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Piercing the Darkness: Marketplace of Horrors

This is the fourth part of the Blood of Luclin tradeskill signature line.

You will need to have completed all of Piercing the Darkness: Gifts from the Great Beyond in order to obtain this quest.

Ingredient Shopping List

There are a couple optional combines in this quest chapter. If an ingredient lists a range of numbers, the first number is the minimum that you need, the second number is if you also do the 2 optional combines from the spectral recipes. Fuel for these combines is a special in-zone fuel.

  • 49-61 humming azurite
  • 74-86 luclizite cluster
  • 37-49 radiant algae
  • 14-36 slow creeping root

Enter the Fordel Midst and look for answers about the strange relic

Navigation tips for squishies: If you are starting at the start of the Aurelian Coast zone, head for the river with merc and/or pets on passive. Step back onto land at /way 366.13, 48.71, -194.03 to shake off the fish aggro. Then invis, make a train, or follow a train-making adventurer to the cave at /way 142.41, 86.16, -489.44 and enter the cave. (There are two caves in this area, you want the left-most one that has no aggro inside, not the one to the right that has aggro sambata in it. The loc above puts you at the proper cave.)

You want the red portal at /way 171.83 61.90 -645.53 not the green-ringed one that is also in that cave.

Make my way to the library within Fordel Midst

Bear with me, as I'm going to assume you don't know your way around in there, yet, and instead of giving you a direct waypoint to the library that tries to lead you through closed-off doors and such, I'll direct you in chunks. There is also a run-through video for the zone if you need visual cues.

But first - AVOID the orange vases!! "a contained spirit" is bad. You get too close, the vase breaks, you end up with a very irate ghost attacking you.

Head through the bottom floor to the stairs at 705.71 -23.07 -560.09 and go up them. Then go to the arched door at /way 716.59 -8.65 -533.68 and go through it, turn left, go down the hallway, turn left, go down that hallway and you should come out at /way 640.67 -8.65 -564.29 which is back in the main part of the second floor. Follow that main area alllll the way around in a giant "U" until you reach the unblocked doorway at /way 640.42 -8.65 -598.10 Enter through that archway, go down the hall, turn left in the next room, go through that hall, go diagonally to your left in that room (/way 704.42 -8.56 -665.61) then down that hallway with a forced right turn in it and end up in the library at /way 741.51 -8.34 -701.81

Find the book at /way 771.82 -8.55 -739.39 and pick it up to receive Recipe Scroll: Spectral Recipes.

Create the spectracles at the nearby workbench from the recipes found

You MUST make at least the spectracles and the spectral phasing spray. The other two items, while helpful, are not required.

If all you make are the spectracles and the spectral phasing spray, you will need 4 spectral essences of Fordel and 4 spectral essences of Midst. (I prefer to also make the spectral tethering chains so I have two ghost zappers with different cooldowns, which brings the count to 5 spectral essence of Midst and 7 spectral essence of Fordel.

Gather those, two per node, from the spawns in the library and nearby areas before you craft anything. The moment you make the spectracles, you are blocked into the library room momentarily, so collect first, then craft. You can track harvestables for these, but they are easy to see just by eyeballing the area.

The (required) true-sight spectracles will need 1 spectral essence of Midst, 3 spectral essence of Fordel, 12 humming azurite, 12 luclizite cluster, 10 of the zone-harvested spectral coruscating coal from the bins beside the two workbenches in the library.

The (required) spectral phasing spray requires 1 spectral essence of Fordel, 3 spectral esssences of Midst, 12 radiant algae, 12 slow creeping root, 10 spectral coruscating coal.The (optional) spectral tethering chains require 1 spectral essence of Midst, 3 spectral essences of Fordel, 12 humming azurite, 12 luclizite clusters, 10 spectral coruscating coal.

The (optional) spectral lures require 1 spectral essence of Fordel, 3 spectral essences of Midst, 12 radiant algae, 12 slow creeping root, 10 spectral coruscating coal for a yield of 3.

Craft the spectracles, and the doorway that you used to enter the library is blocked off. Don't do the next step, though, until you have also made at least the spectral phasing spray. (I WILL say I told you so later in the walkthrough if you ignored the repeated warnings about them being necessary!)

Look for any sort of alternate exit from the one I entered. I should use the other recipes in the book to help me survive.

Nag. Nag. Nag. When you've created at least the spectral phasing spray in addition to the spectracles, THEN you can use the spectracles, but I still recommend you read the paragraph below this one before you use them. It is a timed buff. It is toggled on/off by using the spectracles and there is a few seconds of cooldown between them wearing off and you being able to use them again.

Before I go further, here's some info on the spectracles. They are absolutely needed for the doors on the second level, the door downstairs and the smiths. Anywhere you have the buff on will be times when you have aggro ghosts to spray, chain, etc. and some weird vision effects. Some folks will prefer to go through the way it was intended, ghost spraying, funny vision and all. Others may want to do faster runs without all the eye-oddness and will toggle the buff off as fast as possible. Either way works, and the normal ghosts (not any you spawned from those darn contained spirit vases) won't really do you much damage before you soothe them with spray or chains. As a friend would say "You do you, Boo".

Retrace your steps in that big "U" around the second floor, so you can get to the unblocked stairs down, spraying, chaining, etc. roamers as needed. Some ghosts will just be outlines and not targetable, others will be aggro "an enraged spectral apparition" and need to be avoided or dealt with.

Go downstairs, make your way east through the first floor until you get to the first room, and head for /way 485.46 -23.44 -531.13 -- you MUST have the spectracles buff on at this point in order to click the door there and proceed through it.

Come out of the short hallway it puts you in and go left when you get into the large open marketplace area and all the ghosts there. Keep going around the area, with the wall to your left until you reach /way -141.76 -1.49 -54.89 Go down that long hallway that is at that spot until you reach /way -122.44 -1.46 5.06

Attempt to use the Spectral Phasing Spray on the two blacksmiths

1.) You won't be able to see the two blacksmiths unless you have the "apply spectracles" buff on you.

2.) If you don't have the spectral phasing spray to use on them, then "I told you so!". You're going to have to backtrack a lot to get more materials to make them if you didn't harvest extras of the spectral essences along the way. :P

Now that I have that out of my system, zap one smith in the room you were headed into when the quest objective update, wait for the cooldown, then zap the other one. The quest will complete. You may now remove that spectracles buff.

Piercing the Darkness: Marketplace of Horrors Part II

Hail either Purihni (/way -93.50 -1.64) or Gundeg (/way -72.94 -1.64 8.03) to pick up this quest.

Convince the Fordel blacksmith to resolve their differences with the Midst blacksmith. Convince the Midst blacksmith to resolve their differences with the Fordel blacksmith.

Finish talking to whichever one you hailed for the quest starter and you'll have half your update done. Then go talk to the other one. Then soert of shake your head at the fact that they are total airheads (they ARE ghosts after all), but they apparently still remember that they hate each other.

Somehow, you've roped yourself into making something for each of them to prove your prowess, before either of them will tell you how to get out of this place.

Create the pristine luclinite scimitar for the Fordel family blacksmith -- Create the pristine luclinite barbute for the Midst family blacksmith

The recipes are grabbed from papers on the forges beside each of the smiths. The spectral coruscating coal are from the bins beside the forges. You may craft both items at either of these forges.

Pristine luclinite barbute: 31 luclizite cluster, 12 humming azurite, 25 radiant algae, 25 spectral coruscating coal. Pristine luclinite scimitar: 31 luclizite cluster, 12 slow creeping root, 25 humming azurite, 25 spectral coruscating coal.

Speak to the Fordel blacksmith once more and show them your work then ask about attempting to leave this place. - Speak to the Fordel blacksmith once more and show them your work then ask about attempting to leave this place.

Oy! What a pair of airheads! Neither one remembers asking you to make something for them at all. They still remember that they hate each other from ages ago, but not the conversation from a few minutes before.

Speak to them in either order, and the second one you speak to will complete the quest for you and you will be awarded with the appearance items "pristine luclinite barbute" and "pristine luclinite scimitar" - they are lore, heirloom, appearance only and all that jazz.

Piercing the Darkness: Marketplace of Horrors Part III

Hail either Purihni or Gundeg to pick up this quest You'll be given some directions for the north side of the bazaar and warned about that secret entrance glitching now and then and dumping folks out in the Wracklands instead of the Aurelian Coast.

Locate the secret exit the blacksmiths told me about.

Head east in the smith's room back to the hallway from which you entered the area. When you're spit back out into the large open area, tada, you are in the "marketplace" area and facing north. Head diagonally to your right, and you will find a section of wall at /way -195.50 -1.52 -119.20 that hightlights as you mouse over it. Click on it, and it moves out of the way, revealing the secret exit.

Use the exit

Considering you are unable to evac out of this zone, and every other door in the place won't let you out, I suspect you are ready to leave here by now, so click on that exit!

I wonder if the second relic might hold some secrets... Perhaps if I take a closer look while in the Wracklands!

Yep, you're in the Wracklands! And the "second amulet" is the one that you received from the second artifact (they dropped into your bags with the effigy of the knight of Shadow Haven first, then the Tegi ritual totem second, then the symbol of the Shissar empire). So, examine the Tegi Ritual Totem while standing in the Wracklands.

This will grant you completion of this quest chapter, and offer you the start of Piercing the Darkness: Three Little Tegi. (<--link!)

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