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Adventurer Epics Needing Tradeskills/Harvesting

Mention GU42 to a crafter, and it brings to mind the crafting "epic" quest for the solistice earring, crafting cloaks, mannequins for the home and other crafting love. Mention the same thing to an adventurer and they likely think first of epic weapons and the return of more deities.

Several of the epic weapon lines for adventurers also require that they either harvest, or that they have the aid of a crafter or two. The below is a list of what we know regarding harvesting/crafting portions of the epic weapon quests. Please submit any additions or corrections to this message board thread.

Class Special NeedsNotes
AssassinArtisan level 4 combine requiredSpecial poison combine made from various quest drops is artisan level 4. Point confused non-crafters at the crafting tutorial if they've managed to get to 80 without basic artisan skills for heritage quests and the like. :D
Fury Harvest 4 mantrap root, 5 smoldering materialMust harvest the roots (and material?) while on this step of the quest. Will require 340 gathering. (Roots are rare off both T8 root and T8 shrub nodes ... got harvesting tools handy?)
Guardian 12 fried king prawn heads, 12 torsis tea ice cream, 12 juicy cranberry cobblerCan be bought off broker. All are made by T8 provisioners
Illusionist 4 redwood stool, 6 ornate ferrite chairs, 10 leather stitched cushion, 3 round redwood gaming table, 5 redwood tableItems can be bought off the broker and are all Tier 8 carpenter items
MysticMust harvest 10 Pyrorock Sand from nodes in KunarkRequires 340 mining skill
Swashbuckler Level 5 artisan required for a quest combine. Requires harvesting of 50 firebourne cedar, no-trade, which are from special quest nodes - requires 340 Foresting skill.
Templar Requires that you not only harvest quest-specific ground spawns, but also needs 2 smoldering material. Level 10 artisan also required for a quest combine.340 harvesting in one or more harvesting skills required in order to obtain the smoldering material, which must be harvested by the templar while on this quest step. 3 mineral salt loam, 2 rough kunzite also needed, but can be purchased.
Troubador Harvest 10 xegoniteRequires harvesting tier 7 ore nodes and 240 mining. Have your harvesting tools handy?
Warlock Harvest 6 mantrap roots, 10 smoldering materialMust harvest while on that step of the quest (not buy). Will need 340 gathering, other harvesting skills to 340 recommended. (Hint: tinkers and woodworkers, this is a good time to have extra harvesting tools for sale!)
Wizard Needs commision crafting by T8 woodworkerLevel 80 woodworkers craft the Dragon's Marrow via the commission crafting system. Also requires 1 mahogany lumber (T8 wood rare).

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