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KA - Helping The Queen

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Tradeskill Questline and is but the first chunk of several. Please refer back to that article for important details and links to other parts of the questline.

This section will cover the initial quests leading up to gaining access to the Obulus Frontier.

An Urgent Call

Summary: Read email from Brytthel, accept the quest offered then speak with her in Maldura, then go to speak with Queen Alwenielle in Zou'lidelas. Then speak with Elanuelle. Rewards: AAxp and coin.

Details: Level 100 crafters who have completed "What Lies Beneath" and are flagged for the Kunark Ascending expansion will receive email from Brytthel asking for help on behalf of the queen. Head to the throne room in Maldura at 372, 82, 25 and speak with her. It seems there are problems relating to the glaufaye's return to mortality, and the queen needs your help. However, there are too many listening ears in Maldura, so you are sent out to Zou'lidelas in Thalumbra to speak with the queen in a hut there (/waypoint -333, 240, 382).

There's some lovely lore information in your conversation with the queen, and I won't repeat it all here. The short version, however, is that the Chaos Stone in the Arcanna'se Spire is in danger. If Lanys T'vyl gets her hands on it, she could absorb the power of the lost gods and become even more of a threat than she already is. This is a Bad Thing, so the plan is for you to make an Imitation Chaos Stone, swap it for one that is similar enough in looks and magic aura to seem real, then hide the real one in the censer that you crafted during the ToT sig line ("What Lies Beneath").

The Queen gives you blushing umbrite and sends you to speak with the nearby Elanuelle (/waypoint -486, 237, 349).

Forging Onwards

Summary: Speak with Elanuelle. Collect 6 ripe zeabud pollen. Craft Imitation Chaos Stone on Forge of Brell. Combine needs 5 thaumic coal. Return to Queen Alwenielle, then back to Elanuelle, then back to the hut the queen had been in. Read the note, return to Elanuelle. Rewards AAxp and coin.

Details: The ripe zeabuds in the area will also be needed to create the imitation stone, because they absorbed the magic of Zou'lidelas as they grew. They're the tall yellow plants that look sort of like distant cousins to pine cones, and you'll need 6 pollen. There are several scattered around the area, and they reset quickly for additional gathering as needed. You will then need to craft at a Forge of Brell (Either in Maldura or use a home version). You will also need 5 thaumic coal. Bring the finished stone back to Queen Alwenielle (still in the hut) then go back to Elanuelle to have a protection cast upon you so the spire guardians recognize you. When you return to the hut that the Queen was in (/waypoint -333, 240, 382), she isn't there. Read the note on the floor and it tells you that she has gone ahead with a group of adventurers, and wants you to meet her inside the spire as soon as possible. Return to Elanuelle for directions.

Into the Spire

Summary: Enter the Arcanna'se Spire [Tradeskill] instance. Locate the queen, then go to the library and reactivate the guardians by placing a found scroll on the pedestal and clicking twice. Then go to the mortar and pestle room, find recipe and ingredients in that room, craft explosives. Go to room with crates and click on them, exit room and go to the room with the Queen, click 6 binding crystals, talk to the queen. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 10 thaumic coal.

Details: You will need to head to the purple swirly entrance to the Arcanna'se instance in Thalumbra at /waypoint -62.09, 14.44, 162.62 and search for the queen. Walk into the first room (with the huge bird statue in it), eye the big nasty epic mob that WILL kill you if you get close and realize you're going to need caution and craftiness. :D Take the second door on your left from the entrance (/waypoint 28, 1, -54). Travel halfway down that hallway to the steps on your right (/waypoint 76, 2, -29). Watch the patrolling epic, and when they path away from you, scurry up those steps and move *just* barely into the first room on your left.

The queen is a prisoner there, but there are also some very very nasty epics in there, so don't run full-tilt into the room. Run (north) along the back of that first table, and then swing around the end of it until you reach /waypoint 119, 2, -78) and get your update for finding the queen.

You're a crafter, and one of the first things a crafter should be doing when confronted with a problem is research. Swing back around the table, watch the guard pathing, and run back down those steps (/waypoint 76, 2, -29). Hang a right and you're looking down the hallway towards an open door leading to a room with a pedestal and lots and lots of books. Sounds like a good spot to do some research, so go on in. (/waypoint 124, 2, 2) Look carefully on the floor in the room until you find a rolled up scroll that sparkles. This same scroll look is used for all the other steps involving scrolls in both times you will end up in this instance, so make note of how it looks. The location of the scroll can vary, but it will be somewhere on the floor of this room.

Once you have grabbed the scroll, click twice on the "a scribe's arcane podium" in the room. The first click places the scroll, the second activates it. "You hear a low rumbling sound as the spire guardians are repaired!"

This makes the spire guardians fight every epic in the zone EXCEPT the two in with the queen, so you're going to need more of a distraction. Exit the library and go straight down the hallway and into that center room with the phoenix statue. Turn right and take the third door on your right at /waypoint -16, 0.98, -42 (The entrance is the second door on your right from here, so the next one past that.) Keep going straight, cutting across the grass, and through the door across from you, then pass through the room you enter, and through the door across from you again (/waypoint -49, 3, 20).

This circular room contains a tall stool, tall table with mortar & pestle and other "stuff" on top of it, and more shelves with books, potion bottles and scrolls. Scrounge around on the floor until you find a sparkling scroll. Grab it and autoscribe "Explosive Properties of Magic Crystals". Jump up on the stool, then jump from there to the top of the table. You will find both crystal shards and crystal fragments on the table as well as a candle that is clickable. Click all 3 to collect the ingredients that you need, then click on the mortar & pestle to craft.

Once you have crafted the explosive crystals, you need to find something to use them on! Head back to where the Queen was imprisoned (straight out and keep going straight until the center room with the phoenix, third door on the left from where you just ended up, halfway down the hall, up the short steps on your right). This time go past the double archway leading to the Queen, and go to the next room on your left, where you will find crates of supplies. (/waypoint 105, 3, -123) Click to apply the crystals, then run back out of the room before Lanys and her sidekick come to see what is causing the disturbance.

Run into the room where the Queen is and you will find several purple binding crystals. Click on 6 to free the Queen, then speak with her to get am explanation of what went wrong, where the Chaos Stone is, the danger it is still in, etc. More lovely detail that dovetails with that the adventurers are doing, and, as with the rest of this tradeskill line, well worth the read when doing the quest if you like the story side of things. She then ports you to the Obulus Frontier in search of the adventurers and the real Chaos Stone.

This quest writeup continues with KA - On the Beach

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