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KA - Twark , Round Two & Nye'Caelona

This is part of the Kunark Ascending Tradeskill Questline and is but one chunk of several. Please refer back to that article for important details and links to other parts of the questline.

This segment of the writeup follows after The Search for Greshdek. Unlike other segments, however, the progression for this section is a bit more fluid. I have them ordered in a specific way partly due to faction considerations. If you're an adventurer who already has Nye'Caelona faction, you may find other sequences work better for you. The other part of the reason for this ordering is so that folks who do NOT have their solstice earring are aware of the point at which they stop and can go work on the dailies/weekly.

Stranger Friends (obtaining)

Summary: Pick up quest from Glibnox then sit on quest until you have Nye'Caelona faction. Reward: AAxp, coin.

Details: After you bring back Greshdek, Glibnox tells you about some friend of yours that they found wandering in the forest. She is now up in the elf city. While Greshdek doesn't know the name of this friend, he tells you she declined his slug soup because "slugs be pets, not food." {snicker} Anyway, do NOT go up into the elf city to finish this until you have faction with Nye'Caelona, either from adventuring, or from a specific quest below.

Guardian of Growf

Summary: Speak with Growf in Twark, gather 4 acrid herbs from western side of Warslik's River, return to Growf. Reward: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction. Requires: 5 thaumic coal.

Details: The injured goblin that you found with the Charm of Lost Things at the start of your questing in Twark is now in his garden (/waypoint 78, -171, -678) in Twark. Speak to Growf and find that he's got a rabbit problem in his garden. He'd like you to collect four acrid herbs and make some more go-away spray. Head downriver on the West (Twark) side of the river to the area below the bridge (/waypoint 208, -215, -456). The herbs spawn quickly in a small area, they can be tracked, and there is aggro in the area. Aggro-free harvesting is definitely possible even for the squishiest of squishies. Return to the goblin firepit next to Glibnox and craft Go-Away Pest Spray. You will also need 5 thaumic coal for this combine.

Blessing of Growf

Summary: Speak with Growf again, go to the chokidai area and collect 4 chokidai droppings, then return to Growf. Reward: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction.

Just when you thought you had the slug slime stench out of your packs, you had to go and be helpful again, didn't you? Growf's plants aren't growing well, and when you suggest fertilizer, he asks you for more help. You get to go, in his words, "poop-scoopin'". Eugh. Head back to the chokidai area (433, -202, -186) and scrounge up 4 chokidai droppings, then return to him.

Protector of Growf

Summary: Speak with Growf again, then grab 6 smelly goo from the river and return to Growf. Reward: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction.

And more smelly stuff! Growf is now worried about the iksar stealing his plants, and wants something smelly to keep them away. Dive into the Warslik's River, since you're right beside it, and collect smelly goo from six "river goo". Bring them back to Growf, listen to his bad joke, then wash your hands thoroughly, ok?

Seeds of Growf

Summary: Speak with Growf again, then head to the far eastern part of the Gardens of Nye'Caelona. Click on the bag of seeds in a wheelbarrow AND talk to the roaming Taelonar and pick up his quest at the same time. Reward: AAxp, coin, 4000 Bloody Tooth Clan faction, 1 Sovereign of Rile.

Growf is very interested in the "snooty elfs" because they're very good with growing things. Do you think you can be sneaky and {ahem} have some of their seeds "fall into" your pocket? Unless you already have Nye'Caelona faction due to adventuring, you do NOT want to just go zooming in via the main entrance to the gardens (pictured at the top of this page), but fly further east before entering the gardens due to aggro guards that can fly. If they catch you, they WILL kill you and/or boot you to Fens, so it is better to just give them a wide berth. (Don't worry, the reason I split the walkthrough for this quest into 2 parts is so you can get faction with them. :D)

Fly northeast, and land at the very edge of the gardens (/waypoint -512, -85, -676). If you use that waypoint, you should be plopped next to an unattended wheelbarrow. Click on the "a gardener's bag of seeds" that you see inside of it. Do NOT leave the area yet, but obtain and progress "The Gardens Are In Bloom" (below).

The Gardens Are In Bloom

Summary: Speak with Taelonar in the Gardens of Nye'Caelona, then travel to the docks in Jarsath Wastes. Speak with Roger Greenleaf, totem back to Twark, return to the Gardens of Nye'Caelona and speak with Taelonar again. After a quest update that includes a faction increase, head up into Nye'Caelona and speak with Elder Lyraquel. Reward: AAxp, coin, 11000 Nye'Caelona faction.

Details: While scrounging for seeds in the Gardens of Nye'Caelona, you come across an elf that is sort of willing to talk to you. He gives you a very lukewarm welcome, and you ask for a way to prove that you are not a threat. He sends you to the Danak docks (world bell to Jarsath Wastes) to deliver a message to someone named Marqasal. Squishie note: if you're a low level adventurer who has not done Higher Risks, Higher Profits, the Danak guards may still want to kill you - if this is the case, fly straight up the second you land at the bell, and then swoop back down at the ship to avoid the pair of guards between you and your target.

When you arrive on the docks, there is no Marqasal to be found. You find a half-elf by the name of Roger Greenleaf having a drink beside a docked ship, and after a bit of conversation find out that there's no elf by that name around. Totem back to Twark, hand in "The Seeds of Growf" (the rest of his quests are the Gathering Goblin series to be documented in another section), then head back to that wheelbarrow spot in the Gardens of Nye'Caelona.

It appears that Taelonar intentionally tricked you, counting on the spell of forgetfulness to get you out of his hair. He's troubled and perplexed at learning that others know about the spell, and that you were granted immunity to it, so he gives you enough faction to be safe in Nye'Caelona and sends you up there to speak with Elder Lyraquel (/waypoint -203, 91, -210). You update her briefly on the situation, and she grants you free passage around the city.


Stranger Friends (completing)

Summary: Speak with Brytthel in Nye'Caelona to complete the quest that you started earlier. Reward: AAxp, coin.

Details: Now that the elves like you, speak with Brytthel, who is standing next to Elder Lyraquel. Make sure that you don't have the Greenmist Crusader illusion on when you do so, or she won't recognize you! Update her on the situation and she asks you to continue to learn about the area.

Dying of Bore-Dom

Summary: Speak with Lyraquel again, go down into the gardens and check typharush plants until you find and grab a borer beetle larva. Return to Lyraquel. Reward: AAxp, coin, 2000 Nye'Caelona faction.

Details: First note that this quest doesn't unlock until you've done all of the above quests, including handing in Stranger Friends, so if she won't talk to you, make sure you've handed everything else in.

They've had quite a problem with borer beetles destroying the plants in their lovely gardens, and while she's been told they think they have them finally eliminated, she is dubious. She wants you to go down into the gardens, specifically in the smaller areas with retaining walls around them and check out the damaged typharush plants for signs of beetles. It may be a single check for you, it may be a dozen, but eventually one of the plants in the area (which respawn quickly in the area) will spawn a borer beetle larva. Grab it and return to Lyraquel.

Soil and Trouble

Summary: Speak with Lyraquel again, totem to Twark and grab a soil sample from Growf's Garden, grab a soil sample from the Gardens of Nye'Caelona, return to Lyraquel. Reward: AAxp, coin, 2000 Nye'Caelona faction.

Details: Elder Lyraquel would like to check and see if the beetles are also in Twark. Totem back to Twark (I told you that Twark Transport Totem would come in handy!) and grab a plant from Growf's little garden. Then fly to the Gardens of Nye'Caelona and grab a Nye'Caelona Soil Sample. Soil samples can be tracked. Return to Lyraquel, and she is confused to find that the Twark sample is beetle-free.

Process of Elimination

Summary: Speak with Lyraquel again, totem to Twark again and click on a tame forest slug, a Twark fungus (growing on trees) and a Twark Soil Sample in Growf's garden. Return to Lyraquel. Reward: AAxp, coin, 2000 Nye'Caelona faction.

Details: Elder Lyraquel would like to check out more Twark samples to figure out why they seem to have no borer beetle problem. Collect a plant sample (plants in Growf's garden), an animal sample (tame forest slug), and a fungus sample (Twark fungus growing on some trees in Twark) and return to her.

Ah, the joys of introducing another sensitive nose to the stench that is slug slime!

Choose the Slug Life

Summary: Speak with Lyraquel again, totem to Twark and grab 2 tame forest slugs, place them in the Nye'Caelona Gardens, return to Lyraquel. Reward: AAxp, coin, 2000 Nye'Caelona faction, Sovereign of Rile and Twark daily and weekly quests have now unlocked for you.

Details: Perhaps her eyes were opened on learning what the smell was, or perhaps it is just her eyes watering from the stench, but she's realized they might have erred in getting rid of the smelly, ugly things from their gardens in the past. Totem to Twark, pick up two tame forest slug (EUGH! You stuck them in your backpack?!? You're never going to get that stench out!), fly to the Nye'Caelona Gardens, and drop them off in one of the "garden" areas that have those low retaining walls around them (some of them will let you place them, some will not - flit about until you find a spot they like.) Return to Lyraquel.

You now have various questing chunks ahead of you, to be done in whichever order that you like:

  • New Crafting Epic Line. Starts with Bryythel (unlocked with "Choose the Slug Life") Will gain you a new level 100 Grandmaster cloak, a new phoenix mount, and 2 purple rune recipes
  • Twark crafting Dailies and Weekly from Oogthor in Twark (unlocked with "Choose the Slug Life). These are much like the ToT dailies, in timing and acquisition. Grab them all at the same time you grab your weekly, do them all at once. A couple will give you Nye'Caelona faction in addition to the Bloody Tooth Clan Faction
  • The Gardening Goblin Line (unlocked after "Seeds of Growf"). If you choose to do this crafting line, you will permanently lose your gathering goblin. After a few days of questing you will gain a houseplant that will give you an Obulus rare every 23 hours, the ability to hire the Gardening Goblin as a merc (brigand with some fury abilities), and a 64-slot heirloom backpack with a unique appearance (red shiny collection that has some of the shinies coming from the questline).

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