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February 22, 2018 - Familiar Quest!

Want to level your new tradeskill familiar (or another familiar), but would rather not buy a boatload of Season 3 familiar crates to sacrifice to your growing/leveling familiar? The patch happening today, that also includes fixes for the PoP tradeskill line and dailies, includes a small note about a daily quest for earning a "current season" familiar crate. This went onto Test at close of business today, so we did not get to test it before the final build was made. This means there are a couple issues, but there are ways to get around them. Learn about this quest on the Familiars Wild page that I threw together tonight after several lovely folks helped me with several hours of testing.

The picture of the book, by the way, is to show you what the no-trade house item looks like, that is received the first time that you go through conversation with the quest NPC.

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February 21, 2018 - New Mic!

For those who have been following the mini-saga of Mum trying to do her first video walk-throughs, I think I have success at last! I was having issues with sound with my old behind-the-head headset. How old? Welll, I may have had black flecks all over my ears and neck after the first run-through. So I bought a cheap headset while pondering a more expensive one, and it was even worse on picking up my voice, even with me practically eating the mic. Then I got a more expensive behind-the-head headset, and the audio on that was weak as well. (I had the gain cranked up, I did throat lozenges in advance so I could speak more loudly, and ... meh.)

Yesterday I broke down and asked the EQII Discord channels for recommendations on a standalone mic. The headset will work fine for reducing headaches if I ever "have" to listen in on a voice channel, but it was the wrong route to go for clear audio for my YouTube stuff. A friend and Caith both recommended the Blue snowball line of standalone mics, Amazon had some in stock, and BOOM, less than 24 hours later, it was dropped on my doorstep by a ninja delivery guy. (I am not sure why they seem to be allergic to our doorbell, but thankfully the rain held off so the mic wasn't soaked!)

I have now re-recorded a runthrough of Shard of Hate: Eye Spy [Tradeskill]. Unlike the voiceless version I did last week, you DO get to see me die near the end, due to distraction and a floating mob, but I believe the audio issues are finally resolved!

As voice and energy allow, I will re-do Innovation and Sol Ro's Tower, then work on runs for the other instances. They will be included on the A Stitch In Time master quest page as they are completed.

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February 20, 2018 - Get Those Candies ...

... finish your quests, harvest those roses, buy those rugs and appearance outfits! The Erollisi Day celebrations end tonight!

UPDATE! Brewday 2018 is already on Test. Enjoy the eye-candy!

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February 19, 2018 - Adorning Gear

Some folks have recently reported issues with adding adornments to their gear. The issue is easy to work around until they get a fix in. Go into Options (alt-o) > User Interface > Game Windows. The last item in this submenu should be "Manually Select Items to Adorn". Make sure that box is checked and then Accept to save the changes. Now you should be able to apply adornments to your gear once again.

Also, a quick note that there are still issues with the A Restitch in Time: Rebirth" daily tradeskill mission. The bug was caught and fixed, but we have not had a patch since then. It should be fixed with the next patch.

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February 15, 2018 - More on Part 1 (Innovation)

First off, Gninja has this to say about the issue with the wheels in the Security Measures (part 1) sig line. In addition to his response there, he has since said that they have a fix and are testing it now. If all goes well, it will be in the patch next week.

Secondly, the sound quality is HORRID (I have a new headset/mic on order), but I have a walk-through of Plane of Innovation: Security Measures for you. It is my first published video, and while there's room for improvement, it at least lets those who work better with visual cues, rather than written ones, get a feel for the zone.

Updates: The wheels in Innovation should be working due to the hotfix. Also, at about 11 p.m. Pacific tonight (Thursday), or a few moments after, the following link should be live for a no-voice run through the Shard of Hate Tradeskill instance, for folks who want to get a feel for the mechanics of it before my new headset arrives this weekend. (Time and link changed because YouTube ate it after the 30-minute upload was done.)

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