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Chaos Descending: Detroxxulous Crafting Quests

This article is part of the writeup for The Scrivener's Tale, that, in turn is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion will be released on Nov. 13, 2018. Information for this article has been gathered during the beta testing phase, and some things may still change before (or just after) release.

This third chunk of the questline revolves around sick custodians and the possible source of their illness, and requires that you have completed all the quests in the first two writeup sections before you can progress through this section.

Shopping List

For this segment of the questline, you will need to provide the following items:

  • 28 dewpalm lumber
  • 154 reef cluster
  • 50 nimbic hide
  • 48 basilisk meat
  • 120 silvered fleck
  • 162 strangler root
  • 2 flitterfin tang
  • 30 wandervine root
  • 50 celestial sandpaper
  • 50 celestial kindling
  • 50 celestial candle
  • 300 celestial coal

The Scrivener's Tale: A Healthy Handoff

Ghida requests that you go help Dylindra Morganna, who is working with the ill custodians. You can find her in the Myrist Librarian Quarters (first floor, south wing, in a side-room off the hallway). You get rewarded with the standard amount of status and coin for your travel through the library. :D

The Scrivener's Tale: Cause for Alarm

Dylindra introduces herself as the healer for the library, and admits that, even with the vast library of knowledge at her disposal, they can't figure out what the illness is, and thus can't properly treat it. She also mentions that the first person to contract the illness has already died.

Examine 5 of the ill custodians by clicking on them, then examine the covered corpse that is in the corner of the room near the doorway.

Tell Dylindra that you found some sort of runestone on the corpse, and she immediately recognizes it as a Bubonian Runestone, likely originating from Detroxxulous the Plague Lands. Bad Bertoxx, naughty Bertoxx!

While Dylindra isn't going to take on a god, she thinks she can mitigate the illness once she learns a bit more about it. First, however, the runestone needs to be destroyed before it infects anyone else. She doesn't think there's anything left in it that is harmful, but she'd rather it be destroyed to be on the safe side.

She gives you a Recipe Scroll: Containment Box, which will need to be crafted on a woodworking table. You will need 28 dewpalm lumber, 9 reef clusters, 18 nimbic hide and 50 celestial sandpaper. Once you have created the Empty Containment Box, right click it to seal the runestone inside and return to Dylindra.

The Scrivener's Tale: Source of Discontent

Dylindra has you travel to Detroxxulous, the Plaguelands, to investigate. From Dylindra in the Librarian's Quarters, head back into the hallway and turn right to head into the South Wing Stacks. You will find a teleporter there to the Prophecy Portal Gallery, and the green and purple portal to Detroxxulous.

When you arrive in the zone, turn immediately left and head down the hill to the small camp of sick people (/way 628, 60, 100). Speak with Baerin Thunderaxe. A bit of conversation with him and you find out that the runestone that you helped destroy had been intentionally brought to the library to be blessed by a priest of Rodcet Nife in order to reverse the intent of the stone and cure them. Apparently, the man they sent, Roderick died before he was able to deliver that message.

Before you go in search of another runestone to have blessed, you need to stabilize the 5 remaining ill people at the encampment, and have something on hand to treat yourself as a "just in case." He gives you Recipe Scroll: Healing Stone. You will need to make 12 (6 combines) on a workbench. You will find one placed up the hill, directly behind the zone portal (/way 523,85, 89). You will need a total of 48 basilisk meat, 120 reef cluster, 120 silvered fleck, 150 strangler root and 300 celestial coal in order to complete the 6 combines.

Return to Baerin with the healing stones.

Now, you need a Bubonian Runestone, and the only source that Baerin knows of is in the boneyard area. He suggests that you may be able to barter with one of the Runecarvers for it. Since they like stinky cheese, he gives you Recipe Scroll: Roguefurt Cheese Sandwich. There is a small firepit in his encampment that works as a stove, and you will need to provide 2 flitterfin tang, 12 strangler root, 8 nimbic hide and 50 celestial kindling.

Once you have finished making that stinky cheese sandwich, fly to /way 72, 87, -372 and speak with the Bubonian Runecarver (your in-game map should have a small cyan dot indicating his location). The smug fellow is more than happy to give you a "pretty" Inert Runestone that you can make into a necklace, knowing full well that it will spread their disease further.

Return to Dylindra in Myrist. Give her an update, and she is happy to state that she is a Priest of Life and can bless the runestone.

She also has one of the more amusing response options of the crafting line, but by no means the only bits of silliness hidden in this questline for those who read carefully.

The Scrivener's Tale: Custodial Refurbishment

Dylindra wants you to use the healing powers of the stone on the ill custodians, and then she will head to Detroxxulous to heal (and apologize to) the sick people out there.

She gives you the Blessed Runestone and Recipe Scroll: Divine Antibiotic Potion. Craft the potion on a chemistry table. You will also need 30 wandervine fruit, 25 reef cluster, 24 nimbic hide and 50 celestial candle.

Use the potion on 8 of the ill custodians.

Return to Ghida for your reward. (If you don't remember how to get there in your sleep by now, you take the elevator on the west side of the library up to the second floor, and she is in the south wing, Smith's Gallery.)

You will receive Suffix Title: the Runemaster, a Masque de Lorme Pattern and Recipe Scroll: Divine Weapons of Sky.

Return to The Scrivener's Tale writeup to pick up the next chunk of the questline.

For more information on the rewards for the questline, see the Chaos Descending Crafting Rewards Page.

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