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There is quite a bit going on regarding crafting in the Tears of Veeshan expansion (due to be released November 12), and since one of the SOE Dev team, Caith, went to the trouble of putting together a master list for us for beta, I am taking that list and running with it. As I finish various portions of my own previews, I will link the articles into the proper spots below, and make a note at the bottom of the page regarding what I added. I am recovering from a considerable amount of real-life medical mayhem right now (none as serious as feared, thankfully, but it was a boatload of tests and stress), so I am running behind on updates. I'll get as much of this done before the 12th as possible!


You'll receive an in-game mail from Captain Ethan of the Far Seas Trading Company. The company has been hearing reports of travelers going to Ethernere and is interested, as always as learning more. You'll help him with that, and on the way help some other folks you meet and members of his crew, and perhaps some others who may be familiar to you too. We hope this questline will give crafters a little introduction to Ethernere, both the already existing zones and the new Vesspyr Isles, as well as some great rewards!

Note that these quests will require that you be at least a level 93 crafter.

Several of these quests also give you recipes or access to harvestable house items that you get to keep after the quest is completed.

How many, you ask? Take a look at the ToV Crafting Quest Rewards page and see for yourself!

Quest Pre-requisites/Progression

  1. Do the Captain's Lament first.
  2. Then pick up Fond Memories.
  3. Fond Memories unlocks A Harrowing Tale, The Essentials of Battle, and The Smell of Home. You do not have to complete those three unlocked quests right away, but you do have to talk to all three quest NPCs to finish Fond Memories.
  4. Once you have finished Fond Memories, you will find a new NPC has appeared beside the building that houses the stove and keg.
  5. This NPC, Steve Echgar, will then give you the Captain Overboard? quest in Vesspyr Isles.
  6. If you have also already completed the Return of the Gathering Obsession, he will also offer you the A Gathering Obsession Beyond the Grave at this time.
  7. Once you have also finished A Harrowing Tale, The Essentials of Battle, and The Smell of Home, the Cardin Ward crafting dailies should unlock
  8. Once you have finished Captain Overboard? and Construct Deconstruction, then Captain Ethan should appear in the Falinpol tower in Vesspyr for a weekly tradeskill quest. (He had to finish getting Judith untangled before he headed back, after all!)

Tradeskill collections

Yes, there are lots! Look for one in Eidolon Jungle, one in Obol Plains, and no less than three in Vesspyr Isles.

Details on the rewards for all 5 new red shiny collections can be found here


As promised at SOELive, level 90 recipe books will be available to fill in that annoying number gap in your recipe book list. Scholar classes will also find their existing level 90 recipes have been moved from their level 89 book to the level 90 book. All classes should also get at least one new recipe at level 90, although a couple of these (tailors, weaponsmiths) will not yet exist at beta launch. (If you scribe the level 90 book, the recipe should magically appear when it is added.) Level 90 essentials books will be available from the usual merchants. Level 90 advanced books will be available from the first quest above.

The details of what level 90 recipes are currently available can be found in this article on level 90 crafting recipes (other than carpenter, which is a separate page due to the number of images it contains).

Also! The level 93-95 advanced books, previously only available via merchant or broker, can also now be obtained from three of the quests above. If you already obtained your advanced books (or are a class that doesn't normally get them) there is an alternate reward you can choose instead.

Tradeskill apprentices:

These guys will allow you to research 5 new books. These books use components dropped by rare Heroic mobs. Although every class can research and scribe every book, some recipes DO use specific class skills so will be more challenging for those who are not that class to make. But, the choice is yours! Be sure to keep the byproducts from these recipes for your friendly local alchemist, woodworker, or weaponsmith too.

Details on these five new apprentice research books can be found on the ToV: Apprentice Recipes guide

  • Knowledge of the Ancestral Blade Fragment
  • Knowledge of the Spectral Residue
  • Knowledge of the Ancestral Globe of Manifestation
  • Knowledge of the Shard of Spectral Light
  • Spectral Mastery

Runes and War Runes:

These items, and also recipes to make these purple adornments, will be available from a token merchant at a cost of Draconic Etyma. Since these are adornments, the recipes do use adorning skill. Crafting them will be slightly cheaper than buying them directly from the merchant. The tradeskill missions will allow you to earn Draconic Etyma, as well as occasionally earning one of the runes themselves which you can either use or give away.
To obtain these recipes, visit the token merchant in Vesspyr Isles in the merchant area near Yelinak.

You will find more information on Runes, War Runes and Item Upgraders here

Item Upgraders:

These are obtained from the merchant similarly to the Runes and War Runes, but can be made by all crafting classes.
  • Brilliant Blue Gemstone
  • Deep Green Gemstone
  • Glimmering Yellow Gemstone
I have lumped this in with the above rune recipes, so you will you will find more information on Runes, War Runes and Item Upgraders here

Stoneshard recipes:

Three gem components may drop in solo, group or raid content. Nine recipes (6-charge each) also drop in solo, group, or raid content. These recipes use the components to make some very nice leveling adornments.
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Aerakyn Guardian Stone
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Crystal of Compressed Rage
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Daar Sentinals Idol
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Eye of Draazak
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Essence of Duality
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Jun'Rah Seers Crystal
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Pickclaw Tricksters Gemstone
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Spiritstone of Scale
  • Stoneshard Recipe: Trakanon's Heart of Stone

Details on the Stoneshard recipes, and their stats, can be found here

Raid drops:

There are five raid-dropped recipe scrolls which are used to turn a raid dropped gem into leveling adornments. The recipes are tradeable, so if you don't raid yourself but are interested in getting the recipes, you may be able to purchase from those who do. Some of these are limited-use recipes.
  • Emerald Tear of Veeshan
  • Golden Tear of Veeshan
  • Ruby Tear of Veeshan
  • Violet Tear of Veeshan

Details on the Raid Dropped Adornment Recipes can be found here

Additional Goodies from Mum

This section covers items not mentioned in the developer's introductory post in beta.

Building Block Love

Many of the more "hardcore" decorators use a lot of building blocks in their home decorating, which can really hurt their available item count. One bit of loveliness from beta is that the new "building-block" tag on various building block and tile items. Items that now have this tag include building blocks from carpenters, the Marketplace, city festivals, grottos, and so on. (If you find something missing the tag that you feel should include it, there is a thread in the beta tradeskills section where you can post.) When this tag goes into effect on live servers, you will be able to place as many building block items in your home as your home has total item count (including expanders) in addition to your normal house item count. So, if your house has a 600-item count, you will be able to place up to 600 building block items AND up to 600 pieces of other furniture.

Pack Pegasus!

Mum's beloved pack unicorn was getting up there in years. The poor thing also wasn't well suited for Ethernere, where flight was more or less a necessity. After sadly moving him out to a sunny field to rest his aching bones, she returned to the Isle of Mara. Hopefully, the renowned animal breeder there had already anticipated this problem and were working on a solution.

Thankfully, they already had an alternative, ready for flight.

This lovely Far Seas Pack Pegasus has some solid harvesting and transmuting skill boosters, and an extremely solid price tag. (He'll set you back 100 Far Seas Supply Division tokens right now. We're hoping they'll consider lowering that, and I'll update this when/if that happens.) Purchase also requires 40K faction with the Far Seas Supply Division.

Adventuring Goodies!

I have not put together a complete list (especially since things are still being added with various beta patches), but here's an eye-feast with over two dozen house items from the adventuring side of the fence: ToV: Adventuring Furniture

Harvesting Pony/Gathering Goblin Update

I know many folks have complained about trying to send out their pony or goblin for resources, and having to get creative in order to see the entire list of harvesting options. While it will mean clicking through an extra dialog box, your harvesting critters will break the tiers into two chunks, and then once you select a chunk, will let you specify which exact tier that you want.

(When/if you get the upgraded pack pony, the above will also have an option for holiday harvests, when a holiday event is in progress.)

ToV Crafter Travel Guide...

... is nothing huge, nothing fancy, but it should get the important points across. This Travel Guide tells you how to get to crafting quest locations, and what distractions you'll find in the sky in Vesspyr once you get there.

Harvesting at Any Skill Level?!

The following snuck into the launch day patch notes:

Harvesting nodes can now be harvested at any harvesting skill level. In order to be eligible for rare harvests, your skill must still meet the previous requirements.

Other Patch Note Odds and Ends

A few other things, and not just in the tradeskill section caught my eye.

The tradeskill group dungeon missions from Madria Varas in the Isle of Mara can now be done hourly rather than daily.
The stats of level 91/92 handcrafted and mastercrafted equipment has been increased to match 95 handcrafted and mastercrafted equipment.
All merchant purchased holiday tradeskill books are now heirloom.
Alchemist-created standard buff elixirs can no longer be dispelled.
Mass production now scales up in increments of 5 of the stat.
Stats granted by adornments will no longer be boosted by experimentation.
White Adornments of Recovery are now adornments of Reuse. They now give Ability Reuse instead of Spell Reuse.
Corrected the names of many building block dividers to fit the proper naming convention.
Astral Adornments of Endurance now grant stamina instead of maximum health.
... tradeskill stations are now available as no-count amenities for all levels of guildhall, although personal tradeskill stations may still be used also.
Items that have been updated will no longer be automatically unattuned, unadorned, and placed into your overflow. Instead, upon logging in you should be greeted by a window displaying a list of items that have been updated where you may reset items as you see fit. Please note that a change in available adornment slots will still result in a slotted adornment being popped off. Additionally, any reforging done to an updated item will be reset and the item will be flagged for a free reforge.
There is more information on the equipment reset, as well as full patch notes in this SOE forum post


  • Oct 22: This document created. Qho quest writeup and red shiny writeup linked in.
  • Oct 28, 1:30 a.m.: ToV Crafting Quest Reward article written and added to the bottom of the quest section above.
  • Oct 30, 2:45 p.m.: Added an Additional Goodies From Mum section to this master article, and dropped in information on the building-block tag and the new pack pegasus.
  • Nov 4, 6:56 p.m.: My throat is sore from screaming and cackling. If you want to find out why, check out the bottom of the Qho Quest Writeup to see why.
  • Nov 5, 8:55 p.m.: The ToV Level 90 Recipes, Part 1 article is up. The second part, which will contain all the images for the carpenter items, will take until sometime tomorrow.
  • Nov 6, 11:47 a.m. The ToV Level 90 Carpenter Recipes article is complete. Mmmmm. Eye candy.
  • Nov 8, 10:26 a.m. The ToV Level 90 recipes, Part 1 article has been updated to include 2 more advanced provisioner house items that were added to beta yesterday. Am off to beta for a massive screenshot and quest logging session before I buckle down and churn out several more articles
  • Nov 8, 2:46 p.m. Here is a ToV: Adventuring Furniture page to tide you over while I slog through way too many logs and screenshots to get more stuff published later today
  • Nov 10, 10:30 a.m. So I'm falling more behind in getting out updates! :P Updated the Level 90 recipes page to indicate that the level of the Amorer-made Eye of the Fearcreep had a level change. Updated the Qho article to make it more clear that there is a ToV crafting quest prerequisite (as well as the earlier Gathering Obsession quests) before you can start the newest Gathering Obsession. Next up will be the apprentice recipe preview ...
  • Nov 10, 11:20 a.m. Apprentice recipes guide is in place. I have also decided to use the blockquote feature so it is easier to see what is Caith's original text, and what is my added commentary. Things will look odd for a while, as I'm about to be pulled away for a massage, and am trying to squeeze in as much as possible before then!
  • Nov 10, 5:05 p.m. Information on (purple) runes, (purple) war runes and "item upgraders" is now in place.
  • Nov 11, 11:30 a.m. I went on a screenshot and quest text logging binge last night until I hit a snag, got some sleep, then woke up this morning with my brain leaking out my ears. 60+ image edits and one small article later, I got a call from my dentist reminding me that I was 20 minutes late for my crown replacements. Oops! Anywayyy ... I added a small blurb above in the Mum section about the pack pony/gathering goblin dialog change. I also added a quick ToV travel guide for crafters. As soon as I click to rebublish this article, I'm going to do some touch ups on the Qho article, to make it more clear on where/how to start the quest and where to get the merc afterwards.

  • Nov 11, 7:00 p.m. Links for the stoneshard recipe information, and raid-dropped adornment recipe information has been dropped into the appropriate sections above. Next up is tackling all the quest writeups, and then "maybe" putting up an eye-candy page for Heroes' Festival, if there's any of my brain left at that point.
  • Nov 11, 8:00 p.m., The first quest writeup is up and linked in above in the quests section. Also, and likely more importantly, I've added a rundown of the crafting quest sequence, so you know which quest to be looking for when tomorrow.
  • 8:24 p.m. Fond Memories quick quest writeup is done. I am going to get very tired of staring at this quest log before I am done, so taking an eyeball break for a couple...
  • Nov 12, just after midnight: Still awake, still writing, despite the best efforts of my new furbabies to coax me to sleeeeep. A couple more quest writeups added. The daily one is a placedholder, the Essentials of Battle is in-progress, but I want to get the links into this master article as I am thinking of them.
  • Nov 12, 1:15 a.m. My cats gave up on me, at least until my timer goes off to remind me to stretch shortly. (The hubbyogre went to bed 3 hours ago.) More chipping away at the quests section has happened. Lots more yawning has happened too.
  • Nov 12, 2:25 a.m. The quest series articles are done. The daily quest article, and the weekly quest article are not. I will attempt to make a stab at them after some sleep, but before the servers are back up. Sleep goooood.
  • 8:45 a.m. Far too little sleep in the hours I was offline, due to my brain not wanting to wind down, but I'm upright and semi-functional once again. Added some extra information from the launch day patch notes, including an interesting note about harvesting levels. You'll find the info just above this Updates section.
  • 10:10 a.m. The daily crafting quests guide and the weekly crafting quest guides are completed. There is not much more I can do until I can get in-game, so I am going to go pamper the neglected furbabies (a bonded pair of shelter kitties we rescued after my beloved Natasha breathed her last), and then do some yoga in front of the computer screen so I can keep an eye out for the servers coming up. As always, I am sure there will be corrections after the fact, especially with costs on the rune recipes and such, and I'll get pages updated as able. Expect it to take a couple days for me to link everything into the proper sections of the site, and refer folks to this article in the meantime.
  • 2:00 p.m. Ran through the entire quest series at high speed on my home server. Updated a quest step in A Harrowing Tale quest writeup. Updated the reward for the weekly tradeskill quest writeup. Updated the vendor prices on the Runes, War Runes and Item Upgraders page. Fed myself something. Nap now. **thuddd**
  • Nov 14, 12:12 a.m. The weekly tradeskill quest in Vesspyr just reset. The daily tradeskill quest in Obol appears to change at 11pm Pacific each night. The Multi-attack rune mentioned in my Runes guide did not end up in the final recipe list. Appropriate pages have been updated.

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