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Epic Quest 1: Sarnak Supply Stocking

This is the first step in what is now known as the crafter epic quest, and is the same (other than the items required) for level 80 crafters of all classes.

Speak with Danelak Hosefoak standing in front of a forge in the crafting area of Bathezid's Watch. This will require -20,000 faction with Bathezid's Watch, which can be obtained by finishing the quest New Lands, New Profits and running crafting tasks for them and/or via adventuring quests. The name of the quest he offers you is the Signature quest "Sarnak Supply Stocking"

Danelak is having a hard time keeping up with the demand and would like a hand with just about anything. He'll assign you a task to perform 20 combines, which will vary based on your crafting class.

You say, "Hail, Danelak Hosfoak"
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Greetings, are you interested in helping the Bathezid's Watch? I'm just crafting some equipment to supply the encampment here, and I could use a hand with a few things. We're still struggling to supply enough goods to meet our needs. You look like an experienced crafter, I'm sure you know how it is."
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "I certainly know what you mean! Anything I can do to help?"
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Oh, I don't like to complain, we'll manage, we Sarnak are a self-sufficient race. If you wouldn't mind, though, I could use a few items created. Doesn't really matter what, we're running short of everything! What's your specialty?"
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "I'm a Provisioner."
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Excellent, then perhaps you could supply some provisions for the troops who are just coming off patrol?" You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "I'll be right back with them!"
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Hurry back!"

When you are finished with your items return to him for your cash reward and achievement for completing a quest. He will then ask for news from other areas, and you will be faced with several newsworthy responses. While several of the news items are of interest, the one that sparks the next clue is mention of Rivervale. With nothing further to go on (no new entry in your quest journal, etc., head to Rivervale and find Neeta Cabbageleaf, the granddaughter of Rebecca Cabbageleaf (of EQ Solstice Earring Fame) to obtain the Bixie Distraction quest.

You say, "Hail, Danelak Hosfoak"
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Do you have the goods?"
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "I do. Here you are."
You gain achievement experience by completing a quest!
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Excellent! These will be of much use."
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "No trouble at all. Anything else I can do?"
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Not at the moment, I'm pretty busy finishing up this order and distributing the supplies you brought. Tell me a little bit about the rest of the Shattered Lands, though. We've been cut off from the other continents for so long, can you tell me what remains of the great old cities and crafting centers?"
ou say to Danelak Hosfoak, "Rivervale and the Misty Thicket fell after the Zek wars and have been corrupted by evil forces. The Halflings are struggling to rebuild their city but much of the land is still cursed."
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "Really? How tragic! I have always wanted to visit Rivervale some day."
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "Why on Norrath would a Sarnak want to visit Rivervale?"
Danelak Hosfoaksays to you, "All the stories I've heard about the halflings mention their ability to craft fine items. It's said that they've always had quite an inclination towards tradeskills, you know. Some say it's their natural fondness for food that leads them into fine cooking, and then other forms of crafting!"
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "It certainly leads them into a lot of kitchens and taverns, anyway."
Danelak Hosfoak says to you, "There's one story I heard, about the Cabbageleaf family and some of the remarkable jewelry they learned to create. Perhaps if you're ever in Rivervale you should look them up. If you do learn more, please let me know."
You say to Danelak Hosfoak, "Maybe I'll do that if I happen to be passing by."

Added notes

Note: Be aware that the cash reward for this step (which varies in the 30g-36g range or so) is likely to only reimburse you for about a third of your fuel expenses. Two of the later quests in the series, however, reimburse you similar amounts, so you sorta almost break even. Kinda. Items created do immediate virtual updates, and will not appear in your inventory.

Items crafted (must be crafted during this step, not premade):

  • Alchemist - 100 (10 combines) Dedicated Elixir of Intellect, 10 Smoldering Fists (apprentice IV)
  • Armorsmith - 10 Pristine Ferrite Plate Spaulders, 10 Pristine Ferrite Melodic Mantles
  • Carpenter - 10 pristine redwood strong boxes, 10 Redwood Stools
  • Jeweler - 10 Squeeze (apprentice IV), 10 Trickery (apprentice IV)
  • Provisioner - 20 Steamed King Prawn Dumplings, 20 Succulent Mead
  • Sage - 10 Grim Sorceror (Apprentice IV) and 10 Tandem (Apprentice IV)
  • Tailor - 10 Pristine Tranquil Damask Shawl, 10 Tailored Dexterous Bristled Leather Shoulder Pads
  • Weaponsmith - 10 Ferrite Morning Star, 10 Ferrite War Maul
  • Woodworker - 10 Pristine Conditioned Redwood Wands, 10 Pristine Conditioned Redwood Spellbinder's Staff (asks for "staves", which is the proper plural - item/recipe is "staff")

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