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World Events

World events are limited-duration special events. Some are holiday events, some are lore or world-building events. Some include or involve crafting, some reward house items.

Listed below are various world events that I track due to crafting components and/or house items. (Most of these events are now tracked on the Calendar that is tied to the forums.) The current and future events should also be found on the in-game calendar, but it is hoped that the articles linked below will be helpful.

Current/Upcoming Events!

Erollisi Day will run from February 8 through February 20.

Days of Summer - All quests have been unlocked, and the panda and his quests will be a permanent addition to the world. Leaving this post here for now, until I figure out where to put it.

Recurring Events

There are two events that occur once a month. In both cases, they will usually start at 12:01 a.m. Pacific on their designated start date, and end at 11:59 p.m. Pacific on the scheduled end date. (Basically, midnight to midnight, shifted one minute off to make it less confusing.) In both cases, there is only minor crafting involved, but many lovely house items that can be obtained.

The City Festivals run from the 1st through the 7th of each month, and will visit a different city every month. (In each location, the event should run outside the reach of the city guards, so that both good and evil folks can join in the event). This is where players can spend the city tokens that they earn from city (adventuring or crafting) writs.

Occurring on the 20th of each month and running for 2 days, is the Moonlight Enchantments event, also known as the "grotto" or "mushroom rings" event. If you are already familiar with the event, and just want details on the lovely house items:

Past Events - Can Still Craft

These events included items that can still be crafted, provided you scribed the recipes, and have the primary ingredient, which dropped only during the event.

Past Events - Can Only Craft on Special Equipment

These items can only be crafted if you have access to the Frostfell Crafting Stations

Events with No Crafting But House Items

  • Chronoportals 2017 ran from March 16 through March 23, 2017. Vendors continued to be available until the end of March 30th.
  • Chronoportals celebrating the anniversary of the orginal EverQuest ran from March 17, 2016 through March 24, 2016
  • The Chronoportals 2015 event ran from March 19 through March 26. While there is no crafting component, there are some lovely heirloom house items.
  • Malicious Threat prelude event ran from Aug. 13, 2015 to Sept 15, 2015 with a ton of buyables. (These items will return for the Sundered Ground prelude event as well.)

Random Other Events

  • Heroes' Festival 2017 ran from November 3 through November 15. It didn't have much on the crafting front (1 quest), but did include buyable house and appearance items.

  • Sundered Ground prelude event ran from September 24, 2015 to November 3, 2015, and rewarded an all-class recipe book for granite and sandstone building blocks.
  • Heroes' Festival 2016 event had minimal crafting, but lovely house items were available with event currency.
  • Beast'r Eggs?! Thiis surprise event ran from April 13 through April 19, 2017. It involved not only 5 different fluff pets, but also an achievement and a title.

Quest Trackers

Since there was a request for this, here is a link to all of the most recent quest tracker spreadsheets from Casdoe of Maj Dul for each major world event.

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