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Furniture - Maritime

With more than one prestige home in EQII boasting a body of water, some of the adventuresome folks out there might be wishing to add a bit of a maritime theme to one area of their home.

Yarrrrr! If you think of anything crafted that should be listed on this page, please let me know!

Carpenter Recipes

Benched Rowboat
Small Fishing Boat
Weathered Rowboat
Barrel of Fish
Barrel of Fish Bones
Pile of Netting
Weathered Oar

"AoM" simply means that the recipes are in the level 96-100 recipe books that came out with the AoM expansion. No extra factioning is needed for them, but I haven't listed out the individual recipe levels.

All Class Recipe

Seafarer's Float Net
TSO faction

This is a level 65 all-class recipe that requires a faction recipe book purchase from Firmroot Moot. More details, and pics of the other items that can be made with the TSO faction recipes can be found here.

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