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Epic Quest 3: Anything For Jum Jum

This is the third part of the level 80 crafter epic quest for the Earring of the Solstice. This segment, Anything for Jum Jum is the same regardless of your crafting class. You must have completed the quest Bixie Distraction before you can obtain this quest from Neeta Cabbageleaf in Rivervale.

Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Hiya! Any luck?"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Yes, I think I have a distraction that will work. So how do I get to the hive?"
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Oh, that's no problem! I'm a druid, I can teleport you there, and give you a shrinking spell so you'll fit. Take this crystal too. There should be a fountain somewhere in the hive that runs with distilled jumjum essence. When you find it, use a flask or something to gather some. Once you have the jumjum, hold the crystal tight and it'll bring you back here safe. Just let me know when you're ready to go!"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "I'm ready to go."
You receive 1 Cabbageleaf Teleportation Crystal as well as the Soporific Dispensorator she had taken from you at the end of the previous quest.
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "All ready? Be careful now! And donít spill that jumjum!"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Here goes."
At this point, she teleports you to a special instance called The Tower of the Drafling: Tradeskill.
I need to collect distilled jumjum from the Bixies in Drafling Tower.

This zone is patrolled by aggro heroic bixies that are roughly 20 levels above your adventuring level. You must use the Soporific Dispensorator periodically when you walk along to incapacitate them or you will die a painful death! Their aggro range is small, and while there's no distance indicator on the Dispensorator, you may find yourself trying a time or two to find a "safe" range at which to use it. Note that if you die in this instance, you will be returned to Neeta, and you will need to hail her to be teleported back to the instance to trye again.

At (-72,62,-26) you gather the jumjum from the center of the room. Use the Crystal to return to Neeta. (Yes, the crystal disappears at this stage). You will receive 30-some gold and achievement experience.

Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Did you get the distilled jumjum?"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Yes, here you go."
Neeta Cabbageleaf says to you, "Thank you so much, I was about to pass out from hunger, I couldn't think straight!"
You say to Neeta Cabbageleaf, "Of course."
Congratulations, you are now ready to speak with her again and receive your archetype-specific version of the fourth quest!

Craftsman -- Outfitter -- Scholar

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