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Codename: Pink Spinel

Real Name: Tamara "Tam" Kitarion

Age: 28

Powers: Tam draws upon the powers of sorcery via the pink spinel matrix that has fused with her body.

Origin: It was just another day in the storage facility for Gotham's Museum of Natural History thought mineralogist Tamara Kitarion. Another day, another "priceless" shipment of gemstones to check over, trying to separate the real gems from the fakes.

There'd been a lot of fakes sent in by their less skilled buyer, and Tam made a mental note to suggest to her superiors that they add a counterfeit gems display to the exhibit. She suspected she was about to add another candidate to the category, and they may as well get some benefit from them.

The notes said that the centerpiece of this particular collection was not only an unfacected ruby of exceptional clarity, but also was imbued with sorcerous healing powers. Right. Just like the famous "Black Prince's Ruby" from the British crown jewels, she suspected the gem was actually a pink spinel. Granted, spinel and ruby were often confused for each other, but in these modern times, the tests were easy to differentiate the two.

As for the magical ability of the stone, well, color the scientist in her a skepti-

She had just finished verifying the chemical composition of the gem when an explosion rocked the building. The last thing she remembered was the deep pink gem in her hand flaring brightly as it, too, exploded in a flare of coruscating light and energy.

And then, darkness.

Apparently, she'd been so focused on her need to record her findings that she had been muttering "pink spinel" as she finally fought her way back to consciousness two weeks later. The overwhelmed hospital staff, dealing with the results of yet another Brainiac attack, and with the sudden proliferation of exobyte-changed humans, assumed that was her new code name, and thus it was recorded before she even had a conscious say in the matter.

That scientific focus helped her get through her traumatic first few days without too much panic. The physical explosion from the attack damaged her body. The magical explosion of the spinel that had been infused with healing energy was apparently an attempt by the stone to keep her alive. The exobyte that was trying to transform her at the same time caused ... transformation.

No longer mere flesh and blood, her body had taken on the crystalline matrix of the spinel. Not only that, but the woman of science now found herself with poorly-understood sorcerous abilities, tending towards the healing end of the spectrum.

And so it was that Tam began to learn the "science" of sorcery.

Notes for Nightmare at the Museum: CatsEye Diamonds - Gotham University Warehouse, Field Guide to Common Sorcery

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