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One never knows when inspiration will strike and another humorous tradeskill-related story, Niami-style, will be born. While I've been writing quite a long time, the EQ2 writing started with some guest author pieces over at Ten Ton Hammer (linked at the bottom of the page). It then grew enough to add this section. Then it grew more and became "tradition" for me to add a story to various event and expansion previews and this page fell by the wayside. Linked below are all (I think) of the EQ2 tales that are scattered across the site.

(Stories in this section are displayed from oldest to newest.)

  • Meeting Mischief - Mum's solution to a plethora of complaints, Bristlebane style! (Sep. 12, 2007)
  • Not Evil Enough (Part 1) - a teaser tale about an ogress who just isn't evil enough. (Sep. 24, 2007)
  • Not Evil Enough (Part 2) - the continuation of the tale, as well as an explanation by Mum as to why the teaser took an unexpected turn. (Sep. 25, 2007)
  • Not Evil Enough (Part 3) - Mum isn't sure which is scarier. A dancing ogress, or what is inside one of the boxes finally released by Freeport customs (Oct. 1, 2007)
  • RoK Press Tour, DenMother Style (Part 1) - part story, part press tour, all Mum Mischief (Oct. 26, 2007)
  • RoK Press Tour, DenMother Style (Part 2) - continues the tour, and the story (Oct. 30, 2007)
  • Mum adds a bit of silliness to her GU41 preview with a view of the event from McScroogle's Eyes as well as from Mum's Eyes (Dec. 10, 2007)
  • Ironforge Antics - a mini-piece introducing the relocation of the Ironforge Exchange and the GU43 preview (Feb. 27, 2008)
  • Missing - a prized heirloom goes missing on Bristlebane day. (March 27, 2008)
  • Fall - a short piece about Mum's Fall. (October 6, 2008)
  • Frostfell is NOT Canceled - a piece about Frostfell 2008
  • Gnomes, Goblins and Garbage! - a short piece inspired by Game Update 51.
  • Parting With Heirlooms - a short piece introducing Heirloom items to the game.
  • S.W.A.K. An Erollisi Day 2009 story
  • Brewing Up Mischief - inspired by Brewday 2009 events (March 12, 2009)
  • The Shadow Oddyssey crafting preview has Mum out exploring ... and grumbling about Gnomes! (Nov. 2008)
  • It Takes a Thief - Shavanna helps out with the New Halas crafting questline in this GU57 preview. (August, 2010)
  • Mum pounces on candy corn and other goodness in this GU58 and NoTD 2010 preview
  • Mock Turtle Soup Mum has Ngranna explore the new Destiny of Velious expansion with mixed results. (Feb 2011)
  • Drunken Antics Mum explores the new Brewday 2011 offerings in this short story.
  • Have I Got a Deal for You! Niami's alter-ego runs amok during the Bristlebane 2011 events
  • Boom! (Round 2) Mum gives into one of her guilty pleasures during the Tinkerfest 2011 festivities and blows up more clockworks.
  • NoTD 2011 in which Mum gets hold of giant candy corn, deals with zombies, and a creepy oversized doll.
  • The Most Evil Holiday of the Year the dark elf Triptych gives her very own review of Erollisi Day in this 2012 short story.
  • Fribbles in which the neon pink frog, Pinking, investigates the Brewday 2012 events for Mum.
  • Ado About Knotting Mum knits up a bit of mischief for Bristlebane Day 2012
  • Draggin' and Puffin' Niami sends Agnor out to investigate the Withered Lands in this GU63 crafting preview.(Apr. 2012)
  • Tinkerfest 2012 in which Agnor helps Mum investigate the Tinkerfest offerings.
  • Diary of a Reformed Sugar Addict in which Mum valiantly attempts to resist the lure of candy corn during the NoTD 2012 festivities
  • Tickled - Mum breaks out the tickle-rezzes as she explores the Chains of Eternity expansion. (Nov. 2012)
  • Frostfell 2012 Vignettes multiple little snippets as Mum celebrates the Frostfell 2012 festivities.
  • Festive Finery - Mum tries out a new outfit for Erollisi Day 2013 with mixed results.
  • Pub Crawling Mum ends up pub crawling for Brewday 2013 due to Agnor being "too sick" to check things out for her
  • Same Old ... Aiyee! Mum, with a timely assist by Agnor, takes complainers to task in the VERY short NoTD 2013 snippet
  • Wrong Assumptions, Right Resolutions -Mum worries that Agnor is about to strike out on his own in this ToV crafting quest preview
  • Snowy Facelift Mum finds that the Frostfell Wonderland Village has gotten a bit of a facelift in this Frostfell 2013 preview.
  • Curtain Call Pinking Shears just wants to make some new curtains, but a bunch of goblins cause a bit of chaos in this Erollisi Day 2014 story
  • The Barrel Room in which Agnor works hard to get custody of the magical barrel room in this tale from Brewday 2014.
  • Killer Rabbits? a VERY short piece for Bristlebane Day 2014 involving Mum, Agnor, and some patchcraft critters.
  • Skimming Along The Tinkerfest 2014 short story that introduced Gnormajean and her budding friendship with Agnor
  • Going to Pieces Mum goes to quite the lengths, including threatening Bristlebane, in order to get her candy corn fix in this NoTD 2014 story!
  • Searching the Shattered Seas - Agnor and Gnormajean go searching the Shattered Seas for Mum in this AoM expansion preview story. (Nov. 2014)
  • Candied Cubes? in which Mum desperately tries to find her holiday cheer in this story from Frostfell 2014.
  • Helping Hands Mum helps Agnor, and others, with romantic gifts and assistance in this Erollisi Day 2015 preview story.
  • Raise a Glass Mum goes on a rather unhappy drinking binge for Brewday 2015
  • Godlike Pranking? Mum does her most epic Bristlebane Day prank yet with this very lengthy tale from Bristlebane Day 2015
  • Gnomish Dreams Mum explores the Tinkerfest 2015 new content with this preview story.
  • Of Bones and Bats Mum preps her Vale island home for trick or treaters, and deals with a pair of troublemakers in this NoTD 2015 preview.
  • Differing Views Mum deals with a distraught Gnormajean, as well as Agnor's biased sister in this Erollisi Day 2016 story.
  • Dancing, Drinking Fools Triptych helps out Gnormajean in her new bakery shop in this tale from Brewday 2016
  • Shiny Mischief This story includes Pinking, Gnormajean, Niami and Bristlebane himself in this Bristlebane Day 2016 preview.
  • Windows to Her Heart Mum investigates claims of Agnor's evasiveness for a worried Gnormajean, and finds that he's working on a special project, and a very special question, for the lady gnome that is the love of his life in this tale from Tinkerfest 2016
  • Responsible Pranking, Mum Style in which Mum uses Agnor and Gnormajean's wedding as a lesson to her new understudy in the fine art of gentle pranking. (Oct. 2016)
  • Dirty Jobs a very short, off-the-cuff story celebrating the launch of the Kunark Ascending Expansion.
  • Galloping Gargoyles! - a Frostfell 2016 story told from the point of view of Greshdek (a goblin from the KA crafting timeline)
  • Unhinged, Part 1 Mum seems to have a secret admirer in this Erollisi Day 2017 preview. Story will be continued in the Bristlebane Day preview if all goes well!
  • Blending In? Mum sends Scarletwing out to study the pranking possibilities of drunks during this Brewday 2017 preview.

Old Ten Ton Hammer Pieces

These pieces were written by Niami as part of a "guest author" promise made at the 2006 Fan Faire. They asked me to write "whenever and whatever" I wanted, with two stipulations - that it be something remotely tradeskill-related, and that it be written as the Niami persona. I'm not sure any of us knew quite what to expect, but we've had a lot of fun finding out! (Now with fixed links. Thanks Radar-X and Feldon!)

Images inspired by the "Little Things" series created by Kaisha Triol of Permafrost

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