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Collections: Red Glowies

These collection quests were initially added with GU46, then additional collections have been added over time. There are a few special things to note before we go further:

  • In order to see the glowies, you must have completed the quest for the Earring of the Solstice. This means that you must be level 80 in your primary tradeskill and have finished your crafting epic. (Tinkering and transmuting do not count, as they are secondary tradeskills.) As of Feb. 22, 2011, you no longer have to actually have the earring equipped, you just have to have earned it.
  • The glowies are LORE. This means that they can be traded/sold, but that you can't stockpile them, and passing them to your alts can be creative.
  • Some of the actual rewards are NO TRADE, others are tradeable
  • Hand-ins award you with adventuring xp/AA.
  • Like blue glowies, if you harvest one and do not loot it (due to lore, etc.) it will depop after a bit, and then another red shiny will repop somewhere, giving you and others a chance at a different red glowie from it
  • Some of the items have special effects to them - see the Closer Look section below for more details.
  • If you are looking for info on the red shinies now in PoP tradeskill missions, you will find the information here.
  • As of June 12, 2018, the following collections can be completed on Fallen Gate. While other zones are physically available to us, apparently they are flagged for some other era of our progression. The ones you can obtain on FG are the ones from: Fens of Nathsar, Barren Sky, Enchanted Lands, Zek, Maj'Dul, New Halas and Steamfont.

Scattered throughout Norrath, for only the most skilled of crafters to discover, are red collection glowies that can only be seen by those who own the Earring of the Solstice.

Note that the number in parens in the table below indicates the number of unique glowies in that collection.

Fae Lantern
Fae Fireflies Collection (5)
Fae Tavern Shelves
Loping Plains
Fae Bar Glasses Collection (7)
Norrathian Star Chart
Fens of Nathsar
Chart Fragments Collection (10)
Repaired Piano
Barren Sky
Piano Keys Collection (5)
Gigglegibber Comfort Crate
Enchanted Lands
Wooden Salvage Collection (6)
Down Below OR
Thieve's Way
Slime Samples (6)

images in next row
cube choice #1
Clear Gelatinous Cube
cube choice #2
Gelatinous Crate
cube choice #3
Slimy Gelatinous Cube
Faydwer Flowers
Greater Faydark
Fae Lamp Post
Tunare's Glade Leaves
Greater Faydark
Fae Arbor
Blood Iron Forge*
Sootfoot Forge
Peacock Feather
New Halas
Blizzard Grizzly Trophy
Empty Paineel Bath
examine empty bath to create:
Filled Paineel Bath
Mystic Magefire
Added Feb. 22, 2011
Tranquil Sea
Far Seas Fountain
Phantom Sea
Far Seas Snowglobe
Gnemlin Gearworks
Maldura Anvil
Traditional Dhalgar Forgework
Forge of Brell*

*While the Blood Iron Forge only works for crafting the Blood Iron Armor, the Forge of Brell is a functional normal forge, plus it works for crafting the censer of containment from the ToT crafting line.

A Closer Look

Steamfont: Fae Fireflies Collection, 5 pieces - A Fae Lantern. This lovely lantern is the perfect accessory for lighting up Kelethin homes! Glowies have been found scattered throughout the zone.

Loping Plains: Bar Glasses Collection, 7 pieces - Fae Tavern Shelves. These shelves not only go with the lovely new fae furniture pieces released with GU46, but also will allow you to snag a level 80 no-trade, no zone drink from them! The best spots to find these seem to be near Somborn Village.

Barren Sky: Piano Keys Collection, 5 pieces - A Repaired Piano. Oooh, another piano option for those who can't finish off the blue glowie Mistmoore Castle collection quest. As an added perk, this piano has a right-click option to play music! These have been found on Whisperwind Isle and the Isle of Awakening.

Fens of Nathsar: Chart Fragments Collection, 10 pieces - A Norrathian Star Chart. A lovely new piece of wall art, especially lovely for the star-gazers. These can be found along the path leading to Bathezid's Watch as well as the various paths leading to Riliss.

Enchanted Lands: Wooden Salvage Collection, 6 pieces. A Gigglegibber Comfort Crate as a housepet?! Well, remember, we are talking about Gigglegibber's, and they're an odd lot, so this pet suits them perfectly. Expect to find these along the shore of the ocean in Enchanted Lands, especially around the dock area.

The Down Below (Qeynos) and the Thieve's Way (Freeport): Slime Samples, 6 pieces. A ____ cube (house pet). You get your choice of one of three rewards. Choices are "a clear gelatinous cube", "a gelatinous crate", or a "slimy gelatinous cube", all of which are housepets.

Greater Faydark: Faydwer Flowers collection - Fae Lamp Post. Glowies are found around the Nursery area of GFay.

Greater Faydark: Tunare's Glade Leaves - Fae Arbor. Glowies are found around the Tunare's Glade portion of GFay.

Zek, The Orcish Wastes: Blood Iron Forge. Lore, no-trade glowies are found scattered throughout the zone. The quest reward is a fully-functional specialty forge that allows the crafting of the Blood Iron armor sets, without the need to travel to Deathfist Citadel to craft those specific recipes.

Lavastorm: Lore, no-trade glowies are found in the front parts of the zone. The collection reward is a fully-functional specialty forge that allows the crafting of the Sootfoot Magma Armor. (This appearance armor can only be crafted on this for orthe special forge in Lavastorm)

Maj'Dul: Peacock Feather. Lore glowies for the Peacock Club Relics collection results in a lovely Peacock Feather for your home or guildhall.
Peacock Feather

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