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Frostfell 2007 Crafting Nitty-Gritty

Nothing fancy, just the basics of what you need to know.

When Frostfell 2007 goes live, find your city's magic closet (Qeynos Harbor, West Freeport, near the pub in Kelethin, across from the bank in Neriak, near the bottom of the elevator in Gorowyn) and zone in. Ignore most of what the vendor up top (Garsleblat Gigglegibber from McScroogle Corp)is selling, unless you want to buy expensive premade items or you want to buy the 36-slot Frostfell shopping bags. Instead, find the fuel vendors on the two islands with crafting equipment for your books. You'll save quite a chunk of cash. Harvest prezzies for the ingredients to make the items found in those recipe books.

Other things to note:

  • Gathering skill must be above 20 to harvest the present nodes
  • Recipes are difficulty level 10, other than the candy canes, which are by tier that can eqip them. However, you only need to be a minimum of artisan level 2 to make any of these items. (Hail a crafting trainer, ding today!)
  • The Frostfell shopping bags only hold Frostfell harvestables, and those harvestables now stack up to 200. You can fill almost 2 shopping bags just with unique harvests from there, so plan space accordingly.
  • These items can only be crafted on Frostfell crafting equipment, which means: 1) when the annual event is running each year, 2) on April 1 when Bristlebane has them appear on the Sinking Sands dock, or 3) on home-based Frostfell crafting equipment.

What's on Which Node?

Each of the three present nodes carries different harvests. Here's a list courtesy of Kethaera on Test, outlining the different node contents:
Three boxes with Blue Box on Top:
magical thread, gold fabric dye, female Frostfell outfit pattern, blue fabric dye, bolt of cotton, Frostfell bow pattern, candy-striped staff pattern, unadorned silk, male Frostfell outfit pattern, red fabric dye, Frostfell stocking pattern, sugar, blue fabric dye, Frostfell elf cap pattern, green fabric dye, scrap of white fur
Single Red Box:
red dye, fancy red and gold wrap, fancy blue and white wrap, Everfrost icicle, Frostfell candle mold, fancy purple wrap, cotton twine, frilly ribbon, fancy green wrap, fancy red wrap, icy snowball, charcoal chunkette, blue and silver dye, green and silver dye, malleable silver bar, Frostfell snowdrift spell scroll, emerald gem of joy, fancy yellow wrap, handful of snips 'n snails, snow creature instructions, cerulean gem of joy, red and green dye, fancy red and white wrap, chunk of wax, spark of goodwill, malleable gold bar, red and silver dye, glittery powder, scarlet gem of joy, fancy blue wrap
Three Boxes with Little Red One on Top:
sugar, food coloring, hardened bread, sweet onion, raw fowl, molasses, orange rind, Gigglegibber cranberry mold, fresh celery, raw vanilla, ground limestone, ice cube, Gigglegibber sweet tooth, Frostfell spice, brandywine, Bourbon, cup of cranberries, wild apple, Gigglegibber pre-mixed 'nog, quality spice cake mix (TM)

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