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Guide: Recipe Books - A More In-Depth Look

In the Recipe Book Basics, I covered the standard common and advanced recipe books. This guide will cover the more exotic or uncommon books, as well as ones that need a more detailed explanation.

Sections to this guide will be broken down by the class(es) that can scribe the recipes in question.

All Classes

Nest of the Great Egg Recipes

If you are both a level 60+ adventurer, and a level 65+ crafter, there are five no-trade recipe books, each containing two recipes, that can be quested for in the Nest of the Great Egg. You may be any crafting class to scribe these recipes, provided you are a high enough crafting level. Further details can be found in the Kicking the Bird out of the Nest quest writeup.

Display Stands for All Seasons

These mannequin recipes require 30K faction with your city's crafting society in order to purchase. It is a level 55, no-trade book for all crafting classes.

Mirror of Reflected Achievements

Crafters who have 40K or more faction with their city's crafting society from performing crafting writs can purchase, from that society's faction merchant, a book called "Reflections of the Grandmasters." The recipe contained within it requires a minimum of level 65 to scribe, and will allow the crafter to make the Mirror of Reflected Achievements (also known as "that AA respec house item"). The recipe and the mirror are both no-trade, but crafters who have scribed the recipe can craft the item for others using the tradeskill commission system.

Guild Hall Trophy Stand

This recipe, contained in "Reflections of the Grandmasters, vol II" also requires 40K faction with your city's crafting society, and will allow you to craft a trophy stand that can be combined with raid-looted trophies (Vox's head, etc.) so that they can be placed in your guildhall.

Emerald Halls Recipes

Emerald Halls is a tier 7 raid instance located in Lesser Faydark. Special rare recipe books, each containing a single recipe, and the rare primary ingredients, drop in this zone. Each of the nine main tradeskill classes will have at least one level 70 recipe available to them from these recipes. Each recipe will have "charges", which limit the number of combines that you can perform with that specific recipe before it disappears from your recipe book. Details on recipe and item names can be found in the Emerald Halls Recipe List. Not into raiding just to get the books? The Far Seas Supply Division (FSSD) merchant in Mara sells the books, though you will need faction and the FSSD tokens.

Enchanted Lands Recipes

There are four lore recipes available from a quest series in the Enchanted Lands. This quest series requires adventuring, but the results are tradeable. The four recipes are Hopple's Apple Pie (Provisioner), Leatherfoot Knuckles (Weaponsmith), Vale Briarwood Bookcase (Carpenter), and the Valefolk Shawl (Tailor). What details we have on the quests can be found here.

Level 80+ Specialty Stuff

Shard armor, mark armor, Ry'gorr armor, stuff made from Aspect of War, Frozen Shard of Magic, etc. -- confusing? Yep! And complex enough that it is broken out into a separate guide that you can find here.

Level 90-92 Recipes

Level 90-92 recipe books for all classes, covering both handcrafted and mastercrafted recipes, are available via a quest in Withered Lands.


Armorsmiths & Tailors: Deathfist Citadel Armor

The spring 2007 revamp of the Deathfist Citadel zone also introduced some new armor sets that can be crafted by armorsmiths for the metal sets, and tailors for the cloth and leather sets. The images contained in the DFC Fashion Gallery contains stats, book names, etc. for these chest-dropped recipes from DFC and Zek.

Tailors: Cloaks

Cloak recipes, which were added with the release of EoF, are slightly scattered about. For the common and rare cloaks in tiers 3-7 (there are no crafted tier 1 or tier 2 cloaks), look for "Traveler's Guide of the Tailor Volume ____", on Tailor vendors in Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin and Neriak. (Examples: Nelis Greenpocket right outside the docks area of Qeynos Harbor, Livia Caepio in East Freeport, a tailor Kelethin vendor "near the library", Glinda B'Vaate in Cristanos Plaza in Neriak, Villgerd Gregorson in the New Halas crafting area). Have the guards find "tailor" if you have problems tracking them down.) Tier 8 and 9 cloak recipes, however, are in the normal Tailor Essentials and Advanced Tailor books. (This is a GU55 change - folks who scribed the recipes before GU55 found their rare cloak recipes in Enigma books which no longer exist, but had them auto-added back in if they'd scribed the appropriate Traveler's book.)


Carpenters: Altars

Recipe books for common and rare altars are on Diety Historian NPCs at the Butcherblock Mountain docks and in front of the Kelethin Library. These NPCs can explain about each of the different dieties, sell you altars, and sell the two No Trade altar recipe books for carpenters. (Level 35 carpenter to scribe the book of common altars, level 65 carpenter to scribe the rare altar recipes.)

Carpenters: Wantia Furniture

Recipe book, "Nurwin Family Secrets"is a result of a carpenter-visible-only page collection that spawns on the Island of Mara. It is a level 60 carpenter recipe book. Details can be found here.

Carpenters: A History of Exotic Furnishings

This level 70 tradeable book for carpenters was added with GU52. It is found on the second floor of the Estate of Unrest (in Jessica's bedroom, a small stack of clickable books on a table).

Provisioners: Hair of the Dog, etc.

As mentioned in the basic recipe guide, provisioners can obtain Provisioner Mastery Volume 1 via the Journeyman Service quest. The three recipes contained within it are basically just "fun stuff", but it was the signal for the start of a little bit of extra provisioner love.

Provisioners: Infusions and Reductions

The tier 8 recipe progression includes a lot more recipes for skillups as well as a wide array of stat combinations on food and drink that had never been seen before. The catch was that while fish was used in abundance, meat was not included in recipes for the skillup path. Rather, meats in T8 are mob-dropped, and recipes to make short-duration powerful buff foods from them are only available on specific faction vendors. Each of the three factions, Riliss, Bathezid and Danak sells different recipes, and each requires faction that can be obtained from pure adventuring, pure crafting and/or a mix of the two. Further details can be found in the quest writeups for New Lands, New Profits and High Risks, Higher Profits.

Provisioners: Bartending for Sadists

The rather feisty group zone of the Estate of Unrest contains a dropped recipe book that contains the recipe for Halasian Icebrew. The recipe and the halasian whiskey used as the primary ingredient are tradeable drops from the zone, and the final product is also tradeable. This recipe, like the Emerald Halls recipes, is charged. Five combines can be made with this recipe before it is removed from your recipe books.

Provisioners: Culinary Secrets of the Sstibbler Clan

This tradeable book of fun recipes using mob-dropped Kunark meats requires level 65 provisioner to scribe. It is apparently for sale for 10p in Charasis: The Emperor's Athenaeum (This new zone is in the western side of the Howling Stones pit in Jarsath Wastes. There's a level 83 heroic see invis mob before you can explore far, so this will need adventurers)


All Scholars: Bloodlines Spells

The first adventure pack, the Bloodlines Chronicles, introduced one new spell/combat art for every adventuring class. These are crafted by the appropriate scholar (sage, alchemist, jeweler) from recipes sold in the special bloodlines camps near Timber Falls in Nektulos Forest. In order to purchase the recipe books, you must complete certain parts of the Bloodlines quest series. Since the recipe books are tradeable, however, you can also have someone who has completed the series purchase them for you. The books are: Alchemist's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Advanced Alchemist's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Jeweler's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Advanced Jeweler's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Sage's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic, Advanced Sage's Study of Ancient K'Lorn Magic.

It was eventually realized that these spells and combat arts didn't always scale as they should at the higher levels, so certain ones were given a level 53 upgrade to the Bloodlines spells. These were added as Ancient Teachings scrolls in the appropriate chest drop table. No-Trade versions of them were also added to the Maj'Dul Courts for those with appropriate faction. A list of these Bloodlines upgrades can be found at the bottom of the Ancient Teachings scroll listing

All Scholars: Ancient Teachings

The concept of "marquee" spells, that re-introduce some of the class-defining spells and combat arts from EQ, was introduced with the Desert of Flames Expansion. Scrolls containing a single recipe were added to chest drops for level 52, 55 and level 58 "Ancient Teachings". Naming format for these is "Ancient Teachings of: " followed by the spell/combat art name. These recipes are available only as chest drops, other than the level 52 ones, which can be found in the Maj'Dul courts for those with appropriate faction. A full list of the T6 Ancient Teachings scrolls can be found here.

In addition to these, tier 7 added further marquee spells/arts. Rather than make each a single spell scroll, however, they are contained in one book for each class, "Ancient Teachings of: {classname} Volume 6", where {classname} is "Sages", "Alchemists" or "Jewelers".

Alchemists: Dust Conversion

Every time a scholar (alchemist, sage, jeweler) crafts an adept III, they receive 2 dust as byproduct. These tier-specific dusts are used to create rare potions and poisons. Recipes were added, available via questing, that allow level 70+ alchemists to convert dusts from one tier into the tier above. Further details can be found in the quest writeup for A Bit of Fire, A Bit of Ice. There is then a follow-up quest from her for level 80+ alchemists to bulk-convert dusts.

Alchemists: Chemist's Reflections

This recipe book for some beefy potions that use reflective smoldering shards is sold on the Far Seas Supply Division vendor on the Isle of Mara. It is no-trade, level 79 alchemist, and will require 40K Far Seas Supply Division faction in order to purchase it.

Sages: Bookbinding for Beginners

Level 50+ sage recipes to make crafted notebooks were added in GU52 via a quest. Quest details can be found here.


The adornment system was revamped with GU55. Now, adorners will find their recipes for lesser and greater (treasured and mastercrafted) adornments in vendor-sold books from the adorning merchants in Kelethin, at the Butcherblock docks, in Gnomeland Security, as well as in Qeynos and Freeport. Advanced books containing the superior (fabled) adornments are mob drops. (Broker search on "advanced adornments")

With the arrival of GU55, classes other than adorners no longer have adornment recipes.


Even tinkers that are not gnomes seem to fall prey to the tendency to have so many ideas running around in their head at once that it all comes out in technogibber ... or something like that. There is some sort of logic to tinkering recipes and their names, I am sure. Somewhere. Maybe. If your concept of logic is a bit skewed. {grin}

Things start out easily enough with your basic vendored blueprints following a Gnomish Gnumbering System, of sorts, but it goes downhill from there. Dropped blueprints for rare tinkering combines generally have "Blueprint: " in the name, which you will need to know when searching the broker.

Gnort Fizzlebottom in the Gnomeland Security Headquarters (Steamfont Mountains),w ill sell you the recipe for Fizzlebottoms Wondrous Hover-gasser. This is, at this time, the only recharge item for tinkering, and it will give you an additional use out of the overclocked gnomish hovering device when it runs out of oomph.

That's All She Wrote!

Mum's memory isn't what it used to be (durn fibro fog!), and I suspect I have left an item or two out of this. Please post in the EQ2TC forums with any corrections or additions.

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