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Guide: Recipe Book Basics

The many changes to tradeskills since the launch of EQ2 have added, removed and otherwise changed recipes around enough that it can be confusing to track how and where to obtain various recipes. Bear with me as I try to simplify this without leaving anything out.

This first guide is meant mainly for the new crafter, and will cover information on the standard common and rare recipes for each class. A second guide will include all of the other various odds and ends of special recipes that exist for the various classes.

Essentials vs Advanced

Essentials books are the basic recipes for each class, using common resources. You gain the ability to scribe one new essentials book at each crafting level. Books are numbered to match tradeskill levels, so Artisan Essentials Volume 7, for example, is meant for level 7 artisans, and so on.

Advanced books are used for crafting with rare resources. For the most part, they follow the same sort of numbering/naming pattern as the essentials books (Advanced Artisan Volume 7 and artisan 7 and so on) but the upper tiers change things around a bit.

Where to Get Them

Your essentials books are sold on the Crafting Trainer NPCs that are located outside Qeynos/Freeport starting village crafting instances, as well as near or in the crafting areas for the other starting cities. This crafting trainer will only offer you books that are from your current crafting tier or below that you can scribe. This means that as a level 35 carpenter, for example, you would only see the level 39 and below books for carpenter, craftsman and artisan. (This same Crafting Trainer NPC is also the one who will certify you in your level 10 and level 20 crafting profession choices.)

Your advanced books, on the other hand, are mob chest drops ... mostly. Since advanced books only drop in chests off mobs that are the same level as the book volume number, and folks level out of the first tier so quickly, Advanced Artisan Volume 2 through Advanced Artisan Volume 9 are also sold on the crafting trainer. At some point you will be either hunting mobs, or hunting deals on the broker to get your rare recipe books, but some tiers also have quests to unlock the buying ability for them.

There's Always an Exception!

Only eight of the nine primary tradeskills have normal advanced books. Provisioners, note that while you get rare recipes in tier 1 and tier 2 for making stuff from applicable classes (in tier 2 this means rare furniture and rare wooden "stuff"), after that, you go wildly inconsistent. :D You get one rare recipe book in tier 3. After that, you get faction based ones as mentioned below, as well as some special books detailed here.

Other Sources for Essentials Books

If you are pinched for coin, the revamped crafting tutorial will provide you with Artisan Essentials Volume 1 through Volume 8 as quest rewards. (It intentionally does not give you volume 9, so that you learn about visiting the crafting trainer for your books before you need to make a profession choice.)

Other Sources for Advanced Books

There are a few ways, outside of chest drops and broker-diving, to find some of your advanced books. Again, we're not going into the exotic stuff here, just the Advanced {classname} Volume {levelnumber} books.

Tier 2. Completing the New Halas Crafting Quest Series will earn you the ability to buy your level 10-19 advanced recipe books from the quest NPC.

Tier 3. Completing theButcherblock Mountains Crafting Quest Series unlocks the ability to buy your level 20-29 advanced recipes from the quest NPC. You can also obtain a class-specific level 20+ advanced recipe book from completing the Journeyman Service quest. Note that he will only offer you your choice of one of your tier 3 (20-29) books for your class as a reward.

Tier 4. Completing the Steamfont Mountains Crafting Quest Series will unlock the ability to buy your advanced level 30-39 recipe books from the quest NPC.

Tier 6 For those who have done enough faction work with one of the Maj'Dul Courts, you may buy no-trade versions of your tier 6 recipe books from within your faction's court. These are exactly the same as the tradeable versions that are dropped in chests of appropriate mobs, just a no-trade alternate method of obtaining them if you have completed the necessary faction work.

Tier 8 - Those who have obtained sufficient faction (10K) from the Fens of Nathsar factions of Bathezid's Watch or Riliss, can purchase heirloom versions of their level 70-75 Advanced books from the appropriate faction merchant. Those who have obtained sufficient faction (10K) from the Jarsath Wastes faction of Danak Shipyards can purchase their 76-79 Advanced books from the appropriate faction merchant. In both cases, these Advanced {classname} Volume {levelnumber} books are the same as the mob-dropped versions, except for the heirloom tag. Again, Provisioners do not have Advanced books in this tier, but they have other uses for this faction which will be explained in the next guide.

Tier 9 - There are Sundered Frontier quests for all that unlock faction needed to buy advanced books. Books are heirloom, so you can work on the appropriate faction for your subclass with a single alt, and purchase the books for the rest of the folks on that account who are the same crafting subclass.

Tier 10+ - Due to the level cap not going over 100, this section covers multiple expansions. Therefore, recipe book acquisition tends to be a bit confusing at first glance. Your level 90 advanced recipe book (and yes, there's one for provisioners!) is available from the start of the ToV crafting line The Captain's Lament. While the level 91 through 95 advanced recipe books are sold on your local recipe book vendor, for 50 plat each, they are also available via questing and from mob drops, so you may wish to check the broker or check out the various quests. The level 91 and 92 advanced books can be earned from The Withered Lands Crafting Series. The level 93 through 95 advanced books can be earned through the Obol Plains crafting quests: A Harrowing Tale, The Essentials of Battle, and The Smell of Home.

Terrors of Thalumbra - your common and advanced Deepforge recipes are available on a faction vendor in Maldura after completing the ToT crafting sig line and earning sufficient faction.

Kunark Ascending - your common and advanced Bloody Tooth recipes are available on a faction vendor in Twark after you have completed up through the Nye'Caelona portion of the KA crafting sig line.

Secondary Tradeskills Books


NPCs to certify a you the secondary profession of tinkering can be found in a little tent on the Butcherblock Mountain (BBM) docks, an NPC in the Gnomeland Security area of Steamfont, and in Kelethin, Qeynos and Freeport. Standing beside these Master Tinkers will be a trainer/vendor selling tinkering blueprints, which are your basic tinkering recipes.

Not all vendors carry all the basic blueprints, however. The Kelethin tinkering vendor only sells the Apprentice Blueprints, which stop at 110 skill; the vendor at the docks in BBM sells only up through the Dabbler's Blueprints (210 skill); the vendor in Steamfont sells all the vendored blueprints, including the higher-end recipes. At the higher levels, there will also be chest-dropped blueprints for rare items. Since there is no broker search specifically for the tinkering class, you can search the market on "Blueprint:" to find the dropped recipes. (The colon will make sure that you're not getting all the vendor-sold Blueprints that players are reselling.) Make sure when you buy your first blueprints that you also buy and scribe your six tinkering reaction arts from the vendor.


To level the adorning skill, you must create adornments from the vendor-sold Essential Adornments books and/or from the chest-dropped Advanced Adornments books in order to skill up. The vendor-sold books are from vendors located in Freeport, Qeynos, Kelethin, and the Butcherblock docks, off the NPCs standing next to your adorning instructor.

Volume numbers are based on tier, so Essential Adornments Vol 1 will be your basic tier 1 book, the dropped Advanced Adornments Vol 1 will be your "rare" book (for making fabled and legendary adornments).

Other Books

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, that isn't all there is to it. Various expansions, adventure packs and quests have added to the recipe lineup, and things can get confusing very quickly. Make sure to wrap your brain around the details found in this guide, however, before proceeding on to learn about all of the special additional recipes.

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