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August 15, 2017 - Days of Summer, Week 3

The Days of Summer writeup has now been updated to include the quest information for the 3rd quest in the series.

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August 08, 2017 - Days of Summer Ascension Item

Please be aware that the Ascension Boost item from the Days of Summer event will boost a level 100 who has the KA expansion to level 5 ascension in their chosen ascension class, regardless of if they have completed the KA timeline, talked to an ascension trainer, etc. However, there is currently a bug with the xp to go along with the level not being properly granted. It will be fixed in the next patch.

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August 07, 2017 - Pillow Talk and More

Tonight sees the end of the Kelethin City Festival for another six months. It also sees the release of the new Days of Summer quest.

In addition, it is finally time for some pillow talk. No, not that kind of pillow talk, but a talk about pillows (and blankets). While the expanded furniture category on the lefthand menu is giving me fits, updating that menubar almost ALWAYS gives me fits. The Pillows page itself is done, it is included in the links on the main furniture page, and it will show up in the lefthand menubar when it darn well pleases! {sigh}

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August 02, 2017 - Days of Summer Update

For those who have not heard about the Days of Summer event, you will want to do the first weekly quest in the next few days, and get ready for a few weeks of doing a weekly quest. The goodies are very much worth it for most of us.

Speaking of goodies, my laptop finally came back from 2+ months of warranty repair, just in time for me to log into Discord and find out from Caith that we were (thankfully) misreading that Mara house deed. It is one deed per character. This is a happy, happy thing, so please spread the word.

Speaking of spreading the word, I still see a lot of folks in the homeshow channel and the like giving out the wrong url for this site. Since it is piggybacked off the EQ site domain it is "eq2.eqtraders.com" to point folks here. Otherwise they get one of those nasty search engine domains or such.

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August 01, 2017 - Kelethin Cutouts, Tinkerfest Reminder

The Kelethin City Festival just began and, as expected, there is now a cut-out set for the polished wood block set. While you will have a week to pick up any of the Kelethin-specific city festival items, remember that you have less than a day left for any last-minute Tinkerfest items that you want!

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