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CS: Yeppa's Last Stand Quest Segment

This is part of the Cobalt Scar Crafting Series added with Game Update 66. You will want to complete the quests on that page before you begin this set of quests.

Before we dive into this quest segment, I need to drop in some words of warning for all the "squishy" crafters. There is nasty aggro on the ground. There is nasty aggro (flying snakes) in the air. You will want to be using a flying mount, and fly just out of reach of the mobs on the ground, while flying below the range of the snakes. (Trying to fly above them doesn't always work, and you will also have to fly down through them to get to Yeppa, which can be messy.) If you have multiple crafting alts, try the run on either a sturdy one that can take some blows from level 96+ mobs, or, believe it or not, your squishiest, lowest level adventurer first. (Since their mender fees will be the cheapest!) It can be done by a squishy, I have done it on a couple squishies, but, well, I've also gone squish a time or two. Such is the life of a squishy master crafter.

Locating the Lost (continued...)

You say, "Hail, Yeppa"
Yeppa says to you, "Who are you? Grab a sword, stop talking, start fighting!"
You say to Yeppa, "Wait, what's going on here? Where are all these undead coming from?"

You gain tradeskill XP, AAXP and roughly 1 platinum, 37 gold.

Searching for an Answer

Yeppa says to you, "I do not know, they were our brothers, and now are something evil. Less talking, more fighting."
You say to Yeppa, "But look at what's happening around you? Every fallen ally turns into a risen foe. You're barely clinging on here, fighting is not the answer."
Yeppa says to you, "I am Clan Tooth! These were my people, once. I have a responsibility to end their pain."
You say to Yeppa, "But if you stay here, you will die � all of you will."
Yeppa says to you, "This may be true, but I will not move. We must do what we must."
You say to Yeppa, "Well, if you won't change your mind, then we'll have to come at this problem from a different perspective."
Yeppa says to you, "Without fighting? This is impossible."
You say to Yeppa, "Think about it this way - what's causing your brothers to turn? There's got to be something about this place, some kind of magic, or curse, or being making this happen."
Yeppa says to you, "You speak wise words, but I have no answers for you."
You say to Yeppa, "How about I go finding some?"
Yeppasays to you, "That sounds hopeful, but again I ask, how?"
You say to Yeppa, "I'm going to see if I can't track down the source of this. I think I can suss up a detector that will trigger when it gets close to whatever is causing this scourge."
Yeppa says to you, "If you find it, we should break it."
You say to Yeppa, "First things first, I'll be back. Farewell, Yeppa."

At this point, he will give you the recipe for Necromantic Detector, which will autoscribe into your recipe book. You will either need to summon a forge, or head back to Salt Breeze and the forge there. You will also need 1 rhenium ore, 1 iridium cluster, and 1 effulgent coal. Once you create the necromantic detector, you will need to use it from inventory. Remember the warning about the flying snakes and the aggro mobs, and move verrrrry carefully to and from the waypoints that the detector gives you. (Use the detector, move to where it says, get the message, use the detector, move to where it says, get the message, etc.)

The Necromantic Detector leads you to this giant bone. The corruption is emanating strongly from it. (loc 4286, -1095, 2048)
The Necromantic Detector leads you to another giant bone. The corruption is emanating just as strongly as the first. (loc 4415, -1092, 2004)
Yet another corrupted, giant bone. They must all be working together to cause this. (loc 4308, -1087, 2008_
And again, another giant bone, another source of scourge. There's something very wrong with them, I need to report back to Yeppa. (loc 4261, -1081, 1961)

You say, "Hail, Yeppa"
Yeppa says to you, "We are bruised, how have you done?"
You say to Yeppa, "I have some weird news. It really seems like the corruption is coming from these bones here. The whole place seems to have been constructed to spread this scourge."

You gain tradeskill XP, AAXP and roughly 1 platinum, 34 gold. Do not, not NOT delete your necromantic detector. You will need it in a later quest!

Bone and Marrow

Yeppa says to you, "This is odd, yes. We normally do not use bones of this type. These are not our Ivory. I wonder why?"
You say to Yeppa, "Maybe it's all they could find? We'll get to the bottom of this, Yeppa, I promise."
Yeppa says to you, "This is good, what is next?"
You say to Yeppa, "I'm going to take some scrapings from these bones, maybe I can figure out how to counter the enchantment. If I can't, then we are doomed."
Yeppa says to you, "Good, you are wise like a Clan Tooth."
You say to Yeppa, "I'll be back."

Grab a bone sample from the clickable bone at 4265, -1093, 2040 to receive a Corrupted Bone Shard. "This is a shard from one of the larger bones in the area. Just touching it, I can feel the awful energy coursing through it." Ewwww! Examine the awful thing to get "Notes: Bone Shard Investigation". Scribe it, then go to/summon a forge. You will also need 1 amethyst and 1 effulgent coal.

You say, "Hail, Yeppa"
Yeppa says to you, "So, have you made progress?"
You say to Yeppa, "Some. The corruption seems to infuse these bones. It's very, very strong magic, and deeply rooted. It will be difficult to counter."

You gain tradeskill XP, AAXP and roughly 1 platinum, 36 gold.

Finding Hope

Yeppa says to you, "Are you saying there is no hope? You must succeed! We must!"
You say to Yeppa, "There is always hope, Yeppa. Stay strong. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. With all the corruption here, there is likely to be something that resists it. "
Yeppa says to you, "What is it?"
You say to Yeppa, "Not sure, but I'm going to go out looking for it. I think I'll know it when I see it."
Yeppa says to you, "This is good, we can help. Prexus will lead us to it!"
You say to Yeppa, "I would appreciate it. Keep on the lookout for anything that seems out of place, or seems to be thriving. An animal that isn't undead, foliage, anything that doesn't seem to be affected by the scourge."
Yeppa says to you, "We will. I will see you soon."

Head to a nearby rock ledge at 4136, -1047, 1936 and click on the corpse with the funky flowers growing out of it. You will receive 5 strange blue flowers.

You say, "Hail, Yeppa"
Yeppa says to you, "Greetings, ___. Have you found what you were looking for? We have unfortunately found nothing."
You say to Yeppa, "I think I did. I found this patch of flowers growing out of one of the fallen othmir. I'm sure it's what we're looking for. "

You gain tradeskill XP, AAXP and roughly 1 platinum, 37 gold.

Creating Hope

Yeppa says to you, "This is good, Prexus hears our prayers! You have found our hope!"
You say to Yeppa, "I think I have, I'll get working on the counter-enchantment now. I pray this little flower is strong enough."
Yeppa says to you, "It must be! Good luck!"
You say to Yeppa, "Thank you Yeppa, be safe!"

The recipe "Hope" is then autoscribed into your recipe book. In addition to the strange blue flowers in your inventory, you will need 1 amethyst and 1 effulgent filament, and a forge. Return to Yeppa once you have finished crafting.

You say, "Hail, Yeppa"
Yeppa says to you, "Do you have the counter-enchantment?"
You say to Yeppa, "I do. Give this to your warriors, and have them smear it on these big bones. Be frugal, a little goes a long way, and we have so many bones to cover."

You gain tradeskill XP, AAXP and roughly 1 platinum, 36 gold.

Applying Hope

Yeppa says to you, "This is excellent, hope is in our hands. I can't thank you enough."
You say to Yeppa, "Don't thank me yet. Let's get out there and see if this works first."
Yeppa says to you, "We will, I'll send my warriors out now."
You say to Yeppa, "Good, I'll go out there too, I'll meet you back here in a short while."
Yeppa says to you, "Let it be so."
You say to Yeppa, "I'll see you soon, Yeppa. Good luck to both of us."

You need to apply Hope 6 bones surrounding Yeppa's Last Stand. Sadly, "Hope takes hold, but for only a moment. The corruption persists." The areas you need are marked on your map, but here are the locations for you, just in case you need them:

  • 4269, -1096, 2,065
  • 4283, -1095, 2046
  • 4291, -1093, 2034
  • 4308, -1086, 1998
  • 4417, -1092, 2008
  • 4410, -1092, 1983
You say, "Hail, Yeppa"
Yeppa says to you, "Hello ___, you are back!"

You gain tradeskill XP, AAXP and roughly 1 platinum, 35 gold.

Hope Reborn

Yeppa says to you, "What does this mean?"
You say to Yeppa, "It means that the corruption is greater than simply these bones. While they seem to be the source of the corruption, something else is powering them, regenerating, causing a massive feedback loop."
Yeppa says to you, "This is awful news. Prexus delivers us hope but it is not enough."
You say to Yeppa, "It is, but all is not lost. Where there is a problem there is a solution. All we need to do is to locate whatever is causing this feedback loop, and break the connection."
Yeppa says to you, "Okay, good, we have a plan then? We are badly beaten, and cannot survive here much longer."
You say to Yeppa, "Yes, I'll take what we have left of Hope, retool the detector to only track the strongest emanations of this corruption, and see if we can't put this place to rest once and for all."
Yeppa says to you, "Yes. I Clan Tooth support this. Let us put our siblings to rest, finally. This is no longer our home, but our brethren do not deserve this."
You say to Yeppa, "I'll return just as soon as I can. Hold out a little longer Yeppa!"

Two recipes are autoscribed into your recipe book, "Cleansing Corruption" and "Necromantic Detector Mk II"

Yeppa says to you, "Wait, one moment. Take this with you, our scouts use it to explore this area, you might find it helpful too."
You say to Yeppa, "Thank you Yeppa, every little bit helps."

He then hands you an Othmir Scouting Potion, which will work only in the caves, not outside them! This is an important thing to note!

First, head to the forge to make the Necromantic Detector MkII. In addition to the necromantic detector that I told you to hold onto several quests ago, you will need 1 rhenium ore and 1 effulgent coal. Now, before you go any further, make sure you also have on you 1 amethyst and 1 effulgent incense.

Then use the Necromantic Detector Mk II to get a waypoint to the source of the corruption, and apply the scouting potion. Remember, you're going to have to dodge aggro getting to the Cave of Anguish as the potion only makes the stuff inside the caves non-aggro. Wander through the caves until you find the right path to take to get to the highlighted spot.

A giant dragon's skull looms over the altar. Necromantic energy suffuses this place, makes it heavy with death. There is no doubt this is the source.

Yep, you found the right spot! Click create on the skull and use that amethyst and effulgent incense, combined with the Hope, for Cleansing Corruption. Then head back to Yeppa.

You say, "Hail, Yeppa"
Yeppa says to you, "You did it? Things have changed."
You say to Yeppa, "I believe I did. Those caves were a terrible place, terrible things happened there. These bones are from a dragon. The magic that killed it was something I hope is never used in Norrath again."
Yeppa says to you, "This magic never goes away, we still see the dead. "
You say to Yeppa, "We do, it will take a long time for this corruption to finally dissipate, but we've done a good thing here."
Yeppa says to you, "It is true, our brothers and sisters can find some peace now. It will be an effort to clean up, but we will return to our home having done something worthy of our ancestors."
You say to Yeppa, "It is true, you can be proud of your leadership here, Yeppa."
Yeppa says to you, "And you be proud of you, ____. You will be known as friend and hero to the Othmir. We tell stories to our children and our children's children. Stories of You, The Builder!"

Go you! You gain tradeskill XP, AAXP and roughly 1 platinum, 35 gold and 5 A Mysterious Blue Coin

If you have not already completed the quests in Scarstone, you will want to go do those quests now. Once you have completed all of the above quests, and the Yeppa's Last Stand line, you will be ready for the "endline" which includes some crafting for Plex, and then your final reward.

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