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Seeking A Tradeskill Profession - Artisan levels 3 through 9

GU32 added a version of this quest for Kelethin residents and GU35 added one for the Neriak residents. The quest itself will be the same, regardless of the city in which you conduct this quest, but your starting steps will be a bit different.

If You are a Kelethin Resident

Newly-created fae (and others who select Kelethin as their starting city) will find a note in their inventory entitled "Starting a Tradeskill Profession". Right-click and examine the note in order to be offered this quest. If you deleted the note (or created your character before the quest was added), the Crafting Trainer standing outside Tunare's Pages in Kelethin can sell you a new copy of the note.

The quest will direct you to speak with Ralika Mekkila, who is also outside of Tunare's Pages in Kelethin. The text that you read (but not the quest helper in your journal) also reminds you to see to your training beforehand. This is a quiet reminder to hail the crafting trainer standing near Ralika before you start this quest, so you can be certified as a level 2 artisan, and receive your first crafting book.

If You are a Neriak Resident

Newly-created Arasai and others who start in Neriak will also find a note in their inventory entitled "Starting a Tradeskill Profession". Right-click and examine the note in order to be offered this quest. If you deleted the note (or created your character before the quest was added), then speak with Szinjss X'Vemtor, in Neriak Down under to begin.

The quest will direct you to speak with Dilxena D'Xeep in Neriak, in the Neriak Down Under. Speak with her and she will advance you to artisan level 2, as well as give you Artisan Essentials volumes 2 and 3. Scribe volume 2, then turn around and speak with Szinjss X'Vemtor to continue the quest from there.

If You are a Freeport or Qeynos Resident

After speaking to the tradeskill NPC on the Queens Colony or the Outpost of the Overlord, you will receive a "Starting a Tradeskill Profession" note. Right click and examine the note to start this quest. If you deleted it (or are performing this quest after hitting the mainland), you can purchase the note for 4s80c in your wholesaler society from the "tradeskill delegate."

There's just one catch. The person you need to speak to does not have any fancy tag after their name saying that they are the tradeskill delegate. For Freeport crafters, the delegate will be the NPC standing next to the chemistry tables in your wholesaler instances. For Qeynos crafters, your delegate will be at the top of the stairs leading down to the crafting equipment. In both cases, you must target and 'h' (hail). Double-clicking on them will not get you any quest dialog. (This NPC now has a handy feather over their head if you have the quest, however.)

Ok, I lied. There are two catches. If you didn't actually hail the NPC in the crafting instance in the Queen's Colony or the Outpost of the Overlord, and also didn't hail the crafting trainer outside of the various village crafting instances, you are not yet a level 2 artisan. Go hail a crafting trainer (they sell recipe books outside of the village crafting instances) to become an artisan and to receive your first recipe book.

Steps for Citizens of all Cities

  1. Hail the tradeskill delegate (or Ralikka outside Tunare's Pages if you're from Kelethin) - The delegate can be found in the wholesaler societies - at the top of the stairs in the good societies, and next to the chemistry stations for evil folk. Target them and "h" to hail. Tell them you would like some training, and you're off and crafting!
    Reward: XP, coin, artisan essentials volume 3
  2. Seeking a Profession II: Fried Frog Leg - Get a feel for provisioning by making some food. Frog legs are harvested from tier 1 fish nodes. (You will need two of them for the recipe.) The dough and kindling are sold by the NPC at the base of the stairs in the crafting instance
    Reward: XP, 51c, artisan essentials volume 4
  3. Seeking a Profession III: Lesser Noxious Remedy - Get a feel for the the alchemist class by making a potion. The leaded loam, lead cluster and roots can be harvested in tier 1, and the candle for fuel will be sold by the merchant at the base of the stairs.
    Reward: XP, 41c, artisan essentials volume 5
  4. Seeking a Profession IV: Light Strike (apprentice Iv) - learn how a sage makes spell scrolls. As with the other steps, you'll find resources out in the tier 1 zones, and fuel on the merchant in the instance.
    Reward: XP, 41c, artisan essentials volume 6
  5. Seeking a Profession V: Forged Tin Great Sword - work with molten metal to get a feel for weapon/armor crafting.
    Reward: XP, 46c
  6. Seeking a Profession VI: Tailored Rawhide Leather Skullcap - a stitch in time, and all that jazz. Get a feel for how tailors create various pieces of armor for light and very light armor classes.
    Reward: XP, 55c, artisan essentials volume 7
  7. Seeking a Profession VII: Conditioned Elm Roundshield - are wooden weapons and such more your style? Get a taste for the woodworker's trade with the creation of this shield.
    Reward: XP, 45c, Meager Harvesting Bag (10 slot, 0% WR, holds only harvests)
  8. Seeking a Profession VIII: A Primitive Elm Chair - furniture for your inn room! It may not be top of the line, but it will give you a feel for the carpenter's trade.
    Reward: XP, 69c, artisan essentials volume 8
  9. Seeking a Profession IX: Fashioned Lead Hoop get a feel for the jeweler's craft with the creation of a basic ring.
    Reward: XP, 51c, artisan essentials volume 9, Artisan's Tunic (+1 to all primary tradeskills)

Additional notes from 'Mum:

  • all the recipe books received are no trade, no value
  • the items that you make are yours to keep/sell once you show them to the tradeskill delegate
  • item quality seems not to matter - for example, any version (app II, app III, app IV) of Arcane Bindings works for quest credit. If you're doing these as a new crafter, you'll want the maximum quality possible, just for the xp reward, but it saves the older crafters a bit of time if they want to skimp on quality here and there.
  • The forge and other equipment can/will bite back if you don't respond to various tradeskill events during crafting. If you're unfamiliar with how to react to such events, be sure to read the So You Want to be an Artisan" article in the Tradeskill Guides section of this site.
  • All resources that you need for completing these quests can be harvested in tier 1 zones. If you're confused as to what resources to find where, please check out The Node Knows article in the Tradeskill Guides section of this site.

If you want to plan ahead and collect everything in advance, here is a handy "Shopping List" of the materials that you will need:


  • 2x Raw Frog Leg
  • 1x Leaded Loam
  • 4x Lead Cluster
  • 9x Roots
  • 1x Rough Malachite
  • 6x Severed Elm
  • 7x Tin Cluster
  • 6x Rawhide Leather Pelt
Vendor Bought
  • 1x Dough
  • 1x Walnut Kindling
  • 1x Candle
  • 5x Incense
  • 9x Coal
  • 5x Filament
  • 6x Sandpaper

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