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Folks reading the TSO Crafting Preview may be already feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do for level 50+ crafters in the TSO expansion, especially since certain things have prerequisites, and so on. This page cuts out many of the explanations, and just focuses on the important links.

Moors Of Ykesha

Travel to the Moors via the airship in Sinking Sands, where the main D.I.R.T.Y. camp is currently located.

Items To Do In Order

  1. A Cannon to Sail By - access quest for cannon between Dropship Landing and U.J.L.
  2. Ship Out - crafter intro to Moors and three main factions, includes several sub-quests
After the above two quests are complete (don't forget to grab the shrub from the druid ring!), you can continue on in the Moors at will, plus, you are also able to obtain Far Seas Supply Division quests from Mara.

Additional Moors Quests

Other Moors Items of Interest

Far Seas Supply Division - Mara

You must complete the above Ship Out quest before you can obtain these quests.

Odds & Ends

Stuff that doesn't belong to a specific timeline, but that was released with TSO

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