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KA - On the Beach

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Tradeskill Questline and is but one chunk of several. Please refer back to that article for important details and links to other parts of the questline. This specific section picks up where KA - Helping the Queen left off.

Note that for the quests on this particular page, you are not going to be able to get credit for bits gathered in advance, so there's no sense grabbing driftwood and such until you have a quest calling for that specific item.


Not Dead Yet

Summary: Speak with Vhesh, then bring him 4 "stinky shrubs" from alium shrubs. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction.

Details: Run down the beach to speak with Vhesh (/waypoint 132, -239, -867). He's pretty convinced you're dead, and after three times of telling him you're not dead, and him worrying that you're a vampire, you'll want to grab some smelly herbs to prove you're not a vampire, either. You will find alium shrubs on the cliffs above you and will need to collect 4 stinky shrub from them. They can be tracked. They will all be at the edges of the cliff, so you don't have to deal with the still-aggro goblins in Twark. Unfortunately, when you return to him, while you've convinced him that you're not dead, he still doesn't want to help you without thinking about it for a bit. Temporarily give up on him while he thinks, and travel east along the beach to find another goblin willing to talk with you.

Getting Hooked

Summary: Speak with Kreeg, collect 9 metal scraps from broken barrel spawns on the beach, craft 3 fishhooks on goblin workbench, return them to Kreeg. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires: 3 thaumic coal.

Details: Even though he's not convinced you aren't dead, Kreeg (/waypoint 19, -242, -869) wants your help with some hooks so he can fish up some food. Scrounge along the beach looking for broken barrel spawns and gather 9 rusty nail from them. There is a goblin workbench in the area with Kreeg, and you will need to make 3 fishing hooks upon it. You will also need a total of 3 thaumic coal for the combines. Return to Kreeg for your reward.

Feeling Crabby

Summary: Speak with Kreeg, gather 3 driftwood, 3 vines, craft 3 crab traps on goblin workbench, place on waterline, return to Kreeg. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires: 3 thaumic coal.

Details: Kreeg still isn't sure on this dead/not-dead thing, bu he'd like you to make some crab traps for him. Forest up 3 driftwood from the driftwood on the beach and then gather 3 tough vine from the tough vine nodes up in the cliffs. Both can be tracked. Return to the goblin workbench and craft up 3 crab traps. You will also need a total of 3 thaumic coal for this step. (Are you starting to see why you were given 10 thaumic coal from the spire quest?) Place them at the spot where you see green outlines of crab traps (/waypoint 58, -243, -907) then return to Kreeg.

Hung Out to Dry

Summary: Speak with Kreeg, gather 3 wood, 1 metal, craft drying rack, place and speak to Kreeg. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires: 1 thaumic coal.

Details: Kreeg hasn't caught any fish yet, but he's worried about catching too many, so you offer to make him some drying racks. Forest 3 more driftwood and 1 rusty nail from a broken barrel. Return to the goblin workbench and craft the fish drying rack (also needs 1 thaumic coal), place it beside Kreeg and hail him.

Live Bait

Summary: Speak with Kreeg, get crabs from traps, place crabs on beach, grab 6 crawlers, return to Kreeg. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2500 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, 5 Thaumic coal.

Details: Kreeg still hasn't caught any fish and wants some tasty bait. Rather than using tasty crab as bait, though, he wants you to use the crabs to catch crawlers then he'll use the crawlers as bait. What a waste of good crab! Click on the crab traps to collect from them, then move a couple steps in from the shore so you're solidly on the beach. Click on the crab in your quest helper to place one, grab the 2 crawlers that spawn, repeat with the other two crabs to get your 6 crawlers. Return to Kreeg.

Gathering Shinies

Summary: Go back to Vesh, gather 5 sand shilling from beach, gather 5 tough vines, polish all 5 at goblin workbench, return to Vesh. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires 5 thaumic coal.

Details: Vesh will finally speak with you again, so head back down the beach and have a chat. He's now willing to help you, if you give him something that he wants first. Collect 5 sand shilling from the beach (they look like sand dollars), then collect 5 tough vine from the cliffs above. Polish them at the goblin workbench using the recipe "Making Sand Shillings Shiny" that was automatically scribed into your recipe book. You will also need 5 thaumic coal. Then return to Vesh.

Losers, Weepers

Summary: Speak with Vhesh, collect 2 weeping willow wood, 1 lonesome lily, speak with Vhesh, craft Charm of Lost Things, speak with Vhesh. Rewards: AAxp, coin, 2000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires 5 thaumic coal.

Details: Vhesh isn't sure where the adventurers were taken, but he knows how to make a charm that can help find lost things. You will need to collect 2 weeping willow wood that spawn around the base of trees in the area (tracking works. You will also need a "lonesome lily", which is very lonesome indeed, because it is stranded on a tiny rock isle offshore (/waypoint -235, -234, -902). Return to Vhesh, and he has you craft the Charm of Lost Things on the goblin firepit beside him. Speak with Vhesh again to complete the quest, and to get the starter for Requesting Blessing.

This writeup continues with KA - Twark, Round One

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