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ToT: Carpenter Furniture

This is part of the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion preview

Building Block Sets

Five sets of building blocks/dividers are getting a long-awaited upgrade to become a full building block set. These recipes will be automatically added to the appropriate level carpenter books on Nov. 17, 2015.

Plain Sandalwood
Plain Fulginate


17 lovely triangle tile recipes are available to level 100 carpenters at the crafting faction merchant in Maldura (Thalnor). The book requires 10K faction with Deepforge Founders, and costs 5 Coin of the Grand Artificer. While the book is level 100 to scribe, the recipe level of each matches the level of the already existing tile recipe for each type (So, the triangle tile of elm is a level 3 combine, for example). The tiles contained within it are: adamantine, ash, banded sandalwood, briarwood, elm, ethernere stone, fancy fulginate, halasian, indium, maple, mossy briarwood, plain fulginate, plain sandalwood, redwood, rosewood, sumac, and teak.

Level 100 Handcrafted

Deepforge Carpentry Essentials contains 41 lovely recipes. The book requires 10K faction with Deepforge Founders, and costs 10 Coin of the Grand Artificer.

Just look at those beauties in the above picture! Yes, those really ARE handcrafted. Aren't they nummy?

All right, enough drooling. Let's show you the preview images ...

Banded Leather Drink Pouch
Black Velvet Gem Pouch
Bornite Banded Barrel
Bornite Chest
Bornite Engraved Barrel
Bornite Lockbox
Bornite Plated Barrel
Embossed Maldura Crate
Embossed Maldura Stool
Embossed Maldura Table
Fancy Purple Coin Pouch
Fine Orange Backpack
Maldura Bookcase
Maldura Brazier
(light source)
Patched Denim Backpack
Patched Leather Backpack
Red Leather Backpack
Runed Mystic Pouch
Small Canvas Dice Pouch
Small Leather Potion Pouch
Small Patched Denim Pouch
Splitiron Brewing Tank
Splitiron Containment Tank
Splitiron Curved Counter
Splitiron Enhanced Tank
Splitiron Mining Cart
Splitiron Pane
Splitiron Screen
Splitiron Simple Tank
Splitiron Straight Counter
Splitiron Tall Pane
Splitiron Wheelbarrow
Umbrite Containment Tank
Umbrite Enhanced Tank
Umbrite Pane
Umbrite Screen
Umbrite Simple Tank
Umbrite Tall Pane
Woven Thalumbral Bedroll
Zou'lidelas Lantern*
Zou'lidelas Platter

*=I didn't catch how tiny this was until the very end of beta. It also has a chunk of the base sunken into the ground. Given the timing of my report, I don't think they'll have time to put in a fix, QA it, and get it into the first expansion build. Hopefully it can make it into the first hotfix or two.

Deepforge Advanced Carpentry contains 15 recipes. The book requires 10K faction with Deepforge Founders, and costs 10 Coin of the Grand Artificer. These items have 1,700 rent status reduction.
Black Velvet Loot Sack
Fancy Purple Loot Sack
Maldura Banner
Maldura Drapery
Mounted Lumicite Crystal
Penumbra Brazier
Penumbra Door
Penumbra Ornate Lamp
Penumbra Sacramental Fire
Penumbra Wall Sconce
Penumbra Wall Torch
Rough Leather Loot Sack
Runed Mystic Loot Sack
Sewn Leather Loot Sack
Zou'Lidelas Bridge

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