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Tradeskill Bonuses and You

There's an old truism in the real world that "Every little bit helps." This holds true with EQ2 tradeskills, too ... sort of.

A +5 bonus to a tradeskill is pretty small in the grand scheme of things, equalling one additional level of skill over your current tradeskill level cap. A 1% reduction in failure rates is likewise rather tiny. However,if you're struggling for pristine a lot and/or able to acquire more than one bonus item, they can add up to a small, but noticeable improvement in your crafting successes.

Tradeskill bonuses come in two different types, and are obtained in several different ways. The important thing to note as you are reading is that bonuses to a tradeskill ability improve (however slightly) your chance of success when the process is checking your effective level vs the difficulty of the item. They do not, in any way, shape or form, actually change your tradeskill level. So a 5-point increase to a skill doesn't mean that you can make items that are 1 level higher than your actual tradeskill level, but rather makes items slightly easier to make by giving you a higher skill to check against. (Or, to word it another way, nothing increases your actual tradeskill level, but there are several ways to increase your effective level in certain tradeskills, which makes it easier to craft pristines.)

Permanent Bonuses

Racial bonuses are currently the only type of permanent bonus to tradeskilling. Known as "traditions", these are one of several options that you are allowed to choose at certain adventuring levels. They give you a five point permanent increase to a specific skill. (Five points is equivalent to the amount your skill cap raises every level.) There are no racial bonuses for carpentry at all, at this time, but all other tradeskills have one or more races that can choose to gain a 5-point permanent skill increase. A list of tradeskill-related racial traditions can be found here.

Spell-Based Bonuses

This category contains one single item at this time. Before the release of the EoF expansion, there was a Brell-related quest called "Awakening the Underfoot" that rewarded you with a clickable house item called the "Pick of the Underfoot". While the quest is no longer available, you can still find these wall-mounted items in some homes. Clicking to activate the effect will give you a 1-hour buff that increases your success chances by 1% for all crafting that you perform.

Item-Based Bonuses

Item-based crafting bonuses vary quite a bit, giving boosts to specific skills and/or boosts to crafting success chances. In all cases, though, the item must be equipped in order to gain the benefits from it.

Quest Items

Seeking a Tradeskill Profession - This quest, which was created to introduce players to crafting, rewards a chest-slot Artisans Tunic (level 5 adventurer required to equip) that grants a +1 bonus to all crafting abilities. While it is geared towards new crafters, the quest can be completed at any level. Further details on this quest can be found here.

Fallen Dynasty Wantia Artisan's Satchel quests - owners of the Fallen Dynasty expansion who are level 50 or higher crafters can complete a (tradeskill) class-specific quest that will reward them with a 36-slot harvestables-only satchel and a class-specific charm item that will increase success chances by 1% and provide a +10 boost to your main tradeskill ability. Further details on these quests can be found here.

KoS Collection Quest for Medium Airship Plating - one of the collection quests from Kingdom of Sky, for medium airship plating parts, has two (of three) reward choices that grant a tradeskill bonus. The first is Findingle's Destructive Needle, a dual-wield dagger (requires level 62 scout, mage, berserker or guardian to equip), that grants a +4 tailoring bonus. The other, the Eye-piece of Gaz, is a cloth head slot item (requires level 62 adventurer to equip) that has a +4 artificing bonus.

Crest of Plague Emendation, Ancestral Totem of the Witchdoctor - included here for completeness's sake, these item were one-time rewards for the guild that cured the great plague (world event) back in May 2005. The crest was a +8 chemistry charm and the totem a +4 chemistry charm, among other things.

Crafted Items

Tinkering was introduced with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, and there are several tinkered charm slot items that grant an increase in your success chances for a specific tradeskill. The names aren't always intuitive when you are searching for them on the broker, so here is a handy list for you:
Tradeskill 1% bonus item (level 20+ crafter) 2% bonus item (level 33+ crafter) 3% bonus item (level 54+ crafter)
Alchemist reinforced gnomeproof beaker gnomish gas mask never-ending bag of the "good stuff"
Armorer automated rounding hammer gnomish toughened ring press Qeynos classified information of bulkward
Carpenter feng-shui environmental reader gnomish level wood elf eye for the troll guy
Jeweler gnomish ring press gnomerific magnifying device enigma of Tunare
Provisioner izzitedibleforpeplprobe gnomish thermometer Screewoggin's bag of spices
Sage gnomish self-inking quill gnomish quick erasealler eye of Agamatoo
Tailor mechanical threaded needle gnome proof thumb cap Guide: Roots. The fabric of life
Weaponsmith automated finishing hammer automated honing stone Freeport classified information of armament
Woodworker automated finishing saw automated gnomish plane measure twicerer

Looted Items

There are several mob-dropped items that grant tradeskill bonuses of one sort or another. However, before you break out the drool cloths to slobber all over them, be aware that these items will often have a pretty solid adventure level requirements, and likely adventuring class requirements, tied to them as well. Since actual item stats have changed more than once in the past, and could change again with future gear revamps, I am not going to bother giving you full stats on these items. I will, however, give you enough information so that you can decide if you wish to delve further into the item.
  • A Sewing Needle, dual-wield dagger, 67+ mage, scout, berserker or guardian, +5 tailoring, from the level 70 version of Nektropos Castle (Nek 3)
  • Apron of the Artificer, chest slot, 65+ crafter, +5 to all crafting abilities, from the level 70 version of Nektropos Castle (Nek 3)
  • Crana's Brittle Wand, 1hb, level 47+ mage or priest, +4 chemistry, Lord Crana in Solusek's Eye
  • Dwarven Blacksmith's Hammer, 1HB, level 45+ fighter or priest, +20 metal shaping and metalworking bonus, no additional details available, and this may be a mis-reporting of Unargin's smithy hammer (below)
  • Girdle of the Master Armorer, waist, level 48+ adventurer, +4 metal shaping, Armorsmith Gravik in Solusek's Eye
  • Thaydor's Hammer of Accuracy, dual-wield hammer, level 48+ fighter or priest, +4 metalworking, Weaponsmith Thaydor in Solusek's Eye
  • The Smithing Hammer, 1HB, level 42+ fighter or priest, +26 metal shaping and metalworking bonus, another one with no additional details available, original source unknown
  • Tinkerer's Belt, waist slot, level 70 adventurer, +10 tinkering, Mad Tinkerer drop in Unrest
  • Unargin's smithy hammer, 1HB, level 47+ fighter or priest, +20 metal shaping and metalworking bonus, Unargin the blacksmith in level 50 version of Nektropos Castle (Nektropos - the Return)

All of the above information was collected from various sources, including EQ2TC and SOE forum posts, Mum's personal research, etc. If you have additions, corrections, etc., please post to the EQ2TC forums.

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