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Adorning, Tinkering, Transmuting Daily Tasks

These quests are available to folks of all skill levels, and work similarly for all three skills: Adorning, Tinkering and Transmuting. You can do all three quests every day-ish.

While transmuting shows up as a skill right away regardless of your crafting ability, your initial tinkering and adorning skills will need to be granted to you by Londiar or one of the tinkering or adorning trainers in your home city.

The rewards for these quests are a city token, tradeskill xp, and faction with your crafting society. You will not be repaid for fuel costs, but you should get several of the proper ability's skillups without having to spend your precious adorning materials, and/or tinkering materials and/or scrounging for items to transmute. (Paying for your own fuel for tinkering and adorning is far cheaper than having to burn through increasingly expensive materials, so it is a fair trade-off.)

To pick up the quests, speak with Londiar in the main crafting area of your city (Ironforge Exchange in NQ, Coalition of Tradesfolke in WFP, etc.). He will autogrant you the proper recipe in the case of tinkering and adorning, plus a crate that needs to be unpacked for each of the quests that you pick up from him. The crate should contain enough materials for 10 potential skillups. (For transmuting, that means 10 old boots to break down, adorning gives you enough mats for 10 adornments of guarding to make for the guard, and tinkering gives you enough materials for 10 sprockets.)

When you are done, return to Londiar for your reward.

Unlike many "daily" tasks that reset automatically at the end of Daybreak's day, this task's timer notes when you handed in the finished quest, and won't give you another one for roughly 24 hours after completion. If you delete the quest, it remembers when you picked up the quest, and won't give you a new one for roughly 24 hours. (The timer is somewhere between 18 and 24 hours. I cannot remember what I was told, and I have not remembered to re-test it lately to verify)

Trivia: Scramble the letters of his first and last name, and you get "Adorning Daily" since he was initially only for adorning skillups, and the tinkering and transmuting quests were added later. :D

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