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March 29, 2024 - Beast'r Eggstravaganza 2024

It is time to start chasing Beast'r eggs around Norrath for a few days. Read more at the Beast'r 2024 article. Hop to it!

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March 26, 2024 - Much Ado About ... Some Things

Today is a busy day on the EQ2 front. There was a small patch this morning, as expected, but there is also the following going on:

  • GU125 beta, with content to test from level 10 adventurer or crafter and up will launch at noon Pacific if things go as planned. There is tradeskill content in there, consisting of a mission leading you into a level 10 and up tradeskill dungeon!
  • DirectX 11 goes onto beta - if you have issues, please, please, please post to the new forums as soon as possible so the issues can be addressed before this goes live. Different computer setups are needed to make sure everything is working properly, so more eyeballs on this are a good thing.
  • Wait, new forums? Yep. The old ones had many issues that could not be resolved. The old forums are still around so you can read things there, but you cannot post. Your user information was copied over, so you should be able to log into the shiny New EQ2 Official Forums with no problem.

Yes, I have event previews that have to go up, namely Bristlebane Day and Beast'r (which just hit Test today and is going live in a couple days), and I will get to them as soon as possible. (Picture me doing an exhausted Kermit the Frog "muppet flail" right now with so much going on.)

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March 07, 2024 - Am I Coming or Going?

"Event Season", as I call this time of year, is even more crazed than usual this time, and I have been remiss in posting as often as I feel I should. So, here, rolled into one huge ball of busy insanity is what is newsworthy right now.

  • Brewday launches in a few short hours.
  • the Chronoportals are still ongoing
  • The Year of Darkpaw Crafter article was finally thrown up, and includes screenshots of the final reward. Isn't that crafting table gorgeous?! The March harvesting quest for the achievement was also released at the start of the month.
  • Fippy Fest was announced as both a virtual and in-person event.

I think there was something else that I wanted to announce, but it went in one braincell and out another. I will post it when/if I remember what it was.

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