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TSO: Tupta Daily Tradeskill Tasks

Welcome to Tupta, home of the Guktan Guard! Once per day (and which one is offered will cycle daily), level 50+ crafters can obtain a solo tradeskill task from Reedip Marrstongue, which will earn you +2000 faction with the Guktan Guard and -500 faction with Clan Grobb.

Yep! Gain with one, lose with the other, since they're definitely not friends with each other. If you decide that you want to work on both factions, you will want to make sure that you're balancing out a quest from one with a quest from the other (for an overall net gain of +1500 for each).

In addition, you will not want to head over to pick up quests in either location until you have gained some faction with both -- such as at least completing the Fighting Swamp Foot sub-quest of Ship Out. If you rush into these encampments without having earned any faction at all, the guards will happily attack you.

For each of these quests, you will want to grab the recipe book that is sitting on top of the Chemistry Table. (It looks like an open book). When you are finished with the task, you will turn your "work" into the basket right next to the Reedip.

Resources are gathered from within the settlement as well as nearby (further details at bottom of page for those who need more information).

Working Hard for Tupta - Getting Plastered

Rewards: coin and +2000 Guktan Guard Faction AND -500 Clan Grobb Faction.

Make (5) globs of Froglok Plaster

Recipe Requires: 1 Wasp Threading, 3 Fresh Clay, 2 chunk of fresh shelf Fungus, 1 smoldering coal. Craft to pristine at a stove & keg, using the geomancy skill.

Working Hard for Tupta - House Repairs

Rewards: Coin and +2000 Guktan Guard Faction AND -500 Clan Grobb Faction.

Reedip would like me to check for damage in (6) of the Froglok houses and repair any holes. Just pick (6) of the closest houses. Hover your mouse inside the houses, and you should get a "hand" mouse icon to use to repair the house.

Working Hard for Tupta Pottering Around

Rewards: At least 47g 11s 70c and +2000 Guktan Guard Faction AND -500 Clan Grobb Faction.

Make (5) traditional froglok pottery pieces. Recipe requires: 1 Fresh Clay, 3 Ykeshan Shellfish, 2 Tuptan Fruit, 1 smoldering coal. Craft to pristine at forge, using the geomancy skill.

Working Hard for Tupta Swamp Treats

Rewards: At least 24g 61s 70c and +2000 Guktan Guard Faction AND -500 Clan Grobb Faction.

Make (10) bottles of Froglok swamp Juice. Recipe Requires: 1 Tuptan Fruit, 3 chunk of fresh shelf fungus, 2 Ykeshan shellfish, 2 Redwood Kindling. Combine to pristine on stove using geomancy. Each combine yields 2.

Working Hard for Tupta - Tupta Toys

Rewards: (coin reward needed) +2000 Guktan Guard Faction AND -500 Clan Grobb Faction.

Craft 5 wooden froglok toys. Recipe Requires: 1 tuptan hardwood, 3 ykeshan shellfish, 2 wasp threading, 1 silicate sandpaper.

Supply list

You can get multiple hits off each of these, then the node will disappears to later respawn. Below are some possible locations for each:
  • Tuptan Fruit (Basket of Berries): (-32, -55, 790), (-76, -43, 757), (-123, -45, 684)
  • chunk of fresh shelf fungus (Shelf Fungus) - (-32, -55, 790), (-82, -43, 743), (-91, -42, 732), (-147, -16, 656)
  • Wasp Threading (Wasp Nest) - (-122, -25, 791) (-122, -14, 800), (-9, -28, 846) (Up the Trees)
  • Fresh Clay - (-112, -91, 600), (-135, -91, 595), (-161, -91, 570), (-126, -91, 618) Beware the wasps!
  • Ykeshan Shellfish - (-141, -95, 596) approx. 10 pops in general area. Beware the wasps!
  • Tuptan Hardwood - (25, -38, 759), (-20, -58, 698), (-30, -61, 632)
  • Items are NO Trade and NO Value. (But not no-rent, so you can harvest extra to have for the next time, if you are so inclined.)

    You will also need: Silicate Sandpaper, Smoldering Coal and Redwood Kindling

    Please Note: You have a rare (1/100th) chance of harvesting a special item when harvesting the ykeshan shellfish. You can receive "Ykeshan Shellfish", your very own shell for your house. Treasured and Trade-able, with 25 status reduction.

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