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On top of looking lovely in your home, most furniture can also reduce/remove the weekly status cost of status-based housing. But how do you figure out what the various pieces of furniture look like without buying and placing them? You can use the dressing room feature (ctrl-click while over the icon of the item) to tell the general looks of an item, but that doesn't tell you relative size, display all particles, etc. Also the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming, especially since you can only have one dressing room examine open at a time.

Fear not! While we usually don't track non-crafted furniture, we do have images of all the player-made furniture from every tier, as well as the furniture that is available via crafting society faction merchants.

Furniture features that you should be aware of:

  • Holding down shift and moving the mousewheel while placing or moving furniture will resize it. Alternately, shift and the +/- keys from your numeric pad. (Added with GU49)
  • Holding down the Ctrl key and scrolling the mousewheel will allow you to raise/lower the item. (Added with GU37)
  • Using the layout editor can be a daunting prospect, but a necessary one if you want to move things in creative ways. Check out the Layout Editor section below for some pointers!

(I'm sorry, yes, I am very, VERY behind on getting the below into their separate categories. I may get caught up ... one of these years!)

Ballads of Zimara

Renewal of Ro

Visions of Vetrovia

Reign of Shadows

Other Stuff Not Yet Organized

Showdown at the Diaku Corral!

GU114 house items - all are quest rewards, not crafted, from the new Diaku Corral instances.

Blood of Luclin Furniture Links

Until I have time to sort through the massive image dump that I was given without source details, they're just in large pages. I will clear them out at some point, and get things into the proper categories.

Chaos Descending Furniture Links

Yes, I'm very behind on my planned cleanup and reorganization of the furniture section. Sorry about that. :( Anyway, here are the goodies:

Planes of Prophecy Furniture Links

Not all of these are crafted furniture, but I want to track them. Dumping these here for the time being. Note that all Planes of Prophecy (PoP) furniture, crafted or otherwise, can stack into stacks of 10.

Folks have asked for information on the BACKS of paintings, so here you go!

Kunark Ascending!

It will take a while to get things coded into the proper categories for the gallery, but here's the KA Carpenter Furniture page to help you in the meantime. Also check out the CoM Building Blocks page for pics of the recipes that came with preorders of the expansion.

Terrors of Thalumbra Furniture

AoM Furniture

It looks like these weren't all integrated into the proper pages. I'll get it sorted out eventually, but meanwhile, here's the Altar of Malice Furniture

ToV Furniture


Chains of Eternity Furniture

Destiny of Velious Furniture

The carpenter furniture from the Forgemaster faction recipes is already included in the links above. In addition, however, there is lovely furniture from crafting quests, some of which involve all-class furniture recipes you keep. Check out the DoV Crafting Quest Overview for more details

Sentinel's Fate Furniture!

The carpenter recipes are already in place in their proper spots in the gallery. However, here's a link to some of the buyables.

Mum's To Do List

Items in this section have not been added to the proper categories above yet. Links in this section will disappear when the items on them have been added to the appropriate pages.

Special Situations

Then come special cases, that don't fit into the normal categories, due to not being carpenter-only, not craftable, not always available, etc.

Layout Editor!

Decorating your home can be fun. However, when you want to place a piece of furniture in a way it doesn't want to place (tiles on the walls instead of the floors, etc., etc), it requires that you manipulate the saved house layout files, and that can be overwhelming! (Especially if you're one of those folks that immediately thinks "Math! Ick! I'll pass!) However, with the use of Jesdyr's Layout Editor, and a quick lesson in New From Diff, you might find it far easier than you thought!

House Details

This is all well and good, you say, but you're not an interior decorator. How can you set the walls, floors and trim so that they show off your lovely furniture properly? Take a look at our Housing Wall, Floor and Trim Options page.

Since the location of your home determines vault space and broker slots, we're pleased to provide a summary of House Vault Amounts by Location Listing

A huge extra-special thanks to Elyana, who redid every pre-GU36 screenshot to get them into a consistent gallery format (and to her guild, Random Justice League on Oggok, for helping with the resources needed for such an undertaking!). Then to Kaisha, for continuing that hard work from GU36 through Velious, and to DarkZephyr for doing a chunk after that. They've all moved on, but their efforts are not forgotten!

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