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GU46 Crafting Preview

With a roar of thunder and a bolt of lightning, GU46 has hit the Test server! On top of heralding a new live event that will make every lover of fine furniture (among other things) want to do the quest over (and over, and over) to collect all the lovely goodies, there are several other things of note related to crafting and/or home decorating. Join me as I take you on a wander through the more notable highlights.

Before we begin our tour, however, I need to remind you of my standard Test Server disclaimer: These items are on the Test server, which means that they can change before LU46 goes live. Nothing is ever set in stone while on the Test server, and while we can be reasonably certain that much of this will survive intact, there are no guarantees.

New Additions

* Carpenters, inspired by some of the elaborate cloaks adventurers have discovered, have started learning to create similar tapestries for the home. They have also acquired a few new recipes inspired by Kelethin and Maj'dul craftsmanship.
* Di'Zok weaponsmiths have shared their knowledge of riding crops to crafters they deem sufficiently worthy.
* Armorers and tailors can now imbue all armor sets in the level 40-49 range, as well as making all armor sets for all normal equipment slots in this level range.
* All woodworker-crafted wands now look wand-like. Woodworkers are also able once again to make magic-imbued wands.
* Crafted sledgehammer recipes have been replaced by a crafted sledge which has more unique stats. Any existing crafted sledgehammers will remain as they are.

This is a nice little chunk of new additions that I wish to touch on a bit more thoroughly.

New Furniture!

Of the many new furniture items that will become available with GU46 (the others are things like world event rewards and collection rewards), there are eight of them that are carpenter recipes. The new recipes start at level 54 and continue through level 79.

In tier 6, we welcome in two sandalwood screens (plain and ornate). Yes, you wanted something more suited to breaking up a large room, and you got it!

Tier 7 heralds two rare tapestries (Flames and Malign) that are patterned off two adventurer cloaks. Both of these take nimbus root as their primary.

Tier 8 gives us two lovely fae tavern items made out of mahogany - a tavern counter and a tavern stool. Both make lovely additions for rp'ers who run taverns and the like!

What, you wanted more than just screens as room dividers? Greedy, aren't you? How about if tier 8 also sees the addition of small and large redwood room dividers? Wheeee!

Plain Sandalwood Screen
Ornate Sandalwood Screen
Redwood Dividers
Tapestry of Flames
Tapestry of the Malign
Fae Tavern Counter
Fae Tavern Stool
Close-up size comparisons
can be found here


Can't bear to sell your old horse to the glue factory, or don't have the status/guild level to get something a wee bit faster?

Weaponsmiths with the second Bathezid faction recipe book (requires 30K Bathezid watch faction) have a new recipe for a di'zok riding crop. This little beauty is a charm slot item that gives you a +3 boost to mount speed when equipped. The recipe currently requires a hidebound pelt and yields 1.

More Imbues!

Many of the specialty crafted armor sets never had imbues for chest and legs. GU46 continues the progression (in reverse tier order) of adding imbues to the chest and legs of these sets, so tailors and armorers will have a few more recipes to work with (and adventurers new crafted gear they can wear) in tier 5.

Magic Wands

Domino invited feedback before she discontinued the various flavors of imbued wands. Really, truly, she did! Of course, even with that, the most major negative response didn't happen until GU45 and the crafted weapon changes went live. Due to the many requests, tier 2 through tier 8 see the return of a magic-imbued wand. (14 new recipes, counting handcrafted and mastercrafted for each of those tiers)

Sledge(Hammer) Change

As per my May 27 front page update, during the crafted weapon changes of GU45, some unintentional overlap happened in the 2-handed blunt weapons. The fix for it accidentally shifted the overlap to a different weapon pairing. So as not to mess up the folks who already have the STR/STA/INT crafted sledgehammers, those weapons will continue to exist, but new ones cannot be crafted after GU46. Instead, there will be a crafted "Sledge" offered as a 2-handed blunt, 6.0 speed, STR/WIS weapon.

Fixes and Tweaks

* The imbued stone hide leather bandolier recipe is once again available.
* The sandalwood cudgel recipe is now making the correct item.
* A duplicate recipe for fistwraps has been removed from advanced weaponsmith volume 38 and is now only present in volume 39.
* The costs of city tradeskill faction titles are now more equivalent between different cities.
* The variety of item selection for level 40 carpenter crafting writs should now be a bit more (or less) bearable.
* Crafted javelin, tribal and great spear appearances are now more appropriate to the weapons' names.
* Short spears are now somewhat shorter in appearance.

I lumped these together, as most are pretty self-explanatory, or quickly-explained.

With a few thousand weapon recipes being juggled across all the tiers during the last update, bugs were bound to happen. Domino smash!

Freeport and Qeynos scaled the status costs for crafting society titles based on the title. The newer crafting societies kept the status costs the same, regardless of the title. (See the bottom of this link for an example of the pre-GU46 costs.) With this update, while the coin costs will still scale based on the faction level of the title, the status costs for crafting titles have stabilized at 2000SP per title.

Once again, our feedback has been heard, and three crafted spears and the crafted javelin have received appearances more suitable to their names. Below is a freshly redone image of these items.

Storms of ... Drool!

In a massive World Event for GU46, unnatural storms sweep across the face of Norrath and your help is needed in investigating and addressing the issue. In return for your help, you receive notes of appreciation that can be exchanged for ... stuff. New dress clothes (including a no-graphic set for those who have been requesting it), some interesting-looking weapons (pillow fight, anyone?), and, of course, near and dear to my heart, several neat-looking furniture items. I want them all!

"Pure" crafters note that there can be combat involved in this event, but that the quest scales to level.

As a teaser, here are two of the house items that I found when browsing the reward vendor in South Qeynos

Chair of the Acorn Scholar
Mother of Pearl Inlaid End Table


Poisons now have the option to auto consume when they run out. Right click a stack and turn auto consume to on and you no longer have to worry about your poisons running out mid fight.

While this is a lovely change, it doesn't end there. Harvesting tools now have an "autoconsume" option as well. No, this doesn't mean you're going to eat your harvesting tools when hungry (mmm, sandalwood shovel ... fiber!) but rather that, when a harvesting tool buff runs out, and you the tool is in inventory, it should reapply the buff. I've not had time to poke at it yet to be sure it is behaving as expected.

House Pet Love

Trustees of your house can now interact with house pets.

If you are one of the folks who has been whimpering because you can't "just" pet, poke, trick, wake up, etc. a pet living in a home for which you are a trustuee, whimper no more! Now get ready to give those poor pets some extra TLC!

Follow the Red Glow

Last, but not least, is an as-yet undocumented extra that is still being tweaked and discovered. High level crafters will want to be on the lookout for red glowies for Tradeskill collection quests with lovely house item rewards. At this time, we don't know what the level requirements will be, or have confirmation of which zones these will be in, but here's what we've seen so far for rewards!
Fae Lantern
Fae Tavern Shelves
Norrathian Star Chart

Update: We now know that the red glowies will only be able to seen by folks wearing their Earring of the Solstice (crafting epic reward), much like the goggles work for blue glowies. The glowie items will be lore (can be traded, but not mailed, stockpiled in your inventory, etc.) and the rewards will be no-trade.

Stay Tuned!

As with any preview written the day after the update hits the Test server, there are likely to be additions and corrections to this information before it goes live, so check back now and then. Any new updates will be added to the appropriate section, and mentioned in this section, to make it easier for you to find needed information.

June 16: GU46 is due to be patched to U.S. servers tomorrow, June 17.

June 16: More details have been added about the red glowie collections, and a quest writeup page has been created for further details.

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