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Chaos Descending: Eryslai Crafting Quests

This article is part of the writeup for The Scrivener's Tale, that, in turn is part of the Chaos Descending Information Clearinghouse collection of articles. The Chaos Descending expansion will be released on Nov. 13, 2018. Information for this article has been gathered during the beta testing phase, and some things may still change before (or just after) release.

This final chunk of quests, which mostly centers on Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind, starts after completion of "The Scrivener's Tale: Back to the Library, Shhhh!

Shopping List

You will need the following supplies for this portion of the questline:

  • 24 deadly terrorfruit
  • 8 wandervine fruit
  • 110 strangler root
  • 3 golden fleck
  • 201 nimbic hide
  • 12 silvered fleck
  • 179 reef cluster
  • 9 silvered fleck
  • 60 basilisk meat
  • 35 flitterfin tang
  • 50 celestial coal
  • 350 celestial kindling
  • 50 celestial incense

The Scrivener's Tale: Copper for a Tale

Continue "talking" to the Recipes for Adventure tome by using the "[Turn the page]" dialog option. I won't detail the story here, but it is a well-written and fun little story and I recommend reading it as you go along. :D

After he eventually repeats "... instructedible cookies!" three times, you get a clue (and a recipe) to make the mentioned cookies. You will need 1 deadly terrorfruit, 8 wandervine fruit, 10 strangler root, 50 celestial kindling, and a stove.

Return to the tome with the cookie, and he will continue the tale, and then will mention Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind. Yep. He wants you to travel there to follow in the footsteps of the story.

Zone into Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind (portal is on the first floor, north wing, Elemental Portals Gallery) and speak to the tome there to complete the quest. You will receive a golden fleck, and an Instructedible Cookie recipe that will create the Norrathian equivalent of fortune cookies.

The Scrivener's Tale: A Crafter's Plea

The Recipes for Adventure tome continues to tell the story, then mentions placing the ethereal offerings twice, which is your cue to do the same, once you figure out where to go.

Scribe the Recipe Scroll: Offering to Xegony that he just gave you, then craft it. You will need 3 golden fleck, 24 nimbic hide, 12 silvered fleck, 25 strangler root, 50 celestial coal and a workbench (there is one right there at the zone entrance.)

Head to /way 122, -181, -820 and click on the item that looks like a house/guildhall teleport pad. Make note of the portal that stands beside it, as you will want to use it shortly.

Return to the Recipes for Adventure to complete the quest.

Seeding the Tale

More of the story unfolds as the Recipes for Adventure tome tells you more of the tale that is scribed within his binding. When he mentions baking seed-based food twice, that is your cue to go find the aviaks that are mentioned in the story. All your journal will tell you is to "follow in the footsteps of the story", which means you're supposed to actually have paid attention to enough of the story to focus on the aviaks and the seed.

Head to the portal that was sitting next to the offering spot in the previous quest and use it to access Crosswind Isle. From there, click on the portal for the Aerie, which will have a lovely feather displayed on the portal.(When you wish to return to the offering spot so you can fly back to zone-in, the Windglades portal, with the tree on it, will be the one to choose.)

Once you are on The Aerie, you want to head to the nest to your right (/way 856, 335, -17), and the non-aggro "Ajekz the Hungry". Once you get close, Recipe Scroll: Satchel of Birdseed is awarded to you. There is a stove and keg in the nearby bushes (/way 934, 332, 23) and you will need 3 deadly terrorfruit, 30 reef cluster, 9 silvered fleck, 12 nimbic hide, 50 celestial kindling.

Return to Ajekz's hut after creating the seed, and click on him (you should get a hand icon) to feed him the seed. Then return to the Recipes for Adventure tome to complete the quest.

The Scrivener's Tale: A Bee in Need, A Bee Indeed

Ah, the tome continues his lovely tale, then stops with not two, but five repetitions of "protect their hives", just in case you weren't paying attention. Again, your journal will only tell you to follow in the footsteps mentioned in the story, and you're supposed to be able to figure out that since it was talking about the bixel hives, perhaps you should travel there, eh?

Head back to the portals on Crosswind Isle, and then use the Bixel Hive portal. Take a few steps towards the hive once you port, and you should get a popup with Recipe Scroll: Sticky Honey Trap. You will need to make 5 of them, and in addition to a stove, you will need a total of 20 deadly terrorfruit, 60 basilisk meat, 125 reef cluster, 90 nimbic hide, 250 celestial kindling.

Once you have completed the combines, you will need to place all 5 traps. One possible placement spot is right next to the portal at the Bixel Hive entrance -- you are looking for a bright yellow glowing area that you can click on. Several more spots are available inside the hive, that can be accessed with some careful flying. They are reasonably quick to reset if there is competition for the trap spots. If you are having troubles figuring out where more placement spots are, the walkthrough video for the Eryslai chunk of quests might be helpful.

Return to the Recipes for Adventure at zone-in once again to complete the quest.

The Scrivener's Tale: The Proof of Power

The tale-telling from the tome continues to it's sweeping finale and a repetition of "... a great nest!" Yep, that's a not-so-subtle hint that you'll be back in the Aerie shortly, after a couple quick things.

First you need to /cry to act out the actions of the baker and his lady warrior when they cried out to Xegony. Then, to echo the fact that she turned them into the first pair of nilboriens, you will receive Recipe Scroll: Nilborien Illusion. You will need to craft this on an engraved desk using 24 reef cluster, 35 flitterfin tang, 75 nimbic hide, 75 strangler root, and 50 celestial incense.

Then comes the hard part - finding the nest, which is actually on the underside of the Aerie, making waypoint wisps ... creative. The nest you need is at /way 1,229, 150, -26 and if you are having problems finding it even with the waypoint, the video mentioned at the end of the Bee in Need writeup above may be helpful.

You will need to swap in the Celestial Nilborien Illusion on your mount tab and summon it to be illusioned for the update, but it will be your call if you summon it and then head to the Aerie, or if you locate the nest first, land next to it, summon the mount and flap up to the nest.

Either way, the mount/illusion is yours to keep, but it is coded to only work while you are in Eryslai (I am assuming due to art limitations).

Return to the Recipes for Adventure to complete the quest.

Then zone or relog to force mail delivery for the final quest in the line!

The Scrivener's Tale

Ghida Borrell sends you an email after you complete "The Scrivener's Tale: The Proof of Power, informing you that the Scrivener wishes to "speak" with you.

You will find The Scrivener, and Ghida, on the east side of the second floor Mezzanine (/way 190, 15, -54). Amidst many flailing gestures from the Scrivener, Ghida explains that he wants you to return the book you have been following, and you explain the situation. After more gesturing, Ghida wants you to bring a certificate around to people you have helped in Myrist, and you will need to return to Temry (Conservatory - first floor, East), Dylindra (Librarian's Quarters - first floor, South), Ramy (Smith's Gallery - second floor south) and Mournadx (Crafter's Gallery - second floor south). Hand the parchment to Ghida, so she can add her comments as well, and she tells you how much you deserve this: "The Scrivener has asked that your story be added to the library for all to share in for the future. This is not done for just anyone. He took a shine to your accomplishments and how you were very helpful to those here in the library. Especially your work in curing the custodians of the illness they were having no luck with."

Huzzah! Well done!

You will receive a charm slot Planar Adventures personalized with your name, harvest quests from your guild harvesters and daily missions from Myrist are unlocked, and your pack pony will have a new toggle appearance option of a pack snail.

For more information on the rewards for the questline, see the Chaos Descending Crafting Rewards Page.

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