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Piercing the Darkness: Three Little Tegi

This is the fifth part of the Blood of Luclin tradeskill signature line.

You will need to have completed Piercing the Darkness: Marketplace of Horrors in order to obtain this chapter of the signature line.

Ingredient Shopping List

  • 110 humming azurite
  • 15 slow creeping root
  • 25 lunar mushroom
  • 35 splitfin dartfish
  • 100 luclizite cluster
  • 150 hornbeam spruce log
  • 300 hardened zelniak pelt
  • 25 coruscating coal

Piercing the Darkness: Three Little Tegi Part I

And ugh, ugh, ugh. I lost a large chunk of writing because I got too distracted to "save early, save often". I'll recreate the first steps later. {sigh}

Until I have time to run another alt through this section to give you exact wording on the quest journal updates, here's the info dump.

You've ended up in the Wracklands, you've examined the Tegi Ritual Totem, and now you are sent to find three different groups of Tegi to learn more about them.

The best way for the ground-bound is to run the zone wall with the rocks on your right until you find a spot suitable for jumping down. Be aware that not only the mobs walking around will be aggro, but there are some rock heaps that are also aggro golems. If you can't invis past these, then just stay aware.

The first set of tegi to speak with will be the "grey and brown" ones at their camp (/way 13.31 15.90 589.24) If your brain starts hurting at the tegi-speak, sound it out in your head and it starts to make more sense.

After you finish speaking with them, there will be a way up through the rocks to get to /way -24.96 55.74 631.75 and the "red" tegi. Yes, Gund fire, fire!

From there, you have another clamber up to a lovely little lake, and at /way 138.08 72.10 680.68 the "light-blue" tegi. AAAAHHH!

Next you will need to speak to a High Shaman of one of the three tribes, and they take turns being the one willing to talk to people. Watch for the quest book icon on the minimap to see which one will speak to you.

As you learn more about the tegi, you are invited to see one of their ceremonies that will happen soon. He warns you that you will need to make and wear a special amulet so that you are recognized as belonging there.

You are given the recipe for Ceremonial Tegi Amulet, which you will need to craft on a workbench using 100 humming azurite (to make the amulet extra sparkly, of course!), 15 slow creeping root, 25 lunar mushroom, 35 splitfin dartfish (fish oil anyone?) and 25 coruscating coal.

Return to the High Shaman that gave you the recipe and show him the completed amulet to complete this quest and be offered the next quest.

Piercing the Darkness: Three Little Tegi Part II

Head to the Ssraeshza Temple foundation and meet the tegi there

I recommend an evac to the start of the zone. Once there, equip the Ceremonial Amulet of the Tegi. Aggro mobs around the temple area will become non-aggro for you, and you'll end up with an interesting visual effect around you while you are wearing the amulet.

Head for the temple ruins and the corner closest to the purple portal in the air above the pit (/way 528.12 86.97 425.86).

Wait for the ceremony to begin

I won't go into the whole song and dance that this poor ceremony has had to go through, but suffice it to say that the event is important to the questline and the underlying story, so when it started acting up too much due to folks coming and going, interrupting the ceremony, etc., it was turned into a public quest that starts at the top of every real-world hour (1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc.)

If you have too long between when you are told to find the ceremony spot and when the next ceremony begins, there's plenty of other stuff in-game (harvesting up a storm, working on the 3 public researcher missions, etc) or out of game (afk in the right spot with your amulet on, and tackle the laundrymonster, hug your significant other, do some stretching, pet the cat, walk the dog ...)

Eventually the ceremony starts, and you "just" have to witness it and not interfere while Gund does his "Fer da Gahds!" lemming leap and wait for it to complete.

Look around (something something)

You are looking for the Tegi Sympathizer Flier on the side of a broken pillar at the ceremony site.

I should start my own investigation and look deeper into this temple ruin. Possibly the flier I picked up has some answers?

Find the flier in inventory and examine it. There won't be any text associated with it, but it will advance the quest for you.

Examine the journal within the Wracklands to see if you can find anything of use about the tegi and their rituals

Examine it, page through and all that jazz. When you are done reading about the shadow tegi and a tree by the lake, the quest completes and you are offered the next quest.

Piercing the Darkness: Three Little Tegi Part III

Search the nearby area within the Grey for a location that fits the description in the journal

If you look around much, you'll find that there's only 1 tree around the temple area, and it is dead. Head for Rotwarp Lake and that very dead tree. (/way 755.50 83.66 310.08)

See if I can find one of the "Shadow Tegi" and determine their origin

As soon as you approach the tree, you get an update to this step.

It is still a little wonky on beta, but what should happen next is that you get scratched by the shadow tegi, you try to talk to it, you get another update as he runs off and hops into a portal. Right now, it may take a couple extra scratches and/or hails to get the updates needed, but eventually you are told ...

Return to Hulda and see if there is some way to cure the wound

Return to the Fabrication Hall within Sanctus Seru and have a lengthy conversation with Hulda. You may be the one with the bad/odd scratch, but this poor lady is the one getting more and more panicked as the conversation goes on. (Given the situation with Sanctus Seru that is explained more in the adventuring signature line, it is unsurprising that she is rattled!)

The final gist of the matter is Shadow Magic = BAD News on the infection front. She recommends you return to the temple area to be either ... cured or killed. Aiyeee!

Hulda has sent me to the area near where I was scratched. I should return to the Ssraehza temple base

This basically means to return to the Wracklands and go back to the ceremony site and use the purple teleporter there.

Since the zone entrance for the Wracklands from the Blinding is in the upper east corner of the zone, a fast travel to the Blinding will save you some zoning and zone mount times.

Head back through the area where you got the rockhopper eggs for Nuniun and /way -275.88 217.62 -818.97 is the path leading to the Wracklands. Don't forget to equip your amulet to remove mob aggro from the temple area!

Once you are in the Wracklands, head for the ceremony site, and as soon as you are near those ruins (which are the base of the former temple), you will receive an update.

This will offer you Piercing the Darkness: Message in a Shadowed Bottle. BUT you still need to finish the Three Little Tegi quest BEFORE you move on to that quest chapter...

Examine the Symbol of the Shissar Empire Closer

Do this while still in the Wracklands to complete this quest chapter. Now you can proceed with Piercing the Darkness: Message in a Shadowed Bottle. (<--Link!)

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