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April 13, 2017 - Feeling Beastly?

This was originally just going to be a quick post to remind folks that the Bristlebane Day festivities end in a few hours. (So go finish up your earning and spending while you can!) However, when I checked on Discord before logging into the game, I found folks a bit ... eggcited.

An eggstra new holiday surprise was added overnight. We are hoping that it will run though at least the end of the weekend, but we have not been told any further details.

What is this surprise, you ask? Fluff pets, an achievement, and the title "the Eggcellent Adventurer". Check out the details here

UPDATE! The event will run through the end of April 19.

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April 01, 2017 - City Fest Love

The Qeynos City Festival this month adds 8 new tiles to their lineup. Folks were wishing that these were added to other sets, after we saw the Erollisi Day block set get some love, and it looks like we may be seeing similar for all the city festival sets over time! Wheee!

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March 31, 2017 - High Silly Day

Tomorrow is April 1, the highest of all High Silly Days for Bristlebane. Remember that there will be one-day-only quests and events on this day. and plan your time accordingly!

If you are going for the Fur Finder and related achievements it is good to note that Obulus bunnies also count for the achievements on this one day. Since there has been a lot of confusion when these achievements are mentioned in chat channels, this is just for grabbing the bunnies. (The killer rabbits were a totally separate thing for the Monty Python anniversary, not for Bristlebane Day.)

Last, but not least: If you have your upgraded pack sent out for holiday harvests, remember to collect from the pony when you are near your harvest depot, as the April 1 holiday harvests include harvestables from every single holiday event!

Again, all of this is for April 1 only (based on a Pacific timezone clock.

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March 29, 2017 - Bristlebane Day 2017!

In less than 2 short hours from the time of this post, it will once again be time for Bristlebane Day celebrations with merrriment, mischief, pranks, and new craftables and buyables. And pie. Must not forget the pie!

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March 23, 2017 - Quick Reminder

While the Chronoportals Event ends tonight, you have until the end of the 30th to shop from the event vendor.

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