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Welcome to the tradeskill guides section of EQ2 Traders Corner, where we will list various articles of interest to tradeskillers (some of them are only loosely tied to tradeskills, mind you, but things that we think you'll find of interest). If you have a tradeskill guide that you would like to submit, please post it in our tradeskill guides forum for review. We won't promise to post everything from there here, nor to be fast about it (we don't have a dedicated tradeskill guides editor at the moment), but we'll see what we can do!

One thing that should be stated up-front is that things such as any leveling guides, profit guides and so forth, will be ONE viewpoint on how to do something. There will always be someone who will find another way to do something that they feel is faster, less expensive, etc., etc. We welcome and encourage guides that provide alternate viewpoints on how to do things.

Expansion Information?

Check out the Patch Information page for all of the expansion previews as well as the formal patch notes where available.

In The Classroom

Information regarding the various tradeskill classes/professions available to players.

Item Progression/Stat Information

Recipe Book Info

Harvester's Haversack

Better Homes and Bungalows

Home-related information

Other Goodies

Tradeskill and other odds and ends that don't always fit nicely in a category

Previews and Press Tours

(Additional previews now are included in the Patch Notes section of the site. Leaving this here for now in case I missed linking something)

SOELive/Fan Faires/Summits

Notes from past Fan Faires that Mum has attended.

Dusty Archives

The following guides are outdated due to various changes to the game. We're keeping them here for reference until we're sure if there's anything we can/should salvage from them:

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