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This page will be a gathering place of information relevant to crafters regarding the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion. As usual, there is quite a bit of ground to cover, so be patient as it will be a many-day process to get everything on here. Whenever there is a considerable amount of information on a topic, a separate article will be made, and linked to this page.

The Terrors of Thalumbra expansion is due to be released to all normal servers on November 17, 2015.

Getting to the Expansion Content

Level 100 crafters who have completed "The Captain's Lament", will receive a email regarding signature quest from Captain Ethan Dariani in the bar on Isle of Mara. You will need to work through the signature line to be sent to Thalumbra the first time, and you will unlock the use of the portal (pictured at the top of this page) that is located just to the north of the Mara docks.

Level 100 adventurers will pick up their signature quest in Kelethin near the bank or Neriak at the spires. (Virun D'Xyafin in Neriak or Dangle Springbolt in Greater Faydark.) But we're not going to talk more about the adventuring stuff. My plate is full enough with the crafting side of things.

Skill 500 Tinkerers will be able to craft a wormhole generator that will drop them in the city of Maldura, but if you go there without doing either the start of the adventuring signature line, or a certain amount of progress in the tradeskill line, you will find that the guards are beet red con, and KoS. You don't want to shortcut until you've factioned, m'kay?

Of Guilds and Status

Guilds will be able to level to 150 when the expansion comes out. The new amenity is a guild banner that will give guildmembers a castable buff whose stats bonuses are based on the level of the guild (and scale lower if you are not adventure level 100). (As an example, a level 100 guild gave a level 100 player's primary state a 418.5 buff to their primary stat. At level 101, it gave that buff plus a 5% bonus to contributed guildstatus.)

Be aware, however, that writs (of any type), will only level your guild to 101. After you reach guild level 101, you will be a) selling items for status, and b) completing various non-repeatable quests (both crafting and adventure) for status. This takes the focus off doing the same thing over and over and over and moves it to doing a variety of different things for status. This has gotten a lot of mixed reactions from the community, but that's what was decided, so, 'nuff said.

For those whose guilds aren't 101 or higher, there will be level 100 crafting writs using the new recipes and new harvestables. Once you hit guild level 101, the only reasons to do them will be personal status, city tokens and/or crafting society faction.

New Harvestables?

There are Thalumbra-specific harvestables, as should be expected from deep caverns that have not had contact with the outside world in a very long time. Rather than confuse folks by trying to call it a new tier (it isn't really), it will save everyone's sanity if you just refer to them as "level 100 harvests".

  • ore: splitiron ore
  • soft metal: bornite nodule
  • gem: umbrite
  • leather: abyssal pelt
  • root: thalumbral root
  • wood: malduran lumber
  • food: mycelial tendrils, wild tempeh, fruiting sporangium, fruticose lichen
  • fish: umbral trout, abyssal angler
  • ore: glittervein ore
  • soft metal: arcannium
  • gem: lumicite
  • leather: umbral pelt
  • root: deepstone root
  • wood: petrified lumber

Crafting Quests

Yep, there's a chunk of them, and yes, you'll need to do them if you want your level 100 recipes from Maldura. Read more here: ToT Crafting Quests

Shopping for House Items

There's more than one spot in Maldura for crafters to shop for house items once you've done the appropriate factioning and coin-earning. Details will be included here: Maldura Buyables


There are two red shiny collections to be found in the city of Maldura. As with most red shiny collections, the collection pieces are lore. The Gnemlin Gearwork collection rewards you with a Maldura Anvil (tradeable) house item. The Traditional Dhalgar Forgework collection rewards you with a (tradeable), Forge of Brell that is a functional forge and works for crafting the first step of the censer in the ToT tradeskill questline. These are normal red shiny collections, and should not be confused with the 100/100 collections mentioned in the next paragraph.

As an added bonus for those of us determined enough to do level 100 in both crafting and adventuring on the same character, after we've finished the crafting signature line (What Lies Beneath), we gain the ability to see special no-trade red shinies in the various Thalumbra advanced solo instances. Note that you will need to visit all three "themes" (Penumbra, Stygian Threshold, Maldura) in order to complete these two collections. These instance red shinies will show up as ! on tracking, and the finished collections for the two instances will award you with level 100 adventurer gear. (I don't yet have the collections finished, and have no details on the gear it awards.) Remember that the no-trade duplicates are collectibles, and thus can be sold for status once you no longer need the collection pieces.

Last, but not least, there are at least 5 collections from shinies found on fishing nodes. Each one rewards a plushie (or a choice of plushies) as well as a collection item for a meta collection. I'll get details and screenshots as I collect them all.


A new method for upgrading gear has been added with this expansion, and it can be a tad bewildering. Since one of the infusing methods includes crafter-made bits, here is Domino's writeup on Infusing from a Crafter Perspective. (Used with permission.)


All Classes

Purchase of these books requires 30K faction with the Deepforge Founders and 10 Coin of the Grand Artificer for each. The books are heirloom.

Crowning Achievements of the Deepforge Founders At this time, I have ZERO information on the source of the nullified crowns, or the other ingredients. I only know that crafters have recipes to repair them. I am assuming they are raid drops, though, since the results are lovely fabled headpieces.

Infuser Reconstruction of the Deepforge Founders These infuser recipes take salvaged standard, salvaged heroic and salvaged epic infuser fragments and turn them into useable standard, heroic and epic infusers. These three infusers are explained more in the infusing article mentioned in the Infusing section above. The fragments are obtained from salvaging gear from the expansion.

Spirit Stone Repair Methods of the Deepforge Founders (Spirit stones are the green adornments that gain power as the wearer kills things.) This book contains 9 recipes that allow any level 100 crafter to repair damaged spirit stones that drop in solo, heroic, or raid content. Each spirit stone has a specific component plus some common harvests; the components are tradeable and so are the final products.

  • Solo: Ancient's Mantle, Arachmech Eye, Behemoth's Race
  • Heroic: Marksman's Lens, Stone of Underfoot, Stygian Core
  • Raid: Essence of Yothshaval, Shard of Uzulu, Heart of Penumbra

Traditional Runes of the Deepforge Founders This book for level 100 crafters contains mastercraft runes (purple adorns with set bonuses) that use blank umbrite rune as the primary ingredient. (Runes are sold on the faction vendor and take 4 coin of the grand artificer per rune.)


Agnostic Mastercrafting vol 10 - vol 90 These books are sold on Koros Splinterlimb in Mara for 15 Far Seas Trading Company Tokens per book. They also require 10K faction with the Far Seas Supply Division. They are for enhancing drops from level agnostic dungeons.

Class-Specific Books

Purchase of class-specific recipe books will require 10K faction with the Deepforge Founders. The books are no-trade and will cost 10 Coin of the Grand Artificer each.


Alchemists will find that their common and advanced books contain potion recipes.


Armorers get common and rare recipes for chain and plate armor and metal shields. All results are mastercrafted fabled, at last check, but only the rare recipes can be refined.


Oh, what carpenter love!

First, several tile/divider sets that did not have full building block sets, have had recipes added to turn them into building block sets. These are: Halasian, Indium, Plain Sandalwood, Plain Fulginate and Rosewood. These recipes will be autoadded to the appropriate carpenter recipe books when the expansion is released. (You do not need to purchase the expansion for these 5 sets, they'll drop automagically in the proper recipe books.)

Next comes a book of triangle tiles for the carpenter-made building block sets. "Triangles of Maldura" will be sold on the Maldura crafting faction merchant, so you will need to be a level 100 carpenter with the expansion and 10K Shields of Maldura faction in order to purchase the book. You will also need 5 Coin of the Grand Artificer.

Then, of course, comes the handcrafted and mastercrafted recipes for carpenters, with much yumminess.

The carpenter eye-candy is significant enough that has been made a separate page: ToT: Carpenter Furniture.


Jewelers get common and rare jewelry and accessory recipes. All results are mastercrafted fabled, at last check, but only the rare recipes can be refined.


Provisioners get 16 food and drink recipes, 4 handcrafted infuser recipes, 4 mastercrafted infuser recipes. See the article on infusing for more details on infusers.


Sages get recipes for 3 handcrafted charged scrolls, 3 mastercrafted charged scrolls, 2 handcrafted writeable notebooks, and 3 mastercrafted writeable parchments.
Abyssal Leather Notebook
Abyssal Maldura Notebook
Umbral Furled Parchmentk
Umbral Parchment
Umbral Parchment Scroll


Tailors get common and rare recipes for cloth and leather armor. All results are mastercrafted fabled, at last check, but only the rare recipes can be refined.


Metal weapons, ammo (both common & rare ammo). They also get weapon delay modifiers in their advanced book.


Wooden weapons, bucklers, arrows (both common and rare). They also get weapon delay modifiers in their advanced book.


The recipe book containing these 5 recipes requires 500 tinkerer to scribe.
  • Expendale Minecrawler Minion - 5 charge dumbfire pet
  • Overclocked Automated Combine Harvester (takes 3 rares)
  • S.C.U.B.A.G (takes 3 rares)
  • Tinkered Minecrawler House Minion
  • Wormhole Generator: Maldura (takes 3 rares, level 100 adventurer or crafter to use)

Weapon Delay Modifiers?

Woodworkers and weaponsmiths will be able to make tradeable weapon delay modifiers, that come in 4-second and 6-second versions. These allow the player to change the delay modifier on their weapons to 4 seconds and 6 seconds, respectively. Each combine yields 10 modifiers.


I'm not sure there will be a story to go with this one. There is still too much on my plate. I'm not even going to get a chance to finish the adventuring line for the beta mount reward a single time, due to everything still needing to be done here. :/

Changes to Refining and Experimentation

These are taken from posted notes from the beginning of beta:
  • Refining will now grant a 5% bonus instead of a 10% bonus.
  • Refining will no longer grant bonuses to potency, crit bonus, Weapon Damage Bonus or Spell Weapon Damage Bonus. This will not effect items that have already been created with refined materials.
  • Experimentation's effect on crit bonus and potency has been reduced from 10% to 5%. This will effect previously experimented items.
  • Terrors of Thalumbra Handcrafted and Mastercrafted Items may not be transmuted or salvaged.

Arcane Umbra Gravel?

It was mentioned that the arcane umbra gravel for constructing the granite and sandstone building blocks would be available "going forward" after the Sundered Ground prelude ended. I can confirm that it is dropping from ore gorgers in Thalumbra. (I did not have time to confirm other locations, so it may/may not be in more than just the expansion content.)

Agnostic Gear

Along with some new level-agnostic dungeons, there is new agnostic gear and upgrades for that gear. The upgrade recipes are on the Far Seas Supply Division faction merchant in the Isle of Mara. The sliver of arcanna'se comes from salvaging the new agnostic gear.

Fish! Plushies!

There are 5 collections from fish nodes in Thalumbra, each rewarding a plushie. There is then a meta collection from the other 5 collection hand-ins that rewards you with another plushie. Fishy Shinies

I'll be adding chunks above and adding timestamps below so you can more easily tell what has been added or updated since the last time you checked in.

  • Nov 14, wee hours: Added in info on infusing.
  • Nov 14, 12:48 p.m.: Began to add in the rough outlines for recipe info. Much more to go after I raid the grocery store!
  • Nov 14, 3:22 p.m.: More fleshing out of the recipe info. Next stop, a couple hours of dealing with carpenter images before I can create the page containing it all. Once that is done, I'll start tackling the quest logs, screenshots and quest walkthrough.
  • Nov 14, 7:03 p.m.: Filled in some of the information on the all-class recipes.
  • Nov 14, 8:56 p.m.: The ToT: Carpenter Furniture page has been created. I will be trickling images onto it as time and energy allow.
  • Nov 14, 11:56 p.m.: Everything but the handcrafted furniture is up on the Carpenter page. That will come tomorrow. I have also added a couple paragraphs to the quest writeup, regarding low-level adventurers, as well as some info on Maldura navigation. I still need to do the shopping list and the detailed walk-through from my logs. I am now working on cleaning up the individual images of bought house items from the slug vendor and the garden vendor, and will have that page updated before I sleep.
  • Nov. 15, 12:54 a.m.: The Maldura Buyables page has been updated with individual shots of items available from two merchants. For the record, it is extremely difficult to do much of anything with a purring cat on your chest ...
  • Nov. 15, 1:49 p.m.: Purring cat on chest and mouse arm, part 2! She made it extremely difficult to gather screen captures of all the handcrafted carpenter items this m*rning, so I am not as far along as I'd like. I did, however, get them all onto my hard drive for later editing, got in a beta bug report, etc. I'll do more after a nap, but for now, I've added a gorgeous teaser to the middle of the carpenter furniture page.
  • Nov 15:, 6:13 p.m.: Phew! The ToT: Carpenter Furniture page "should" be fully updated now.
  • Nov. 27 I've gone through and updated a couple things above, and added information about the fishing shinies and about the agnostic gear. I think I caught most of the nigglies. I have started linking stuff into the appropriate sections on the site, but it is still going to take some time, especially with Frostfell testing in a couple days.

I am feeling a lot like the above right now. I'll get back to chipping away at the rest of the documentation later. (Yep, that's the side view of the portal to Thalumbra that is pictured at the very top of the page.)

  • Nov. 15, 8:09 p.m.: The main quest writeup now includes a shopping list, part of which can be prepped in advance of Tuesday's launch (the other part includes fuels and resources from the expansion.) Since that document is going to be huge once I put in the entire walkthrough, I have moved the ToT Daily/Weekly Crafting Quests writeup to a separate page.
  • Nov. 15, 11:10 p.m.: added information on, and picture of the Forge of Brell in the shinies section above. Also added some info on changes to Refining and Experimentation above.
  • No. 16, 7:34 p.m.: I've been doing some last minute fact checking, screenshotting and other less noticeable stuff so far today, but will now be chipping away at chunks of the quest walkthrough tonight. I also added a small blurb above above the availability of the arcane umbra gravel for the granite and sandstone building blocks.
  • Nov. 16, 11:31 p.m. Added a note about fishing before it slipped my brain ... again
  • Nov. 17, 2:15 a.m. The servers will be going down at 7 a.m. for the expansion patch, and downtime is expected to last 5 or so hours. Most of the quest walkthrough is now done, and I will do Tinkersmith's writeups after some sleeeeeep. It *will* be done before the downtime is finished.
  • Nov. 17, 10:20 a.m.: The now-ginormous quest walkthrough is done. Is my brain leaking out my ears yet?
  • Nov. 17, 3:10 p.m.: There are at least 5 collections from fish nodes in Thalumbra. No more details yet.
  • I am just going to start adding/editing as needed without timestamp updates. Sorry, folks ... is a crazy busy day!
  • A GU66 page on the Cobalt Scar shinies has been repurposed to include shinies from Thalumbra fish nodes as well. Fishy Shinies

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