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Chaos Descending: Introductory/Myrist Quests

This article is part of the writeup for The Scrivener's Tale, that, in turn is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion will be released on Nov. 13, 2018. Information for this article has been gathered during the beta testing phase, and some things may still change before (or just after) release.

This is the beginning of the 24-quest tradeskill line for Chaos Descending, "The Scrivener's Tale". The only requirements for obtaining and completing this quest series are that you own the expansion, and that you are a level 110 crafter. All further steps in this writeup will assume that you have already verified that you meet those requirements. :P I am also going out on a limb and assuming you can/will read quest dialog on your own, so I am not going to include the very informative (and often amusing) quest dialog here. Read it, k?

Shopping List

To complete these first four quests, you will need to have the following:

  • 50 celestial sandpaper
  • 50 celestial filament
  • 100 celestial incense
  • 50 celestial coal
  • 4 nimbic hide
  • 10 strangler root
  • 12 silvered fleck
  • 5 reef cluster
  • plus various items harvested while on the proper quest

The Scrivener's Tale: Animating the Inanimate

If your account has already unlocked access to Myrist, you may travel directly there via any wizard spire. Otherwise, read your email from Ghida Borrell and accept the access item that she sent you. It will not drop into inventory when you accept it, but will unlock access to Myrist for your account.

Using the elevator on the western side of the main part of Myrist, head to the second floor and go to the South Wing Catalog. From there, take the Smith's Gallery port pad and find Ghida Borrell.

Ghida will give you some background on the library, and the illness that is laying low many of the custodians. With a limited workforce still functional, she would like to bring back an item that they had in the past - animated trunks that can carry books around the library. She asks for you to search out the recipe, and some ingredients, then make a new one.

  • Recipe Scroll: Myrist Trunk /way 635, 411, 41
  • High Quality Firing Sheet: /way 636, 411, 36
  • Prepared Malachite Shards: purchased from Oleene Wanderweaver, also on the Smith's platform for 12p (also pick up 50 celestial sandpaper while shopping from her, if you don't have any on you)
  • Planar Binding Kit: /way 893, 411, 28 (this is in the Crafter's Gallery - take the port pad back down to the South Wing Catalog, walk across the room, and use the port pad for the Crafter's Gallery)
  • Latch Bindings: /way 898, 411, 50 (this is also in the Crafter's Gallery)

Once you have the ingredients and the other 3 items, return to Ghida in the Smith's Gallery, and she will ask you to craft, then animate the trunk. She also hands you an "Embolden Spellbook" spell.

Create the (non-operational) Myrist Trunk at the nearby woodworking table, and place it on the green glowing ring on the ground. (/way 654, 411, 55) You will need 50 celestial sandpaper for this combine. Target the trunk and use the "Embolden Spellbook" from inventory and the item will turn into "a Myrist emboldened trunk" and begin to wander around.

You will receive coin and status for completing this quest

The Scrivener's Tale: Crafting at a Snail's Pace

Ghida's lost track of one of the library's helpers. After you get a giggle from your response options when she asks you how good you are at finding lost things, head to the first floor of Myrist, and run around the edges of the central area. Yrag will be sliming along, circling the area. Yep, he's a snail. :D

Return to Ghida, who wonders if there's a way to speed him up to help pick up the slack left by all the ill custodians. You suggest a spell, but Ghida thinks she has a recipe for an item that will help him. She then hands you Recipe Scroll: enchanted running shoes.

At a loom (there's one in the Crafter's Gallery if needed), combine 4 nimbic hide, 10 strangler root, 12 silvered fleck, 5 reef cluster and 50 celestial filament.

Bring the resulting enchanted running shoes back to Yrag, who is still circling on the first floor.

Um. Really. You are so used to doing whatever an NPC asks of you that you just tried to give running shoes to a snail.

Yrag's new shoes art by LGraf

Return to Ghida, who admits to completely spacing on the fact that she had you make shoes for a footless snail, and be rewarded with coin and status.

The Scrivener's Tale: Escargot Overclocking

Ghida gives you "Recipe Scroll: Enhanced Spirit of the Wolf" and sends you out to harvest 16 deadly terrorfruit, 12 strangler roots, 9 dewpalm lumber, and 2 silvered fleck. You will also need 50 celestial incense. Once you have finished the harvesting (in any of the 4 Chaos Descending overland zones), use an engraved desk (there's one in the Crafter's Gallery if you don't want to summon your own, etc) to craft the scroll, then head to the first floor of Myrist, find Yrag, and use the scroll on him. He will morph from the smooth-shelled slow snail, to one with a spiky shell, and zooooooom! He's gone. That's the last you'll see of Yrag the Swift.

Return to Ghida, who rewards you with coin, status, and an 88-slot Crystal Shard backpack. She then asks you to speak with Ramyn Matrick, who is also on the Smith's Gallery platform.

The Scrivener's Tale: In Preparation for Anything

Speak with Ramyn Matrick, who stands across from Ghida on the Smith's Gallery platform.

He's got a yearning to explore, but can't go anywhere until the tomes under his care are protected. If you help him out, he's offered to let you come with him in his travels. He hands you Recipe Scroll: Decay Suspension Scroll and Recipe Scroll: Protective Coating. You will need to head out and harvest in any zone to obtain 25 each of reef cluster, silvered fleck and dewpalm lumber, and THEN harvest the same amounts a second time. Seems your avatar looked at the individual recipes separately and didn't double to have enough for both the first time through. :P You will also need 50 celestial incense and 50 celestial coal.

Craft the Decay Suspension Scroll on an engraved desk and the Protective Coating on a Work Bench and return to Ramyn for coin and status.

Return to The Scrivener's Tale writeup to pick up the next chunk of the questline.

For more information on the rewards for the questline, see the Chaos Descending Crafting Rewards Page.

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