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November 24, 2014 - More on the Tradeskill XP Gain Items

The fix for most items (Blessed Prayer Shawl, items from the Sundered Frontier crafting signature line, the rolling pin, etc.) did not clear QA testing in time to make it into the patch for tomorrow. The fix for the Mark of the Far Seas, which handles the xp bonus slightly differently, WILL be in the patch tomorrow. Hopefully, the following patch, whenever it is, will see the fix for the others make it to the live servers.

EDIT: The above has been changed with new information. The Mark is fixed in the patch in the morning.

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November 12, 2014 - Items Granting Tradeskill XP

There is an issue with items that grant tradeskill xp boosts not working. It is being looked into. Thanks Caith!

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November 11, 2014 - Altar of Malice is Here!

Well, not here here, but over there. {points south} The expansion is currrently patching on the U.S. servers. I suspect some of you are eagerly devouring any information that you can find about the expansion while waiting for the servers to come up, but before I throw some links at you, I want to remind you of a few things:

  • Members who are level 95 adventurers may need to set their AA slider back to zero before they go adventuring, hand in quests, etc., if they want to earn xp today!
  • The mail from the Harbormaster with the message in a bottle is not the expansion content, but a new quest series for level 5 and above crafters.
  • The mail from Captain Ethan Darani is for the AoM crafting content.
  • Since the expansion adventuring content hadn't been sending mail on beta, if folks ask, the signature line starts with Viminy in East Freeport and Rosalina in Qeynos Harbor.

Ok, now for links, to reduce the need for rummaging:

At least one more batch of eye candy from me incoming in a little while!

Update #1: As promised, here is the eye candy - a set of 31 house items that were obtained from AoM quests or from AoM collections.

Update #2: AoM is now available for purchase at this link

Update #3: We're up!!!

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November 03, 2014 - Reminder ... and AoM Preview

First off, a quick reminder that the Nights of the Dead festivities end in a few hours. You still have time for some last-minute questing and candy gobbling, if you are so inclined!

Second, I have begun work on the Altar of Malice Crafting/Housing preview. The story is up, a few tidbits of information are in place, and I will be adding, at the least, the carpenter furniture images later today. I need a nap first! :D

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October 25, 2014 - Pssssst

I am over 12 hours through my 24-hour marathon, and have a bit of a present for the decorators. Check out the 8 p.m. update on my Extra Life update page for some screenshots of furniture from beta. ~Mum

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